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POSTED: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:36 am

Silverfrost's Studio
Hello there! Welcome to Silverfrost's studio! I'm an artist and wanted to practice and maybe get some income while I'm at it and save up for stuff like college and other stuff!
I do have a couple of rules regarding commissions.
  • I have the right to reject a commission for any reason
  • I accept Paypal or art trades only
  • I will hold onto the art until I have received payment.
  • I will make edits to pieces, adding scars and what not but major edits will cost a couple of dollars
  • Please reply to the thread with the form! I prefer to send sketches, ask questions, and show wips through Discord.
  • Process:
    1. Reply to the thread: Post a completed form to claim a slot. If you wish to keep this private, then please reply to claim a slot and say that you PM'd me. Please send the PM to Iorek with "Commission details - [Character Name]".
    2. Sketches: With most commissions, I will send sketches automatically. That said, I do tend to finish commissions quickly and often at late hours. Please inform me if you would like sketches and/or WIPs. I will DM them to you over Discord.
    3. Payment: Normally, I would like to know upfront when you would like to pay. Typically, I will request payment upon completement of the sketch but if I do finish the piece, I will hold onto it until I have recieved the payment.
    4. Completion: Upon completion of the piece, I will DM it to you for approval. I normally color on different layers so I can fix any markings or add scars. Once it has been approved, I will post it to my Gallery Thread after asking for permission.
    5. Afterwards: You can crop it into an avatar or resize the picture! You do not need to credit inside of 'Souls RPG but please credit outside.
  • Turnaround time may be anywhere from a few hours to a two weeks depending on muse and schedule. Please poke me if I haven't sent the sketch within a week or take longer than two weeks to complete the piece.
  • That said, my availability might change suddenly but you shouldn't be waiting any longer than a three weeks!
  • I am still a bit of a beginner and have some weak points. I will try to the best of my ability but I am limited by my skill
  • I need clear references for appearance, especially coat color and accessories.
  • Prices listed are just the starting point! I am also open to art trades (art or tables)
  • Prices:
  • Please be advised that these prices may be subject to change though they shouldn't change much.
  • Secui may cost a couple dollars extra depending on the appearance.
  • Add-ons are priced on a case-to-case basis. so don't be afraid to ask! I will inform you how much a certain item will cost and we can decide from there!
  • Basics:
    Type: Examples: Notes: Price:
    Avatars: 1, 2 Avatars are restricted from the head to the chest.
    Flat-color and often simple.
    Quicker turnaround time.
    Busts: 1, 2, 3 Busts go from head to groin and cost a little extra than avatars. Currently, busts are restricted to Optime only. Flat-colored and may have a slightly longer turnaround time depending on complexity. $8
    Chibis: 1 Small and simple! Anthro: $7
    Feral: $5
    Plushies: 1, 2 Small and simple! Feral forms only. $5
    Full-Body: 1 Full body of a character! Normally longer turnaround, Anthro: $20
    Feral: $15
    Accessories: Complicated accessories such as necklaces and bracelets with intricated designs will cost extra. The less detail the cheaper! $1 - $3
    Clothing: Overly-complicated clothing pieces (past the basic top and bottom) may cost extra depending on the type. $2 - $10
    Animals: Animal companions are limited to felines, birds, and small canids. I do struggle with birds and harder cat pelts but I will give it a try! I cannot do horses at the moment but this may change in the future. $5 - $10
    Designs: Overly complicated designs may cost extra though I will simplify the design upon request if you wish to not pay extra. $1 - $5
    Please fill this form to the best of your ability! Please embed links via the [url=LINK]Link Name[/url] feature.
    Code: Select all
      [b]Character Name:[/b] (The name of the character this commission is for)
    [b]Character Wiki/Profile:[/b] (Please embed a link to the profile and wiki)
    [b]Commission Type:[/b] (The type of commission you want)
      [b] Add-Ons:[/b] (What sorts of add-ons would you like?)
    [b]References:[/b] (Please embed references, especially for clothing and accessories)
    [b]Description of Commission:[/b] Poses, expressions, form, etc. Please be detailed with this!
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    POSTED: Sat Oct 06, 2018 11:09 pm

    Prices have changed!

    Currently opened for three Full-Bodies and currently open for avatars, plushies, and chibis!
    Please reply here to claim a slot.

    1. Name: com type
    2. Name: com type
    3. Name: com type
    4. Name: com type
    5. Name: com type

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