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Commission Information

Hello my loves! Same ol' Alaine with the same ol' commission post here. If you're interested in buying some of my artwork, please read on for all the info you need ❤

Payment & Pricing

Although I have given an estimate price list below, true prices are based entirely on each unique commission. I do this because charging the same price for a plain Optime character as for one that has an insane amount of jewelry and items would be unfair to both the commissioner and myself. I charge based on effort expended/time taken during the commission, and so prices will vary!

Unfortunately, I can only be paid via Paypal (Boo! Hiss!). My paypal details will be given to you during the discussion process of your commission. Please make sure when paying me with paypal that you select 'No shipping' or 'No address needed' - Otherwise, Paypal thinks that I am sending a physical item to your address, and that can get me in trouble!

Item Notes Pricing Examples
Avatars Please specify Optime or Lupus form. $20 Example
Busts Optime only - Includes upper torso. Can be cropped into an avatar. $24 Example
Optime These images can have an increase in price depending on how complex your character's design and accessories are. $30 Example
Lupus/Secui Because of their simpler form, Lupus images are cheaper than Optime ones. Secui forms fall into this category, though they may incur additional cost. $25 Example
Minis Miniature images of Optime, Lupus or Secui character forms. Cost depends on which form/additional details. $10-15 Example
Smoll Hoss/Tiny Critters Miniature images of horses, livestock, or pet NPCs for use on the boards and on the Wiki. $6 hoss
$4 critter
Other Other images, such as random Aniwayan Spirit Guide animals or specific items or RP scenes etc are all vastly different in price, and will only be determined by each unique case. ? Salsola Crest

Commission Process

  • Secure a slot.
  • Fill out a commissions template and either PM it to me or post it to this thread.
  • I will send you a confirmation PM to check any details.
  • Depending on the commission type, I may PM you a preliminary sketch (optime commissions only, unless requested).
  • I will provide you with instructions and amount for payment.
  • I will then wait for payment before finishing the image.

Commission Form Template

If you are able to snag a slot, please use the commission template below to post what it is you are wanting. I will follow it up with a PM to get any specifics and to let you know the exact price.

Code: Select all
[b]Character:[/b] Your character's name goes here.
   [b]Commission type:[/b] Lupus, Optime, Avatar etc.
   [b]Reference picture:[/b] Link to any prior art/suitable photomanips that you have of the character that I can use for design reference.
   [b]Description:[/b] A short, written description of character, outlining specie, body type and coloring - can be copy-pasted from wiki or profile.
   [b]Expression:[/b] What kind of personality you would like the image to convey, eg. happy, sad, angry.
   [b]Other:[/b] Extra details, such as specific scars/accessories/clothing/weapons.

Commission Slots (FULL)

Please note that there is a one-image-per-slot rule. It is also polite, if you have just taken a slot, to wait until another round passes before applying for another slot.

  1. Mel
  2. ---
  3. ---

Examples and Completed Commissions

For more examples, be sure to check out my GALLERY THREAD

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