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POSTED: Thu Dec 29, 2016 9:55 pm

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Nyx hadn't known the boy before today, but she'd gone out early that morning seeking an adventure, something that strayed from the stress and the mundane, and she'd found a new friend to back up her decision, so the day, for her, was a resounding success. Walking Redtooth back from the shell of the forest that she'd found him in, the snowy furred hunter brought the male over the least treacherous path she knew through the mountains and into the place she had called home for over two years now. As she bounded lightly down the side of the mountain, her small frame carrying her gracefully down, she turned back to look at him with a wag of the tail and a broad grin.

"Th-this is wh-where I live!" She chimed as she pranced through the border with Redtooth in tow. "Anathema. Th-there are a-a-a lot of nice people here!" The female continued, though she was sure to keep a close eye on the loner while he was here. He may have given the outward appearance of being friendly but some of the more undesirable experiences that Nyx had undergone in the last few months had given an edge to the warriors sense of caution and danger. If he tried to make a move, the sub-leader was sure to be ready to subdue him if he presented a danger to her or anyone else in the pack.

Regardless of her paranoia however, Nyx found the days events to have been rather refreshing. The loner had expressed no wish to join her pack as of yet, but he had been interested to visit with her and see what kind of place she resided in, and a new friend was always something well received in the mothers joyful and naive mind. "I-I just know y-y-you're gonna love it here! I-I mean... I j-just hope so~" the ice hued warrior started confidently and then proceeded to correct herself in a more sheepish manner, her tail continuing it's constant journey back and forth behind her as she brought the boy to the main entrance of the caverns in which she lived. "So d-do ya wanna see i-inside the caverns? O-or the village? Th-there's lots of fun places t-to go."

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So, he had made a friend. It had been easy enough, after all. She, however, had been the first Redtooth had met since he had come to this unknown place. She spoke of a pack and a place to settle. She also spoke pleasantly of other friends. He was intrigued, so he readily agreed to follow Nyx home. Despite his willingness to see what Anathema had to offer, Red was wary about settling down just yet. That went for any pack. Wherever he chose to hang his head at night, Redtooth wanted to make sure it would be a perfect fit, but he was keeping his options open -- and he tried to make that clear.

But still, Nyx seemed intent on taking Red back home with her. And while the offer had him initially flustered, Redtooth was somewhat excited, but he tried to keep it to himself. How often did a girl ask for him to come back where she lived? Not often. Pretty much never. Socially awkward or not, what red blooded guy could say no to that? After all, apart from her jarring stutter, Red thought she was pretty cute.

On the way back, Red shifted down to his smallest form. Though it was not preferred, taking the lupus form made travel easier, especially when Red had to clumsily keep up with Nyx as she weaved through the terrain with grace. His leather satchel was hung around his neck, and the forest green jacket was draped across his back like a saddle. "I hope so," he replied, because if he liked it enough to settle down, that would certainly make life a lot more convenient. "Can I, uh -- Can I see where you live? You know, like, if I settle, I wanna see all the available real estate." He also wanted to see the village, but he figured he'd see it all eventually.
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Words: 912
Date: Mid October
Place: Thackary Village
Form: Optime

The wolf struggled with each step, dragging a foot along the ground as he pressed on. All he could manage was grumble at the pain, but he had to keep moving forward. He had to get to Nyx. Each time he put a foot down and pushed himself further towards the mouth of the cave, the harder it was to move. Left, right, left, right, all he could focus on was finding the huntress. Hobbling up out of the darkness, the male could see the bright light of the outside. He could smell her scent in the air. "Nyx.." he said, his voice hoarse. "Nyx... help.." he spoke once more, limping out into the light of day.

He was quite the sight to see. If he was even heard, the help he needed wasn't quite so internal as it might've sounded. For the male was hopelessly, and entirely, surrounded by puppies. His sons, Besekel and Uriah, were riding in a breast pocket on either side of his jacket, busily gnawed on the lining of the cloth, content within their warm pouches. Their sister, Song, was currently being cradled by her father, and had taken to suckling on one of his claws, while seemingly drifting off to sleep. And by far the most harrowing where the two eldest siblings, May with her jaws wrapped around the wolf's ankle, and her brother Inca tugging the older Anathemans tail back rather roughly with the aim to drag him back to their family den to play. Uncl' Lukoth, yu promithed us 'hat yu wuld pway!" said Inca, through a mouthful of tail. "That was this morniiiiinngggg." wailed the older male, trying his hardest not to yelp from how hard his tail was being pulled.

Though his saving grace was the white wolfdog as always, when Inca and May spotted her. Both children detached from their plaything to rush over to her side, leaving Lukos a window to rub his sore appendages with a free hand before quickly letting a whimpering Song use it as a pacifier again. "Mama, Mama! Uncle Lukos was playing with us all day!" Inca chimed, jumping up and down. "Yea, yea! But he tried to escape so we..." May started to say, before trailing off when she realized that there was a new face. "Mama, who's this?"

Lukos' head shot out to the side, peering around the little mother. Indeed there was another luperci among them, one he didn't recognize and whose scent was that of an outsider. Lukos looked curiously at Nyx for a moment with the tilt of the head, but then realized that this must be another loner she found and invited to come be apart of Anathema. Suddenly Lukos was all smiles, circling around the Malpas to get a better look at their guest. "hello friend! Welcome to Anathema, where everyone is family and the pups stay away from the elder's tails." he said, shooting a glance at Inca, who started eyeing up his latest teething equipment. He realized that his voice fluxed a bit there, and pounded his chest and cleared his throat, before looking back to the stranger with smile and a short chuckle.

Keep it down in here. he thought to himself, only to have that answered to. You want me to stay quiet, tell the rugrat to stay away from our tail. grumbled a voice. Whether for better or for worse, the male had been plagued for quite some time by a split personality, that manifested a long time ago during a personal crisis. While it was aggressive at first, over time the alter that had become what is now called "Pita" mellowed out significantly, working in tangent with the original mind that spawned it. Though, that wasn't to say that this other self didn't like to, deviate, here and there.

While Lukos was all smiles and a friendly face, the thing inside him was more suspicious. Nyx had recruited many a loner lately, but none of them followed the woman home directly. He wasn't about to start a scene of course, that might upset the mother. But, maybe a little clarification wouldn't be too bad. Suddenly, the wolf took on a much easier smile, almost a grin, with half-lidded eyes. Taking a step back in the huntress' direction, he looked down fondly at the mix. "Nuzzles, darling, how was your trip outside the pack lands, hmm?" he asked in a sickenly sweet, overdramatic tone. To Nyx, she should just recognize this as another one of Pita's antics, and in the very least brush it off as such. Lukos knew better.

What are you doing. Nothing. he thought defensively. If you weren't doing anything, you wouldn't have forced us to say that. What. Are you doing? The alter remained silent for a few moments, playfully twirling a pinky claw on Song's belly, tickling the tiny pup. Pita. What. Stop it. But Song likes to be tickled. You know what I mean. I haven't the faintest clue. Be nice. I am nice. You're going to embarrass all three of us. And there, he saw his ticket to victory.

Which three? You, Nyx and I? Or you, Nyx and this stranger? Or Nyx, the stranger, and I? The only reaction he got from the male was a small, physical twitch of the head, which made Pita completely smug. Bullseye.

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A pair of jackals walked through Thackary Village.

One of them was a silver female who was bundled up in a silver, long-sleeved dress that was lined with fur. She also wore a pair of leggings. A pair of large ears grew out of black hair that was tied back and a large fox-like tail swayed behind her. She wad skinny, her jackal blood showing. A pair of broken mismatched forest eyes looked out from the moonlit background.

Beside the silver jackal was a slightly taller female. She looked a lot like her sister in build but her fur was a stark contrast. Black fur covered her body and she had grey stockings. She wore a purple tunic and black leggings, her fur thick enough to protect her from the cold. She also had mismatched eyes, a pair of amethyst orbs that were free from the broken glaze.

Avinalora and Adrian had left the fox kits with their animal companions and had decided to explore the village and maybe the territory. The Shadowryn wanted to meet some pack mates and bring her sister out.

Avinalora would be lying if she said that she actually wanted to do what her sister wanted to do. She had originally planned to stay at home today but there was no arguing with the hybrid. The fox maiden didn't want to get too attached to this pack since there was a chance that it could fall like Midnight Shores. And she didn't know if she could handle such a loss. Then a familliar scent got the jackal medic's attention. Nyx, a friend of hers was nearby. And then a chuckle echoed through the dark jackal and her crippled sister could make out a monochrome shape.

The former assassin saw a man overwhelmed with pups. Two older pups were using him as a chew toy and theee little pups were using him as a steed. And then the older pups ran over to a small scarred female and another male. "Hello there!" The younger sister called as she walked over.

Word Count ➤ 344

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Tan tipped ears perked forwards as the red boy asked to see where Nyx lived. She didn't like the mental image it brought on of escorting a strange male straight to her pups in a closed in area that could potentially prove to make it hard for the motherly warrior to defend them, but regardless, Nyx figured it would be okay to just show the male the inside of the caverns, if not her den specifically at the moment. "O-oh, sure thing!" The snowy warrior replied with her charming smile and began to step towards the caverns entrance, but as a dull cry for help tumbled out of the mouth of the cave for her, amethyst eyes widened and the winter hued girl froze.

Just then, stumbling from the cavern mouth with puppies gnawing all over his burdened Optime form, came the all too familiar grey wolf Lukos, his pleas for help over the older two pups demands causing the young mother to giggle softly, her flowing tail wagging quickly as the older pups burst over towards her, practically as big as she was in this form now, crowding her small frame with wagging tails and playful paws. Her pups were quick to tell her about the day they'd been having, but the clever pups they were, they were also quick to notice a new face that seemed out of place among them. "H-hello pups, I-I'm glad you had fun today!" The small warrior chimed in her happiest voice before she went on to actually answer them.

"M-May, Inca, th-this is Red." The girl introduced her new friend before stepping aside so that her pups could greet the male, though she kept a keen eye on the pair as they approached him. Lukos however seemed to want to get the first greeting in as he stepped up, making a remark about pups staying away from tails just as Nyx saw Inca about to go for the fluffy grey appendage again, giving a soft snort of a laugh through her beige nose, but the laughing expression soon turned to one of confusion, a brow raised as the wolf approached her with that sickly sweet tone and the girl tilted her head to look at him with a furrowed brow and a mocking expression, though to her it was all in good fun.

The voice she was hearing didn't even belong to the intellectual, but to the other mind, the one that she had come to recognize as something separate from Lukos over time, and that seemed quite the jokester but that scared her a bit nonetheless. She did her best not to show it though, to cause pain to people she cares about without cause was something against the tiny wolf-dog's nature, so she simply played along in her good-natured way. "M-My trip was fine, y-you say that like I-I never leave." The girl simply stated, though she had realized that the male's tone was odd, the connotation of his words had flown completely over the naive mother's head, it being apparent as she acted as though nothing was weird about it.

The small white Lupus' attention was pulled away from the commotion of pups and new friends and old friends with split personalities as the laugh of a female voice could be heard not far off. Perking her tan tipped ears in the direction of the sound, Nyx saw first, standing out against the snow, a black coated female jackal that she recognized to be Avinalora's sister Adrian, and then soon after the snowy girl spotted the light furred Avinalora treading beside her. Grinning as the night colored sister of the pair called out to the group and started to approach, Nyx wagged her tail and called back out to them. "H-Hello Adrian, A-Avinalora! G-great timing, th-this is Red, h-he's a loner."

The snowy girl announced her new friend, who she'd managed to tote all the way over the mountain to get here, so she might as well introduce him to a few fresh faces and nice places to see and to stay while he was here.

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