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Avinalora changing her name!

POSTED: Sun Jun 18, 2017 5:03 am

"Right from the start, I knew that I found a home for my heart"
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Avinalora paced in her bedroom, her mind in a frenzy. A lot had transpired in the last hour or so. First, she was in a good mood. And then she found out that Maelyx was pregnant with Lux's kids. That still didn't sit right with her, but she wouldn't argue against the woman's wishes. There was still worry brewing deep inside the vixen. She wanted to beg the woman not to tell the monster- giant -about the kids, but there was no telling what the children would look like. She just hoped they took after the Nocturne woman than the beast. And she feared for her lover; the hazards of childbirth were frightening.

The two jackals had argued, and then the Tuyul told the Empusa to leave. And then the ghostly jackal had confessed her true feelings for the jackal witch. That was something she'd never thought she would do. But, as she thought back to it, she should have said that long ago. But she was too afraid, too scared. She had lost so many people. Midnight Shores, her parents, Adree, Jarix, and more. She didn't want to lose her first love. But, the silver she-jackal knew that their love was something that would never leave. Her soul had been telling her something that her body and mind didn't know yet. And finally her heart listened.

And the blue-eyed woman didn't push the fox lady away. She shared her feelings with the grey-scaled girl and now they were mates. The pair didn't know when, how, or if they would announce this new development. She remembered the an she refused to call a friend's mateship ceremony and they would go through that. The two lovers would do the ceremony, the desert doctor knew it.

A lot of events changed the fox-tailed female. She lost her pack which changed her, she lost her eye which changed her, the sickness changed her, and this new development changed her. She remembered the bird that she'd read about in books. The phoenix died and came back to life. Wasn't that what the pale pixie did? She'd never considered a last name, but maybe to match her mate, she should. The moon-washed medic closed her eyes and said.

"I am Avinalora Phoenix."

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