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A skinny figure walked out of one of the houses in Thackary. She was quite tiny, even for a jackal. She was also quite scrawny as well. She had long legs and long ears that would have made her seem like a coyote but to more trained eyes, her muzzle didn't taper. She also seemed like a fox with her long, bushy tail that almost touched the ground.

Her fur was like a piece of snow in the spring. Her fur was like moonlight which was unnatural for a jackal. She did have the grizzled saddle of a black-backed jackal, though it was a darker silver than her pelt and had black hairs scattered through it. She had black hair growing from her head. She had a single green eye.

The normally somewhat neat healer did look a bit messier than usual. Her hair wasn't up in its normal ponytail and instead went down a bit past her shoulders. The hair was a bit tangled and crazy. Her grey and white raglan was worn, though it wasn't worn under her normal leather jacket. That garment was slung over her shoulder. Both garments looked like they had been thrown aside and the shirt looked like it was put on hurriedly. Her jeans were also a bit more wrinkly than usual. Her two necklaces: the moon-shaped pendant carved out of wood and the copper moon amulet with an arrow was still worn. She walked with a cane, though she did look a little bit more happier than usual.

Avinalora never knew that love- well, love-making -would be this good. The first time was magical and every time after than was simply amazing. And her leg wasn't in pain during or afterwards which was good, too. She remembered the passion that came from the pair and the feeling. It was like a drug and the vixen was hooked.

Though, the fox maiden wouldn't venture into the waters that most would have gone into. Maelyx was her friend and she was scared to call the witch anything else. She was afraid to say that it was more than friendship and passion. She didn't want her heart to snap into pieces again. Everyone left the winter wraith in the end. Why would the Nocturne be any different?

The ghostly jackal knew that she probably smelled like sex and Maelyx. She was lucky that the village seemed empty. She padded towards the forest, hoping to get the scent off. Maybe she would shift down and roll in a patch of herbs? By now, she was probably an expert in quickly undressing. Or maybe she would soak in the stream or something and wash off her clothes? The fox-tailed female could shift into Secui and take the clothes home to dry.

The moon-washed maiden was too caught up in her own head and didn't watch her steps. She tripped over an unseen tree root, falling forwards. She managed to catch herself before she face-planted, though her jacket was on the ground. "Fucking hell." The monochrome fox said, hoping that there weren't any children around.

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