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This wasn't how she expected to start the new rise. Sorrow was not an emotion she was good with and seeing both Lukos and Nyx so torn left the woman at odds. She sat with the witches and blended herbs late into the night as she thought of what to say. There was nothing she could say was there? Had anyone said anything to her when her mother had died? The sound of stone grinding echoed in her large dark ears.

Old dried honeysuckles and daisies ground together. Their meaning deep of innocence and bonds of love. No matter even through death a parents love for their child was eternal. The sun cracked over the horizon and Evangeline couldn't tell if she had slept at all over the course of the night or if she had been to into her work. Morning though meant she had little time left as she stood from her spot.

She dressed herself in dull colors of whites and grays. Gold jewelry still clung to her as she pulled a brush through her hair. She took a breath as she started to gather her things. She looked to the others who followed behind her with various odds and ends.

Lukos and Nyx had helped her pick the perfect place for this event. Mother Earth would be their shelter today. Lukos was supposed to meet her out there and it broke the young girls heart a bit she doubted either parent was sleeping well. Eva took her time as she and the witches made their way. Eva couldn't move closer for a moment she needed the second to compose herself for them.

The witches moved past her as they placed their items down and started to help set the scene. Eva made her way to them and looked to Lukos as she couldn't even bring herself to fake a smile. Just past him he saw her and Eva felt herself choke. A mother coddling her child should not be rung with tears. Eva turned to see the witches inspecting the pyre they added a few herbs and things to make it smell sweet. Eva placed down her bag and pulled out her jars and bottles.

She turned beckoning Lukos and Nyx forward. She popped open a jar and laid down some of the herbs on a small carved piece of wood. Placing it at the very top with delicacy. "You can place her here." The words soft almost in audible as she looked at them. Swirled eyes normally held determination now held question. Why mother? Why? Rang through her head though she was not asking Isolde but Mother Earth herself for guidance.
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(525)When it rains, it pours.

Nyx's heart was broken. It was all too much for the snowy mother to bear as she walked silently, to the final resting place of her child. Nyx's eyes seemed puffy and dark around their rims. She had spent too little time sleeping, and too much time shedding tears for her eyes to be able to shine as they once had. Her ears and tail remained drooped, never lifting or even moving from where they hung from her body. She was too tired, and her heart was broken. There had been many people who'd been doing their best to help her get through this time, and she wasn't exactly sure how the grey wolf, Lukos, was holding up, but he walked beside her now, looking as though his heart had been broken just the same.

Heavy, she felt heavy as she walked. She wasn't weighed down by the weight of her tiny daughter, who rested peacefully in Nyx's arms, light as a feather, but by the weight of the grief that filled the air and everyone around her, including herself. She was breaking down inside, but the mother didn't want to lose her composure... Not in front of Song. Heavy lidded eyes closed silently as the mother brought her still and cold child closer to her chest, the mother's face hidden in shadow for a few painful moments as Nyx brushed her cheek against the evanescent child's silky fur, but the action brought her no joy, nor comfort, nor relief from the pain in her chest. Nyx merely wished, with all her heart, that her actions would wake the tiny girl up, and that they could be perfect and happy together again.

Nyx looked up at Evangeline for a moment as they stopped walking in front of the beautiful arrangement of wood and sweet smelling herbs that would serve as the tiny pup's funeral pyre, and as she looked on at the structure and at Anathema's spiritual leader, the corners of her mouth turned downwards and trembled as her eyes glistened and became awash with a fresh wave of tears. Evangeline had a somber look on her face as she looked between the parents of the fragile little form in Nyx's arms. So fragile that it seemed she had broken without even a single touch that night. So, so very fragile, and Nyx wanted nothing more than to hold her close and protect her from the fate that had already taken hold, but looking down, if Nyx hadn't known any better, she would have thought that the sweet little girl she held was simply sleeping.

As Eva instructed Nyx to lay the pup down in the little nook carved out of the wood, the perfect size for Song to rest in, the grieving mother shut her eyes tightly and trembled, giving song one final kiss before she lay her down to sleep, a gentle paw running over the pups silky fur before she turned away, her hands shaking before she sunk to her knees, feeling as though all the strength and will in her body was being lain to rest along with her baby girl.

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Lelouch Amarok
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It was Bertolt's idea. Neither he, nor Lelouch had proper clothing for a funeral. Neither of them had really attended a proper one. It wasn't as if Kohaku had received a funeral. So, they attended in their lupus forms. The forms they were born in.

The air was somber. Lelouch and Bertolt hung their heads and quietly watched the proceedings. Nyx, Lukos, and even Evangeline looked devastated. Lelouch didn't think it was possible for Evangeline to actually feel something as deep as sorrow. Nyx on the other hand... Nyx looked terrible. Lelouch couldn't blame her. Yet, she didn't break down, not until Song was placed into the wooden cradle. The strength in her was admirable. Envious even.

Lelouch hung his head. He glanced over at Bertolt and the look on their faces mirrored each other. This didn't effect them like it did the others. Lelouch couldn't fault Bertolt for not being devastated. It wasn't as if his mate had any real attachment to the Anathemans. Bertolt looked sad, but not heartbroken. It was empathy, not actual emotion. Lelouch on the other hand... He should have been heartbroken. He should be crying and devastated with the rest. But he just... wasn't. If anything, he was more torn up that his fellow leaders were upset. As for Song, all he could think that it was sad. A loss. A tragedy, but to others.

Why? Lelouch closed his eyes and tried to imagine that it was his daughter. That he was the one saying goodbye to the baby girl and placing her down onto the wood. It worked. A little. But his imagination could only take him so far. He wanted to mourn with Nyx, Lukos, and Evangeline. He ought to be going through this with them. Not as a spectator. Reality had other plans.

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A small female stood as a spectator, watching the funeral. She was silvery in color, almost as white as snow. Her back was covered with a darker grizzled saddle that went from her ears to her tail. The canine's tail was as bushy as a fox's and was tipped with alabaster. She was skinny and her fur was painfully short. She had long legs that marker her jackal heritage. The Luperci also had a pair of long, disproportionate ears gracing her narrow head. From there a mop of black hair lay pulled back into a pony tail. The vixen was dressed in a silver mini-dress that went down to mid-thigh. It was lined with white fur and had a hood. It was long-sleeved and fit her well. She also wore leggings and a scarf was wrapped around her neck. As she watched the proceedings with a pair of mismatched green eyes, she thumbed a moon-shaped pendant around her neck.

Avinalora had faced a lot of death and loss in her three winters. She had been abandoned by her birth parents. And healers faced death often when a patient died. And then the jackal mutt had lost her adopted mother when she was a year old. She had also lost her pack. But loosing a child, was alien to her. The winter wraith knew that she couldn't bear children but the thought of loosing her fox kits made her heart almost stop. She casted a glance towards the village. They were basically adults already and she knew that they would leave her soon. Loss was a part of life. But that didn't mean that the broken bird had to accept it.

Nyx was a good friend of the Anatheman medic. She had met Song only once and the pup had been full of life and healthy. What had happened to the child? But more importantly, what would happen to the winter warrior and her family? The fox maiden had been broken when she had lost her home, Midnight Shores but loosing a child seemed much worse. The moon-washed maiden would have to keep an eye on Nyx. Help her even though she couldn't help herself. The monochrome fox would make sure that her friend didn't fall down the same hole she did.

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Words: 000
Date: Jan. 31
Place: Anathema
Form: Optime
A little fall of rain can hardly hurt now though.

It was cruel, if he stopped to think about it. The wolf had finally pups of his own, even going so far as to look after Nyx's eldest alongside their mother. These pups were the pride and joy of both parents, and life was a happy reality for him. There was no place he'd rather be than here, with the puppies, with Nyx. He had always belonged here, from the beginning. This was meant to be his home. But it did not have to be hers for the rest of eternity.

Lukos had already been up that morning, hardly able to close his eyes without seeing his daughter painted in his mind. So alive, so excited about the world. He was standing where they decided on having the service, glassily staring at the ground beneath him. He was hardly functioning enough to stand on his own, wanting nothing more to pass out and wake up to the white girl scratching away at his side for attention. But he couldn't, he couldn't give up. Others still needed him, Lukos was still committed to his family, both the pack and those he cherished above everything else. And his mind wouldn't let him forget that. ..We have work to do. Mutely, he agreed and shuffled off to start gathering wood. It was something to keep his hands occupied, which helped with his thoughts as well. Putting himself to a task helped with the pain.

He hadn't finished a moment too soon before Evangeline and her entourage appeared. Her help with this was valued more than he could express, especially now that he and Nyx were fully grieving. The witches were wonderful as well, offering their sympathy in this wretched time. He simply gave a polite shake of the head, unable to even force a smile. Making sure the pyre was stable, he turned towards the woman, giving her a lifeless nod. Lukos was on his way to pick up the pups and their mother now, trudging across the lands. First, he was off to track down the pups, wherever they were in the territory. Eventually, he traced the children and their caretaker to the seashore, watching them from afar. Finally bringing himself to muscle up a smile, he trotted over, watching the twins playfully splash in the shallows with their siblings joining in. Inca and May were getting quite tall now, with the boy just reaching past his mother. May was up next to her in height, something Lukos wished they could celebrate more instead of what was about to happen. Nuri the fox looked away from the waves at the wolf, solemnly giving a knowing look. Lukos' smile suddenly looked more depressed than anything positive, as he told the now four children "It's time."

The father was noticeably quiet as he led the group away, heading for the church on the other side of the mountain. There wasn't the strength to seem at least reserved left in him. Finally reaching their destination, he scoured the building for Nyx, and it didn't take long to find her alone. He choked when he saw the two of them, trying to make eye contact but only being able to see the glimpse of white fluff in her arms. "Wait for us.. outside, please." He told them, watching from the corner of his eye as they left. With the pups gone, he let himself go, shaking as he curled claws around his ears, staring at the lifeless body. If he hadn't been there himself, the wolf might not have accepted that she was really dead after all. With a hand over his throat, Lukos tried to speak but only managed a croak, far too torn for words. Instead, he slowly made his way to Nyx, reaching out a hand but hesitating at the last second. In the end, he beckoned for her to follow wordlessly, as they walked off and joined up with the others.

He wasn't sure what he could do, exactly. He wanted to put an arm around her, a hand on Nyx's shoulder, or something to try and console her as they went through this. But he was so uncertain about everything now, afraid to address it so soon. Did she blame him? For being there, useless against whatever took their daughter. The even smaller family had made their way to the pyre, and those that gathered for them. For her. As Evangeline approached them, the wolf couldn't help but keep thinking to himself. Why was it that whenever he swore to protect something, it would irreversibly be harmed? He was tired of being a failure, but even more tired of being. What's the point, if he's not even good for anything. Yeah yeah, the world's unfair. Your life has been unfair. And it always will be. But you're not in it for you anymore. Lukos cast his eyes to the ground, gliding alongside Nyx as she moved to lay Song to rest.

I remember... over the years, others would tell me that this world was ruled by higher beings... What kind of being would want this? he lamented, silently watching as his Snowflake was lowered onto the pyre with anguish. The kind whose faces I laugh in, all the time.

The Atheed turned to walk back, but stopped when he noticed when Nyx wasn't beside him. Instead, he found the mother on her knees, as frail as the child they just gave up. Kneeling in front of her, the wolf tried to support her from under the arms, not daring to lift the fighter up without her permission. "Come on Nyx... We need to stand up, for the pups. We... we have to keep going. So please," he begged the woman with a catch in his voice. "Before I fall too."

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For the better part of the day, he had been unsure. He did not know the family well, but aside from that, Nyx and Lukos were of a high rank. He was not sure what the proper etiquette in these circumstances was. He did not want to insult the parents when they were already grieving their baby girl. Then again, he respected them greatly, and since it did not feel right to pass up the opportunity to show them he cared for them, whatever their level of friendship, Kassius fell into step at the back of the small funeral procession. Being that he wore black whenever he found himself in Optime form, he felt that for him, it would be most appropriate to walk on two legs, wearing his usual cloak. The hood, however, was not worn, hanging down by his shoulder blades instead. He did not want to embody the reaper. Not today.

He hung his head, but his eyes faced forward. The lifeless little body was placed upon a sweet-smelling pyre, the mother and father breaking down as the girl reached her final destination. He knew the sorrow of grief, but he had never seen a body handled this way. As he silently watched the scene, he remembered the sound of a shovel hitting the dirt as he dug his mother's grave. He liked this better, the funeral pyre. Not a day went by that he did not imagine his mother's corpse disintegrating beneath the earth, eaten by foul insects as it was turned into dust. No, this way seemed much more respectful. The little girl's body would become ashes instead, and her parents would never have to picture such ugly things. Loss was hard enough, without worrying about what actually happened when bodies were buried.

He remained in the rear of the group, but his hands and shoulders were free to support those in deep grief. Kassius could not wrench his gaze away from the child's body, and soon his eyes pooled with tears. What loving God would allow a child to die? Or leave such loving parents in the throes of the most horrible position of grief, their child lost forever, the roles of nature reversed? In spite of his doubt, he spoke a silent prayer in his mind. He prayed that his God allow peace for the little girl's soul, and comfort for the parents she had left behind.

Whatever sort of ritual Evangeline was to perform, Kassius felt he had done his part by offering his prayers. He would stay quiet unless he was needed, and bear witness to the child's funeral.

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And I don't care if I sing off key
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I shout it out like a bird set free

Standing out there, looking out at the sea among her three dear brothers and Nuri, it almost seemed as though in that moment she was meant to be happy... Almost. But it wasn't a happy moment. How could it have been? her sister was dead, and today they were putting her to rest. May felt bad about her younger siblings being here... They had told her that they wanted to wait for Song, and in turn, May had told the boys that song had gone on a journey. What was she to say to the little impressionable boys when they saw their precious sister's body? When they would stop being able to see her body...? The thought was more than she could bear.

Back when they had talked around the fire in the common room, Song's death had seemed like such an evanescent thing. Like perhaps it wasn't finite, and that the girl would come back to their family, but after hearing from her mother and Uncle Lu what would have to go down this day, the reality of death and all its finality had begun to sink in with a weight that prevented the girl from lifting her tail or her ears. It weighed her down so much that she could not look up, neither could she look at her two younger brothers without wallowing in the guilt that she felt.

As a pair of footsteps approached the small group from the rear, saline tears pooled in her eyes and fell down. It was time to say goodbye now, wasn't it? Turning to look at the grey wolf as he approached to deliver two simple words, and with those words, May stooped to pick up her little brother Besekel, though it was for no other reason than so she could disguise the fact that she was crying by hiding her face in the boy's pale grey fur. Would he understand what was happening? The small group departed from the shoreline, off to the church to collect their mother, and... the body of their sister...

It was with pain in her heart that the girl agreed to wait outside the church for her mother to emerge, but as the moments drew on, May became frightened. the pale blonde girl suddenly felt in her heart that she did not want to see Song's body. She didn't want her baby brothers to see it either, and so she ushered them forwards. "C-come on, lets go on ahead and find seats..." The young girl uttered. She was trying so desperately to be strong for her younger siblings, but it hurt so badly...

The group departed the church then, leaving the snowy white mother and the grey wolf to walk behind them. May hurried her siblings, off to the place where people had gathered and the pyre had been built. With tears now unable to be disguised, light lavender eyes searched for a place to sit, shutting her eyes tightly and pressing her own forehead to that of her baby brother's, rubbing his crinkled ear and imploring him not to look as his parents walked by them, their sibling held lifeless in their mothers arms. May did not want to look, and yet, when it came time for Nyx to place her precious baby in the cradle that was the place of her final slumber, the fawn pup opened her eyes and took in the sight. Pale grey hands trembled with intensity as the pain she felt increased ten fold. First her sister went down in the cradle, and then her mother fell in on herself.

Shaking, looking around for some sort of cue or a sign, the fawn and grey pup made up her mind as she set Besekel down in the snow and raced towards the front, falling to her knees and catching her mother in a tight embrace, her eyes closed fiercely to keep the tears from spilling out. "Mama... we have to go back now... I know it hurts but... th-the rest of us are all here Mama..." tearful violet hues looked up to the grey wolf standing tearfully above them. She made eye contact with him, imploring him to be strong as she reached for his grey paw and placed her mothers snowy white one within it. She would go back to her seat once she was sure that her mother would be alright.

Word Count: [000] Form: Optime Date: -- Area: --

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Every day he kept a smile on his face to brighten the days of those close to him. He tried hard to keep his emotions to himself so that he didn't burden his siblings and worry them. Today was different. He couldn't force a smile on his face. He couldn't keep his brow from furrowing or keep the tightness in his throat from overwhelming him. There was nothing that would steal your happiness more than the loss of a child, of a pack mate, of family. At first he hesitated making the decision to go to the funeral. He wasn't very good at dealing with his sorrow when it did make it's emergence. But, he wouldn't let Nyx and Lukos suffer alone. Today there was no place for smiles, today was a day for grieving. He would be there to support them because no matter how hard it was for him, it would never compare to what they must feel.

Greed was dressed in head to toe in some of his finest garments out of respect for the family and their loss. His hair was tamed to perfection and fur groomed as usual. He honesty didn't feel like dressing up for such an occasion such as this as he felt garments drew attention away from what was important. Still, he knew that was a silly thought to have and dressed as he should anyways. He wore black from head to paw, purposely choosing the darkest color she he didn't shine brighter than the child frozen in time. When it was time, he came to join the rest of his pack mates to mourn the loss of the beautiful daughter.

His chest was tight when he came upon the scene. Evangeline had put together a lovely place for Song to be put to rest. Everyone had a somber look on their face, including his half sister who had prepared everything for today's occasion. Greed came to stand next to Kassius who was obviously distraught by the loss as well. Their feud didn't matter today and Greed let all bitterness he had find it's focus upon this ceremony. His breath was heavy as he tried to push back the tears that fought their way into his amber orbs. It was futile. Nyx placed Song on the bed of wood and collapsed onto the cold earth. He wanted to help them. He wanted to take their pain away and make it his own so they didn't have to suffer. Yet, there was no way he could do such thing. His head dropped and a hand raised to wipe the tears from his eyes before they stained his cheeks. Once he wiped the first wave of tears from his face he rose his head to witness the deeply saddening ceremony.

The urge to breakdown only became stronger when both Lukos and May tried to remove the grieving mother from her place on the ground. He could only imagine how she must feel. She probably didn't have the energy nor the will to raise and stand next to the rest of them. Tears began to stream down the umber Lykoi's face yet he didn't look away. Today was a place for sadness, a place for tears, and a place to release all the built up anguish within one's self. What better his remorse be focused on than this?

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Evangeline stood there and watched, for a moment she did t feel like she was actually there. Watching Nyx colaspe she felt crushed she forced herself to look away as Lukos and May struggled with Nyx. Eva took a deep breath as she looked at the pyre. She still has work to do and needed to do so before none of them could. She picked up the torch she had lit and set to the side.

Eva stood there holding the torch she looked up to the sky. The sound of her bangles ran in her ears as she began to speak.
"Goddess of death,
I stand here as your priesess
knowing that life
must be winnowed
to thrive.

This is a holy act I perform:
to open a gateway
for a willing one
to come to you.

This is an act of healing,
a release from suffering,
an end to pain.

Here is one
whose arms are open
to embrace you.

She spoke as she held the torch against the pyre. Soot colored hands didn't move until she felt the heat. Her mind partially cleared as she released the torch. She watched for a moment as she tried to formulate her next set of words. Her brain just felt so lost in a fog, this was something she wasn't sure how to handle. She had placed herself in an odd spot as she didn't know how to help. This seemed like something she could do but seeing Nyx like this she didn't know if she was helping or hindering. She watched the fire flicker and tried to bring herself to speak again.

Beloved one, you are dead,
but you are not alone.
We are here with you,
the beloved dead await you.

You go from love
into love.
Carry with you
only love.

May our love carry you
and open the way."

She finished as she stepped back. The wood and herbs releasing sweet smells as the flames engulfed the tiny child. Her part was done all she could do was watch over this sacred fire until it was done.
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