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"The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell"
Secui | Day | Early June | AT borders

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A tiny deer-like thing padded around Anathema's borders. She was the height of an average wolf, though her legs made up most of her height. She almost seemed like a weirdly formed Lupus, though she was in Secui form. She didn't have the bulk from muscel or fur that one would have in Secui form. She had long ears that were almost too big for her head. Her head was narrow and somewhat deer-like with a muzzle that didn't taper. She had a fox-like tail that almost touched the ground. Her hand-paws were more like hands with a thumb and longer fingers.

Her fur was a a bright snowy hue hue, making her seem like a a snowy ghost in the forest. Her features were jackal-like, though she seemed like a ghost of one with her grey hues. She did have a jackal saddle, though it was a silvery-grey. Black hairs were sprinkled through her saddle and her short and spiky mane was black. Her tail tip was white, though it didn't stand out much. She had a green eye.

The normal clothing she wore wasn't present on her body. Scars marred her body, standing out from her silver fur. Four claw punctures scarred on her left shoulder. Three small scars were on her left leg, the area where her Achilles tendon was. They were older, judging by the faded look. She walked upon three legs,, her left leg tucked up. Four fresh scars ran down the left side of her face, going across where her eye used to be which was now an empty cavern. She wore two necklaces, the only mark of humanity upon her. A wooden pendant carved into the shape of a crescent moon and a copper moon-shaped amulet with an arrow and gem. A satchel was slung across her body.

Avinalora was starting to do more than hang in the clinic. She couldn't do much around Anathema because she could barely hunt or fight. However, she could sniff around the borders. If any bad guys came, she could howl for her pack mates and run. She was good at that. The vixen didn't tell Stormblade where she was going since that meant dragging around an extra two hundred pounds and she didn't need that.

The ghostly jackal sniffed around, using her keen sense of smell to sniff out any unfamiliar scents in the territory. She scent-marked every so often but mostly was sniffing. It didn't take a genius to figure out borders. She was careful with her steps because she didn't want to fall down another hole. And there was no one to pull the winter wraith out of the hole. She came to the fence and stopped, trying to figure out if she should go around it or along it.

The monochrome fox had no idea what to do. Did she mark the border inside the fence or outside it? Did she patrol inside or outside of it.

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