A Clinic Built from Scratch

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POSTED: Thu Feb 23, 2017 7:36 pm

(000) Feel free to use the NPCs Bear, and Leticia!

After he had brought that white faced loner back into Anathema to be healed by Avinalora, he had been thinking about the conditions under which the silver healer had been forced to work. She had a shoddy lean-too that served as a clinic, and the structure was barely large enough for a single patient to fit in alongside the jackal maiden and her sister. For days now, the coal giant had been gathering supplies for this undertaking. He'd collected logs from down by the shore line, a cartload of rich clay from a river bed, and plenty of stone from the valley. The project was ready to be under way now.

Raising his broad head, Lux let out his baritone call, seeking any builders, volunteers, and healers to help build the structure and guide the vision of the finished product. Lux had also amassed a pile of tools. Shovels, saws, and axes were among these and as the male surveyed all that he had gathered and scouted the location for the structure in the village, a small group began to gather, to which Lux was happy. "Hello everyone, I've got a project and I'd appreciate the help in undertaking it. We're going to build a clinic, a place for the healers to work and house as many patients as necessary, because at the moment, there is none."

The dark giant looked to Bear and Leticia among those gathered, known and trusted laborers that would be greatly useful in the building process, and Lux wondered if the silver maiden Avinalora would come, this was sort of his way of thinking her for the herbal remedy she had mixed for him, that had relieved his joint pain. She deserved a better place to do her work and to store her supplies.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 10, 2017 3:13 pm

His brother brought word back to him that a clinic was being built and that he was going to help. Greed eagerly jumped at the chance to do the same, so when the call rang out through Anathema for help he was quick to respond. With how often Wrath got himself into trouble, they would benefit greatly from having a clinic for injured pack members to recover in as well as a safe place for the medics to work. Greed also thought back to Lust and the lesson that had gone awry almost resulting in her death. Although he would think carefully before making such a mistake again, Lust would have been much better off had they had a clinic for her to recover in. Anathema was a place for misfits, a lot of which tended to stray into Trouble's grasp. Building the clinic would benefit every one of them that called this pack home.

The lithe umber Lykoi was on his way to grab Wrath from his home, but it seemed his brother had the same idea. They met halfway and then made the trip into the heart of the village. Greed's loud banter could be heard from far off as he spoke to Wrath of how many different ways the clinic would benefit them, making sure to mention how how it would specifically benefit his brother. When the reached the site, they were the first to get there. Greed raised a hand to run through the mess on his head before crossing his arms over his chest with a wide grin splayed across his handsome features.

As Lux began to speak Greed nudged a sharp elbow into his brother's side, almost unable to hold back his excitement. His tail swayed lightly behind him as he nodded in agreement. Not only was he happy to help because of the good the clinic would do, he was also more than delighted to take part in making Anathema, as a whole, better. That was his mission. He tossed a thoughtful glance over to his giant of a brother because he knew they both shared the same passion. They would do all they could do make sure Anathema became a place of prosperity, rather than melancholy and treachery. Just tell us where to start! We'll have a clinic built in no time, hopefully, considering how many of us like to wind up injured. Greed joked, tossing a grin over at Wrath once again. He knew it was just a matter of time before the silver giant returned to the pack with yet another wound and a scar to add to his collection.
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POSTED: Sat Mar 11, 2017 5:23 pm

In all honesty, Lelouch would have been able to contribute the most towards the clinic in the caverns. It wasn't like Lelouch was strong in any sense of the word. He couldn't build. His ability to make anything was amateur at best. Lelouch's only redeeming quality was his bookish nature. However, he refused to step foot underground unless absolutely necessary. So, if he wanted to contribute, it would have to be here.

Lelouch didn't have to go far when the call finally came out. He approached the small group bare and with his tail in a neutral position. Lux was in charge and Lelouch had no intention of upstaging the midnight male. So, he kept to the crowd and put one hand over the other as he listened to Lux's quick explanation. Greed eagerly accepted the challenge. Wrath too, by the looks of it. Both males were in high spirits. Lelouch couldn't help but smile a little himself.

"Same," Lelouch spoke up. Just point me where you need me. Hopefully, that would be with someone competent. In all honestly, Lelouch was expecting to be delegated as errand dog. Fetching things or passing instructions. Maybe trying to hold something up while someone with actual skill fit the pieces together. Or he could make a total fool of himself and be kicked off the project. Both were possibilities. Although the latter was a little more probable.
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POSTED: Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:22 pm

A silver female walked through the Thackary Village. She was tiny, on the smallest side of the scale for Luperci. She looked very delicate and didn't have much meat on her bones. She seemed like a fox in Optime form even though they didn't exist. She did have long legs, though that made her seem like a coyote, but her long, bushy tail made her more vulpine. She had long ears and a narrow face, but her muzzle didn't taper. She was a jackal.

Her base coat was as white as the snow she walked upon. It was unnatural for a jackal, stemming back to her wolf heritage. A grey saddle ran from her ears to her tail and ended in a white tail tip, a trait going back to her mixed jackal heritage. The saddle bore black hairs scattered through the grey. She had raven hair that was pulled back into a ponytail. A pair of mismatched green eyes stood out from her monochrome pelt. The right was darker than the left.

She wore a lot of clothing due to her short, desert-adapted fur. She wore a grey long-sleeved shirt under a moss green anorak. She also wore a pair of jeans. All of the clothes had been altered to fit her: the sleeved and neckline had been altered but she had been content to leave the length of the garments unaltered as they hung past her hips. The hood of the anorak was also altered to have holes for her ears. She also wore a scarf around her neck that was white and silver. She also had a wooden pendant carved into the shape of a crescent moon. A satchel was carried over her shoulder.

Avinalora had heard a call for healers, buiders, and volenteers. She fit one of the criteria. She was a healer. The vixen recognized the call to be Lux's, the dark grey giant. She had been giving the man some herbal remedies for his aching joints after the fiasco with the white-faced wolf. Maybe they needed medics in case someone got injured while building. So, the waif made sure to grab some herbal mixtures just in case.

The fox maiden arrived a bit late to the party, her defected leg preventing her from even speed-walking. She could see the blurred image of a the tree-wolf, he wasn't very hard to notice. As the silver belle came closer, she also saw a yellow and brown male and a brown and white female. And she also saw who she thought was the dark-furred Rakeeb. The silver lady also noticed another pair of males, one an umber wolf and the other a grey giant.

The winter wraith listened as the Seere announced that he was building a clinic in the village. She didn't know how she would help outside of treating wounds from the building. Why had there been a call for healers? Yes, they were building a hospital, but it didn't take a genius to figure out how to build a clinic. The moon-washed maiden didn't know how she could help the construction; she knew that building required strength, an attribute that she didn't have.

So, the monochrome fox sat on a stump that was close to the construction site.


Word Count ➤ 544


-late to the party-


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(000) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P73REgj-3UE See this video for specifics on building techniques used.

It was a matter of minutes after the dark behemoth called out his baritone howl to any who might be of use to him in the construction of the clinic building. Among the first to show were the builders, and then two of the Lykoi brothers, one of which he had become well acquainted with over the course of his time living here. The next to show his face was an intellectual, a dark furred boy by the name of Lelouch, and then the short little healer herself, Avinalora. Lux grinned and gave a warm greeting to all those who'd arrived to aid him in this endeavor.

For a short moment, part of the male wondered if Lukos was going to show his face on the project. The pair of males had spent a lot of time together beforehand collaborating and testing out ideas that they had come up with for this undertaking. Together, the two of them had even drawn up a detailed map of what was to be done. They'd built a firing pit to turn clay into ceramic and they'd already fired a few tiles for the roof to figure out which consistency in the clay made for the sturdiest ceramic tiles. Lux had been grateful for his help, and the fact that the firing pits that they had constructed were still here made the undertaking all the more convenient.

With a rolled up parchment in hand that contained within it the rough blueprint for the clinic, the bear-dog ambled over to the silver vixen Avinalora and handed it to her. "It would make things go much more smoothly if you'd supervise, make sure everyone is doing their jobs correctly and all, since I'll be building too I can't make sure no one fucks up." The male spoke to her with a wide grin and a laugh before turning to the Lykoi boys. "You two, there are marks on the ground where the support beams need to be placed. Could ya dig some post holes a foot deep and get some logs in place? Leticia, you go get a ladder from storage, Bear, those logs over there need holes bored through where I marked, they'll support the roof." With that said, the female domestic nodded and jogged off towards the storage shed, and Lux turned to Lelouch as the others got to working their respective jobs.

"Lelouch, was it? Come with me, Avinalora you can help with this part too if you want." The rugged giant spoke before he lead the other dark furred male and the silvery vixen to his cart. It was piled high with coppery red earth, positioned a few meters behind where the structure was to be built. There were many containers full of water situated around a large fire so that they would stay warm and not freeze, and they would be refilled with fresh snow once the water ran out. "I don't know if either of you have worked with clay before, but you're both smart." the giant spoke encouragingly as he walked over to a row of mud firing pits, each containing kindling to be lit beneath a pillar of hollowed mud, as well as an overly large stack of firewood piled high beyond them, so that they would remain fueled once lit.

The firing pits were covered over top with slabs of stone, and Lux removed the slab from the closest pit and reached in, pulling out a large tile of what looked like clay, only it was hard as stone and clinked like glass when tapped. "This is what ya get when you heat up clay in hot fire for a long time. We're gonna be making the roof out of these since thatch and wood rot and don't keep water out very well." leading the Rakeeb back over to the cart, Lux grabbed a mound of red earth from his cart and brought some water over from around the fire that had previously been lit, and he poured a bit of the liquid into the clay before he began to mix the two substances until they became a firm, yet squishy consistency, which he then flattened out onto a stone, pressing the clay into a rectangular mold and adding a lip that would be used to secure the tile to the roof.

"Here." he spoke, holding the clay tile up for Lelouch and Avi to see before continuing. "There are more molds over by the cart, we're gonna have to make as many as we can today and let them dry before we fire them in those pits, but I've bot a stack of pre-dried roof tiles too, so you guys gotta put those in the firing pits after you take out the tiles I already fired, cover the tops, and light the fires underneath, alright? And when you've made a good amount of new tiles leave em by the fire to dry slow so they don't crack. Learned that one the hard way." Giving Lelouch a pat on the shoulder, Lux hoisted his massive frame back up off the ground before returning to be build sight, where the male would continue to give further instruction to those who'd put the posts up already. "Bear and Wrath, take the ladder and put up the support beams for the roof please, Greed and Leticia, we're gonna build a channel running underneath the clinic and cover it with stone and then clay. When it's cold a fire can be lit in the channel to heat up the clinic from the outside. Lukos came up with that idea, so the patients don't have to breathe in the smoke."

Then the male began lining the ground with stones that ran lengthwise across the clinic, leaving a wide space between the two lines of stone, which he then proceeded to cover with a line of wide and flat stones. Placing a paw on top of the line of stones, the male spoke up again. "This'll be the ground level, so the rest of the floor will have to be raised up with stones and then covered in clay. Alright everyone, let's do our best work, okay?" Lux asked of his team as the giant moved back to help the other heavy-weights lift the cross beams so that none of the logs for the roof would be dropped upon those working down below. It was a big undertaking, but with this many hands helping, they could do it.

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Words: 1149
Date: Feb. 23
Place: Thackary Village
Form: Optime

Lukos raked a hand through his mane, checking for any earthen bits that would remain. A little while ago the giant that he had invited to their family had an idea, and wanted the grey wolf's help in seeing it come to fruition. The only real kind of building Lukos had done for structures was with minimal repairs to his house when he first came to Anathema, and he had a lot of help then. Still, the inventive nature of the project piqued his curiosity, and of course he would help Lux after everything. They had even laid out the groundwork, from a planning standpoint. He had read about putting clay into tiles to better keep out the rain and other weather. Though seeing as this clay would need to be completely solid and not brittle, the conventional air-dry methods could not be used.

That was around the time Lukos began to experiment with making clay, trying various approached to drying it out where it could be stronger. Obviously, the first thing that came to mind was using fire for the job. Finding the clay wasn't too hard, if a little messy. The processing of making the clay into proper form was a bit of a task, having to constantly wet the stuff in order to form it and having difficulty getting the right shape down. Lux was able to build frames as molds out of sticks to get the perfect tiles, and then Lukos came across the first obstacle. After flattening out the clay and shaping it perfectly, he discovered that wet clay is indeed sticky to anything. After the slight horror of watching carefully created clay slabs be marred as he tried to scrape them off the flat stone he made them on, the wolf was sure to experiment with different substances to make it non-stick.

Meanwhile, in preparation for when he would have to properly dry them, the Atheed tried his hand at using fire. The first batch of miscreated slabs was circled around an open flame, propped up so the entire face of the clay would harden at the same time. Still, the end result wasn't satisfactory enough, being easily broken to fragile little pieces. But then, Lukos gained a moment of inspiration. A while ago Anathema had built an oven of sorts out of stone, in order to make smoked meat and the like. The general idea behind the oven was that the stone was able to keep the heat trapped inside so it could be exponentially hotter when cooking. Seeing as the fire-made clay was still stronger than what was air dried, he wondered that just maybe if he was able to increase the concentration of heat, maybe the clay could be made stronger. After relaying his idea to Lux, the two had made a small kiln near the site where Lux wanted to build the clinic. After shaping a small oven out of mud and stone, taking the design from the stone oven in the caverns, he was able to see a visible difference in how the clay was heated. Visible as in, the first time he tested it, the wet clay promptly exploded out of the uncovered kiln and all over the curious grey Anatheman. If anyone was observant in around the time this project was underway, they would notice that bits of ceramic still clung to odd places on the male's fur, where he couldn't see or reach.

Still, stuck in between the options of too hot and not enough, Lukos did the logical thing; he threw the ideas together. After drying out the clay in front of an open fire, the two then stuck the tiles down the kiln, and after a few days and a couple cases of trial and error, everything clicked into place. It was a bit disheartening to come back after a while and see that the ceramic was cracked after being left in too long, or underdone from overeager hands checking to see if it was just right. However, after some singeing of the fur, their product was complete. Even better, with all the ashes from the fires that were lit, Lukos discovered that they worked well in keeping the clay from sticking to stone without leaving as much of a trace like dirt or sand.

After his biggest contribution was cemented, the wolf took a short break that consisted of naps and being gnawed on by his young. However, upon hearing the dark builder call out for aid in the actual construction, Lukos figured he might as well see this out to the end. Rising to his paws even as one of the twins chewed on a leg, the father gently shooed him away before shifting out of his feral form and returning to his two feet. "Alright boys, I'm heading out now."

"But Daaaaaaaaad." "But Daaaaaaaaad." was their unanimous response, complaining on how they just got him back to torture play and how he was already leaving. Lukos was having none of it however, wanting to see the fruit of his efforts unfold. "No buts, I'll be back later." And with that, the male left the den to go out to see how things were coming along. He wasn't in any real rush, letting others get there before him would help gauge on how many would show up and what skills they would bring. Also, he just got up from where he was comfortably resting in the Howling Caverns and didn't feel like moving fast anytime soon.

It didn't take too long for the wolf to reach the Thackary Village though, and as he moved around the buildings he was silently pleased with how many showed to give a hand. There was Leticia and Bear, of course, but also the Lykois Wrath and Greed, the healer Avinalora, that he heard was being quite the busy body around the territory, and surprisingly Lelouch. The Rakeeb wasn't one that Lukos would've pinned to help with building, but he supposed that maybe it was some sort of way to show his willingness to assist everyone as a leader. And everyone seemed to be in full swing too, as Luperci milled about with their own assignments. Whatever the case, Lukos was so happy that this many came to help that he strolled right up to Lux and clapped him on the shoulder with a smile. "I see that everything's going well?" he grinned, still not really used to looking up in order to talk to someone. "Now that I'm here, would you like for me to help out anywhere in particular?" he asked, knowing that making the ceramics took some getting used to. It felt good to commit himself to work, to think about something else for a change.

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