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Early morning, wearing somethin similar to this. (+500)

Perhaps it would have been best if she were to die quietly.

To consider everything she had done, Océane felt that she deserved that. It could have been a peaceful passing; one that any soul of old would have been glad to have. She could have strewn herself in the grass and watched the sunset, the birds, and then the stars kindle their life as hers was dampened. Aedus would have kissed her a goodbye and then a welcome home; she had given children and a legacy to her name, no matter how tattered. She'd explored the north and the south and the east and the west, and she'd met so many brilliant and strange new people; she had seen so many breathtaking sights. Her mind was a picture book, but one of reality and beautiful things. With every warm thought bundled in her bosom the dancer could have silently given her body up to the earth that she so loved. But while Océane knew that this may have been best, she had always been a stubborn woman that made things more complicated than they needed to be. Death was not simple; she was not going to pretend that it was. So she began another quest, one last journey that would have the most precious reward of them all. Claudius, and Amorette, and Olivia; those who her heart still beat for, she wanted to see them. And so she did.

The morning that she rose was covered in a cold dew. It was early; the sky gray still with the sun still yet to pass above the horizon. Océane was rather glad at the chill of the morning and the state of the earth's newly sprouting things; from a handful of broad leaves, she was able to tip and drink the clear water, as the last of her supply she was saving for a final bag of green tea. The remedy had yet to be of pleasurable taste to her tongue; she would much rather drink of water and be done with it. But the herbal mix was her band-aid over the issue of her health- it was the only thing to keep her headaches at bay. So she drank, slowly, until the ache that pulsed at the crown of her head was reduced to a nuisance rather than a handicap. Then the dancer packed up and mounted her horse, departing back into the tangles of the dampwoods to seek out the borders of the dark pack.

They walked for what felt like ages and also seconds; her feelings towards Anathema had never been resolved, and she was stuck somewhere on wary. But if Amorette was here, she would come, and that she did. When Océane finally pulled Evadne to a stop, she spent a good chunk of time staring forward. Anathema's lands were rather unremarkable; the only thing that changed them from the surrounding forest was their scent, so clearly laid claim to. The mother dismounted, and a weight appeared around her neck. Aedus rose his serpentine head to gently brush beneath her jaw in a bit of a nudge. "Chin up, love." The spirit guide provided her with a bloom of warmth and then vanished once more. He made it very clear- she was to do this alone. So she rose her chin, closed her eyes, and offered a song. Océane Aston called for her daughter, but not her daughter would come.

Océane Aston

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