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Perhaps if they'd had a medic close by, or medicine available in the caverns at the time that it had happened... Perhaps Song would still be alive right now. This was the thought that drove Nyx to get up and look for a place within the caverns that could be used, re-purposed into something that could be well used and potentially save lives. Wandering the dark caves, candle in hand to light up the dim hallways, Nyx looked about the rooms that were being used to store various things. The smell of old preserved herbs that would be used for healing hit the Anatheman sub-leader's nose as she entered the large room that was used for general storage for the pack.

How long had those herbs remained in this room without being put to use? Could any of them have saved her pup? Those answers she did not know, but she would change it. Walking into the main storage area, she saw a branching room and peered inside, holding up her candle so that it's glow could illuminate whatever was held within. Glass, it looked like a bunch of jars and glass, but it was such a big room and it was right next to the area where the furs and blankets were stored, it was the perfect location, the small Purson thought as she placed her candle down and entered the room to pick up one of the glass jars. She'd have to move them all to the spare room in the kitchen before the medical supplies could be moved into that room.

"Do you require assistance, Malphas?" The snow white female heard in a foreign accent from behind her as she began to gather an arm full of glass jars, her ears perking before her head would turn to see Innya standing in the entryway. The white and brown borzoi entered the room where Nyx had been gathering jars to move and Nyx hesitated for a short moment before she nodded reluctantly. Understandably, Nyx wasn't exactly in the mood to be making new friends and putting on a cheerful and welcoming display for the witch, but she could use the help if the task was to be completed, and the Russian dog certainly held a certain level of expertise when it came to things involving healing, more so that Nyx had.

"I was just... c-c-clearing out th-these old jars. I thought i-it would be good if we had a-a medical clinic i-in the caverns a-and this seemed l-like a good spot." As the snow furred Malphas finished speaking, Innya gave a knowing nod and watched as Nyx walked past her into the kitchen with an arm full of glass. Nyx wondered, as she walked, if Innya had been informed of her undertaking by the other leaders, who Nyx had told of her plans, and as the melancholic mother deposited the contents of her hands into the empty room branching from the caverns kitchen, her ears perked as she heard the barking call of the borzoi woman calling for others to come assist with the re-purposing of the space from a storage room into a fully stocked clinic in the caverns.

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Lust heard the call for assistance and swiftly made her way down to the caverns. It wasn't too terribly often that she could be found anywhere in the howling caverns, but Nyx was her sister, adopted or not, she would be there to help the white woman no matter what she may need. The dark fae honestly needed a good distraction anyway. Between the issues going on with Greed and Kassius, as well as the fact that she was pregnant, likely by more than just the intended fathers, she had a lot to deal with as it was. Things were definitely changing for the dark princess. In all honesty, she had expected things to change when she had the pups, but she had never imagined it would be like this. Greed was distancing himself from her for some reason. Whether that reason was because he didn't want the pups, that he was unsure of himself as a father, that he was upset there was a good possibility he wouldn't be the only father, she had no way of knowing what exactly the problem was. The only way she would know was if he came to her and they actually had a conversation about their situation. With how he had been distancing himself though, that possibility didn't seem very likely.

The dark fae nodded to the white woman with a soft smile on her face. I heard you needed some assistance down here. What are we working on and how can I help? Lust was eager to get to work and help her adopted sister as best she could, though she was unsure what exactly they would need help with down here.

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Not long after a howl sounded through the village, one of the doors to the huts opened and a head poked out and then a body followed. The shape was small, under the five foot mark and didn't look like she weighed more the one hundred pounds. The female was quite skinny with barely any muscle on her figure. She was long-legged and looked like sh would be quick. Bust sh wasn't. Her face was narrow and her muzzle didn't taper. She had long ears that were pricked and a long, fox-like tail swished behind her. The woman had silver fur that was almost the color of snow. A darker saddle ran down her back that displayed her jackal heritage. The saddle had black hairs running through it. Her hair was ebony and went down to her shoulders. It was tied back into a ponytail. The girl wore clothing since her fur was adapted to a desert climate and was painfully short. A monochrome trench coat covered her body. It went down to her hock and it was fitted for someone as small as her. She also wore silver legwarmers to keep her warm. A pendant hung from her neck. The talisman was a crescent moon that was carved of wood. The female's eyes were two different shades of green. The right was darker than the left. The lighter eye was also blind but it still followed her other eye. The green orbs had a somewhat broken look to them.

The prospect of helping to make medical clinic intrigued Avinalora. She was an herbalist and she hoped she could lend her skill of identifying herbs. She was starting to pull herself out of the depression that followed the loss of Midnight Shores. The fight was slow and sometimes the vixen fell back down into the hole of despair. But she would always keep fighting. It would be good for her to have something to do. Winter meant no herb gathering so helping with a hospital of sorts was a change.

The fox maiden was caught up in he thoughts But as she walked, she stumbled over a root as she neared the caverns. She caught herself and straightened up swiftly. Tripping was normal for her, especially in her Optime form. The jackal medic couldn't really see the ground and that caused a lot of falls for her. But she learned to pick herself up. Thankfully, she hadn't actually hit the ground so her dignity was saved.

The Anatheman healer walked into the cave. She managed to detect Nyx's scent which was fresh and she also detected the smell of another woman with herbs in her scent. If they were making a clinic, the Furcas kind of expected another healer to be here. So, she decided to follow the woman's scent which led her to a storage room. She could make out three other figures as she walked in. The only one that she actually recognized was the white warrior's.

The winter wraith stood awkwardly in the entrance for a few moments, unsure of what to do. She didn't know if any of them needed someone to help with identifying herbs but she hoped that she could somehow aid her pack mates in some way. One of the women in the room caught sight of the silver belle.

"You healer?" The dog woman asked with a thick, foreign accent. She towered over the moon-washed maiden. But it was expected since everyone did.

"Yes, ma'am. I'm an herbalist and I could help identify the herbs." The monochrome fox replied with a dip of her head.

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With so much turmoil in his personal life, Kassius was grateful for the distraction. Admittedly, this was the main factor in his decision to help with the clinic in the caverns, but that was not to say that he wasn't eager to make himself useful, too. It would be unwise to let the event of Lust's pregnancy determine his behavior. He could not hole up in his den drinking constantly. As it was, the mutt was slightly ill from the drink of the night before, but he had felt worse. With some food in his belly and several gulps of water from the cave river, Kassius felt up to the task of assisting the snowy warrior. Adding a clinic to Anathema was a superb idea, and he was happy to help.

He found Nyx in a large room where furs and glass jars were stored. Unfortunately, hers was not the only presence here. Currently offering her help was none other than Lust, and having strolled in before he realized this, he froze completely, paws held to his sides as he inhaled sharply. Every bone in his body ached to turn and flee what would undoubtedly become a tense and awkward situation. However, Kassius had already entered the large chamber and he was sure everyone saw him do so. There was no turning back now.

Uh... he began, clearing his throat. He then addressed Nyx. I'm here to help. Perhaps he and Lust could successfully ignore one another and focus on the work that needed to be done.

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It was a hard time for Nyx, her usual brilliant smile was nowhere to be found on that day, but as she returned to the room which would until today be called the glass storage room, the snowy Malphas watched as first her pregnant sister, Lust, would approach the snow furred woman to offer her help. It wasn't a moment later than Avinalora, the small healer would walk in, and then, much to Nyx's surprise, the warrior, Kassius, but she supposed that it wasn't unusual for someone to help another who was considered a friend to them.

Avinalora seemed to be speaking with Innya when she entered, but each one of them soon turned to Nyx, she was asked to give instructions to them, to lead them, and with a soft sigh and a slightly bolstered resolve to be the leader that she was expected to be when those around her came looking for instruction, she took a deep breath, and on the exhale, the Malphas smiled. "H-hello Lust." The girl began, reaching out to squeeze the hand of her sister before addressing the next two arrivals. "Hello A-avinalora, Kassius. I have a s-small project to do h-here."

Turning to look back at the stacks of glass bottles behind her, Nyx gestured to them and went to gather an armful of the glass containers. "I-I'd like t-to have this room c-converted into a-a clinic, f-for the healers t-to treat patients. W-we've gotta get th-these jars into the empty k-kitchen room a-and bring in s-some furs, blankets, a-and herbs from the storage. Innya, A-avinalora, y-you two would know w-what we need to b-bring in, wouldn't you?" The snowy hunter asked before she gestured for someone to help her in the transporting of glass goods out into the empty room that branched off from the kitchen.

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