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Leadership: Evangeline Lykoi, Nyx, Lukos
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Wolves, coyotes, and hybrids of a different creed have laid claim to part of the rocky, rugged terrain of the northeast. Caves and mountains domineer this area, giving way to plains and forests further south.
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Anathema Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:54 am

Anathema Information Portal
  • Interested in joining Anathema?
  • Borders: Open
  • Species: Hybrid and wolf dominant, but any canine is welcome to join.
  • OOC Joining: We do not accept ooc joiners, for more information please view our joining page
  • Common Archetypes: Outcasts, criminals, delinquents, misfits, thieves, spies, addicts
Basic Anathema Information

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Rank Information

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Evangeline Lykoi
Rakeeb Atheed Malphas
Lukos Greyfire Nyx
Special Forces
Bune Corson Sallos
Bathin Purson Demogorgon
Avinalora Phoenix Maelyx Nocturne
Specialist Tiers
Andras Belias Oriax
Lelouch Amarok Greed Lykoi ~ --
Alloces Ninurta Iblis
Lust Lykoi, Charletter-Ebony Leishman, May, Inca, River Grim
Eligos Shax
Marbas Sitri
Wrath Lykoi Bertolt Damaichu, Ash Amarok,
Briston, Conquest, Uriah Greyfire
Nagas Empusa
Ose Volac
Marceline Sawtooth, Besekel Greyfire
Ipos Xaphan Ronove Vual
Foras Tengu Bael Raum
-- Bear Grylls
Lux Einar
Auspicium, Mystery, Adrian
Basic Members
Zepar Uriah, Izual Massacre, Jackal Katruk, Marama, Collie, Lukas
Kobal Quinn Damaichu, Kira Damaichu, Rain Amarok,
Befana Dystopia Massacre, Aidan Massacre, Catharsis Massacre, Serana Leishman,
Adze Jaketta Einar-Nocturne, Elias Einar-Nocturne, Alvira Phoenix, Winter Phoenix, Seira Greyfire, Nomos Greyfire, Abaddon Lykoi, Imp Lykoi, Banshee Lykoi, Nox Lykoi, Nike Lykoi, Nemesis Lykoi
The Low
Sut Liir Altav
Game Statistics
Females/Males Adults/Pups NPC's (Y/C/P/A) Total
10/10 19/2 5/5/8/9 20
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Re: Anathema Portal

Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:55 am

Co-Ranks (Specializations)
Information · Claim One! · Suggest One?
Astrum Prophetes Magus Veneficus
-- Maelyx Nocturne
Evangeline Lykoi
Malefica Ved'maova
Sacerdos Magister Navita Clepta
-- -- -- Charletter-Ebony Leishman
Curiosus Mercator Legatus Cocio
-- -- -- --
Proco Cruciator Cohortis Carnifex
-- --
Sicarius Gladiator Comminus Tuitio
-- -- Avinalora --
Sagitta Vindex -- --
Briston -- --
Ambustum Herbarius Ossum Obstetrix
-- Avinalora -- --
Psychiatra -- -- --
-- -- -- --
Venator Scultator Hortulanus Stabulatio
Nyx, Bertolt, Avinalora -- --
Gemmarius Fabrilia Lignarius Sarlor
-- Bear Grylls
Candelam Adinventor Lapicida Ignis
-- -- -- Maelyx Nocturne
Mendax Scurra Praeceptor Coquus
-- -- Avinalora --
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Re: Anathema Portal

Sun Oct 05, 2014 12:56 am

Anathema's Game
Information · Submit Points
Point Holders
Point Holders
Silverfrost » Avinalora 497
Corie » Nyx/May/Lux 401
Daniel » Charletter 330
Marie » Evangeline 150
Mike » Lukos 143
Vale » Inca 95
Seal » Verve 50
Shade » Amorette/Lust 20
X-tian » Famine 20
Killi » Kassius 20
Ariel » Lelouch 20
John » Wrath 20
Sami » Greed 20
Reece » Melanthios 20
Mike » Besekel 20
Selena » Conquest 20
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