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POSTED: Sun Oct 07, 2018 3:28 pm

Hello hello and welcome! :D If you're interested in some spiffy Westy arts and have some spare monies you can throw my way for a commission, I'd really appreciate it! Every little bit of extra cash I can get helps! I'm still doing free requests in my studio but they are limited and they are usually 'Souls only arts. Paid commissions (and art trades) do not have to be of ‘Souls characters, they can be just about anything you want. My commission info, prices etc. are listed below. Take a look and see if anything catches your eye! I thank you in advance for your consideration! <3

NOTE: This topic doubles as my art trades center. If you'd like to do an art trade with me, post in here, no PM required unless you prefer it. The only differences between commissions and trades will be that a trade is free of charge and I will also do trades of tables and signatures. :) At this time, I'm specifically looking to trade art for art!

**There are only ever three trades slots available and five commission slots available.**

My Paypal:


What I Offer:

Avatars: 200x200/500x500 avatars that you can use here on ‘Souls or wherever you need an icon. I have various styles so please specify what you want: drawn, lineless, derp, etc.
$5 USD

[*] Sketches - Traditional pencil drawn and scanned. Please note my “sketches” aren’t truly sketchy they’re just light drawings, not inked, without shading. These can be full body, head shots or bust shots.
[*] Lineart - Clean, black and white digital line work. Meant to be colored in like a coloring page or used as a template.
[*] Portraits - Basically bust shots of your character. I will draw your character from chest/hips up. Full color. With or without background. Please be sure to specify!
$10 - $15 USD

Full Body Reference: A colored head to toe/tail drawing of your character. These are generally only facing in one direction (typically forward or to the left or right) in a specified position of your choice.
$15 - $25 USD

Reference Sheet (Front, Back, Head w/ (optional) accessories): A full reference sheet of your character in color with a simple background. Positions include a front view, back view, a close up of the character’s head and (optional) a detached close up of your character’s details (clothing, accessories, eyes etc). I can add descriptive text next to or pointing to specific parts of the ref if you provide the text for me.
$30 - $60 USD


For examples of my art, see my ‘Souls Studio or visit my Weasyl gallery!

Commission Processes:

If you are interested in commissioning me, please PM me with the title of the PM being “Commission” and we can work out the details of it all. :)

For drawn/digital arts: I will first show you the sketch of the piece and ask you pay half of the agreed price at the time of approval. Once the artwork is completed I will ask for the second half of payment. I will give you the full version of your commissioned piece via email/PM.

The Fine Print (Rules & Requirements/My Promises To You)

1. I promise that I will ALWAYS do my best to ensure the art you want to commission/trade is what you asked/payed for. If you or I are not satisfied, I will continue to work until we both are. Just keep in mind I’m still learning so some specific or complicated positions, designs etc. may not be entirely perfect.

2. Prices may vary case by case! The more complex the commission/the more accessories the more potential for the cost to be higher. Each additional character add $15 right off the bat. Each additional accessory (bigger than a necklace) is $1 more.

3. Time frames for completion also may vary depending on what you want. Please be patient and polite! I promise to do my best on each piece of art. Some may take longer than others. Please don’t constantly bug me for updates or the finished product; I will get updates to you as progress is made.

4. Please pay attention to the status of items offered for trade/commission. Some things I may not be accepting commissions/trades for at any given time.

5. PLEASE be as specific and detailed as you can when providing details about your commission to me. Along with a written description (including markings, colors, positions etc.); I generally require some kind of reference to go by before I’ll draw your character.

6. Please be sure to specify if you want your character anthro/Optime (two legged) or feral/Secui/Lupus (four legged). (Anthros are my strongest point just so ya know…)

7. Let me know if you prefer your character to be clothed. My artwork tends to be “artistic nude” by standard. If you want a specific outfit or any special accessories your character has put into the drawing, please tell me. (Note: There might be some items I’ve never drawn before, but as always I am willing and up for a challenge and will attempt to draw them into your piece.)

8. Be aware that I generally do NOT take adult/mature art commissions, however I may do them every rare now and then. I will evaluate this factor on a case by case basis.

9. Please CREDIT me or link back to me if you post my art anywhere! Do NOT redistribute my art or try to sell it for profit without asking me first!

10. Do not hesitate to ASK QUESTIONS if you're uncertain about something and by all means, please SPEAK UP if something isn't to your liking! If you are confused about something, tell me! If you want edits, tell me! You're paying for it, so I want to make sure it's as perfect as possible!

11. Rules/pricing are subject to change at any time without warning. Please be sure to check back often to ensure up to date information.

Thank you for commissioning me! I appreciate the support! <333






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