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Avas, Headshots, Full-Body Lupus Forms, etc...

POSTED: Mon Dec 03, 2018 4:33 am

Hello and welcome to my shop of free customs!

Thank you for viewing and considering! Also, thank you ahead of time for your patience with me!

Currently I will only do Digiart - Photo Manipulations as my attempt at coloring via scratch takes time I do not have, sketching/drawing takes a scanner that is currently in storage ( and quite frankly I would be embarrassed to give anyone anything that I colored, even for free. An example of my ... 'needs practice' is on Pitch's Appearance Ref ... moving on )

Since I only do Photo Manips the only reasonable pieces to do for characters in their Optime and Secui forms would be headshots, sorry for the inconvenience and a preemptive sorry for the 'bad-hair-day' I may accidentally give your character : / .



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- All copyright anything stands. These are done entirely for free but are for your personal use only of the character/image that you have requested. Also each piece done will have the name of the original photographer IF that can be found and should not be removed from the image.

- My 'stamp' will be on each piece. This is not so much for copyright issues but more for as a form of other "free" advertisement for me since I am not requiring anything to be linked/credited directly back at myself. Please do not remove it.

- My schedule varies but if the piece delays for more than a week feel free to inbox me. It will not be because you were forgotten and the PM will be to just 'touch base' about when you will get it.

- Please only post your request here, all questions regarding anything just shoot me a message. Helps to keep the forum 'uncluttered'. This also pertains to if you wish for any changes to be made to the image. This post is for the requests and images only.

- Post your requests here, not my inbox.

Thank you for reading all of that!


Request Form Template

Always image links work best for descriptions but being very descriptive - as most individuals already do on here :) -works splendidly!
Pick and choose which suits you best to fill out for the info.

Type of image requested: ( Ex. Headshot, Full-Body Lupus, Ref Sheet,etc. Almost any way you can think up. )

Link to Character Ref Page: ( Optional, but can help greatly. )

Description of Character: ( Coat pattern, Species, Breed, Coloration, yadda-yadda... Be as descriptive as possible. Links to examples would be awesome with pinpointing what aspect of the image linked that you would like. )

Name Added: ( Do you want your character's name on the image? )

Name Style/Colors: ( Style and colors requested to use for the name? )

Any Borders: ( Do you want a border around the image in some way,shape or form? )

Border Style/Color: ( What style would you like for a border? Lace? Stitching? Or just 'solid'? Near anything goes. I will do my best. )

Transparency: ( Do you want just the character with no background? )

Other Info: ( Any other tid-bits you feel you would wish for the image? Ex. "I request a running Luperci in its Lupus form." or "I request a coydog standing on a fallen tree." Again, near anything goes and I will do my best. )

If I feel that I will have too much trouble with any bits of the character design/pose/etc.
- because I am a "Dee Dee Dee" -
I will message you via inbox so we can stoop it down to my level and still make you content with the outcome.

Hope you enjoy!

* I ONLY use photos/base lines that are under the 'public domain' range or ones for the sole use for free stock/resources. None of these photos/outlines were taken/drawn by me and where credit can be found by its original origin it will be listed accordingly per piece and will be attached to each piece as according too copyright infringement laws. *


POSTED: Wed Dec 05, 2018 4:57 am

Examples updated. More to come and the Optime form image can be asked for and in different colors for the eyes and fur while the hair can be redone entirely if requested.


POSTED: Wed Jan 02, 2019 7:38 pm

Type of image requested: Head Shot if you can

Link to Character Ref Page: https://wiki.soulsrpg.com/index.php?n=C ... OwenKnight

Description of Character: Look to the picture on the wiki.

Name Added: If you want

Name Style/Colors: I trust the artist.

Any Borders: I trust the artist.

Border Style/Color: I trust the artist.

Transparency: I trust the artist.

Other Info: Thank you :)
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