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The morning of early spring was bright and cold. The chorus of birdsong was at its finest, ringing loudly from the trees surrounding and within Thackary Village. Kassius strolled along the paths toward Avinalora's home, with the intention of getting to know more of his pack mates. Not only that, he had encountered the moonwashed female prior to his acceptance into Anathema, only to learn a few weeks later that she had joined their ranks, as well.

The weeks were passing quickly, bringing Lust closer to the birth of her puppies. It weighed heavily on his mind, and in turn, he drank heavily to avoid thinking about it. Since his last encounter with the dark princess, however, his drinking had slowed considerably. He still partook of his crutch in the evenings, but consumed far less alcohol than he had prior to that day. Thus, he awoke on this bright morning with little more than a pounding headache, a vast improvement from the shakes and nausea he had been experiencing in previous weeks. Additionally, he had thought to eat and drink water before leaving the caverns, reducing the smell of alcohol which usually permeated the air around him.

Stepping up to her door, Kassius balled his paw into a fist and knocked gently. In the interest of courtesy, he stepped back from the door and awaited a response with one arm tucked idly behind his back, the other resting down at his side. His ears folded back, expressing worry that perhaps he had come calling too early, or that his presence was unwanted. But it was too late now.

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A girl sat at a small table. Spread out on the table in front of her were jars of herbs. They were small, big enough to be held in her hand. Her hand held a charcoal pen and she was starting to write the names of the herbs in the jars next to names and then scratching the number onto the jar covers.

She was small, her long legs dangling off of the chair. Her long, bushy, fox-like tail was lying on her lap since chairs apparently weren't made for the people with tails. She was skinny, her clothing hanging off of her small frame. She had a non-tapering muzzle and a narrow head. Her ears were big, dominating her head. They spring out from a mop of black hair that was pulled into a ponytail.

Her fur was silver, as silver as snow. Running down her back, from her ears to her tail was a darker saddle with black hairs. The saddle showed her jackal heritage. She had a white tail tip that was vulpine-like. She had eyes that spoke of the forest, two different shades of green. The left side was lighter than the right.

Even in the house with a small, cracking fireplace, she was still clothed because she wasn't adapted to the cold. She wore a long-sleeved shirt that was a mossy green and was oversized except for the altered neck and sleeves; the garment did go past her hips. She also wore a pair of leggings that would have covered her feet if they hadn't been altered. A wooden pendant was worn around her neck that was in the shape of a crescent moon.

The living room of the home was homey and medium-sized. A tiny kitchen was tucked in the corner but was unused. The room didn't have much furniture, other than the table and a few other small things but it was largely empty. A fur rug covered the floor in the middle of the room. And then it went up to the next level via stairs.

But there was one big thing that didn't seem to fit in. A massive wolf in Secui form was lying down on the rug, his head on his paws. He was broad-shouldered and bear-like with thick fur that only added to his bulk. He had stormy-grey fur that was cut through by scars. A claw scratch cut across his face, an x-shaped scar rested on his chest and shoulder, and an H-shaped scar sat on his haunch. Small bandages was also present on his body but they were only minor. His amber eyes were open and seemed to be resting but not sleeping.

Avinalora decided to see what she had to contribute to the clinic. She had accumulated a lot of herbs in the time she had been in Midnight Shores. She had a lot and it had taken some time to bring all of this to her new pack. And since she had a lot to spare from having gathered them from the Avalon and her own her hunts, she had a lot to give. So now the vixen was taking inventory.

Even before the fox maiden heard the knock, she could smell him. She recognized the smell, the wolf-dog scent belonged to the man, Kassius Grimm. She had met him before she had joined Anathema, and apparently before he did. But he also stunk of alcohol; she smelled it strongly because of the silver belle's sense of smell.

The storm giant raised his head as he saw the silver lady get up and answer the door. The wolf-dog stood in Optime form. She noticed the silver dog tags now that she was much closer. He wore a black cloak and was very tall. She tilted her head to look into his green eyes. Something seemed off about him, the jackal healer couldn't tell.

"I don't have a hangover remedy." The moon-washed maiden stated. She did know how to treat it, but she didn't. Hangovers were something of the victim's fault to her. They shouldn't have drank as much as they did, or maybe drink water. It would be a good lesson for anyone in her mind.

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