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A tiny figure burst into the cave room of the black and grey seamstress. She was small and tiny, almost childlike to most. She was scrawny in design; now much muscle or anything on her tiny frame. She was long-legged for her height and she seemed a bit taller due to her long ears. She had a narrow face with a non-tapering snout. She also had a long tail that was quite bushy and fox-like.

Her fur was a silvery-white like snow. She didn't bear to golden tawny hues a normal jackal would have. But, she wasn't as pure of a jackal as her features screamed. She did have a grizzled saddle, though it was a darker shade of silver than her coat. Black hairs were scattered amongst the grey hues of the saddle. Her hair was ebony and she had a white tail tip. She had a single green eye.

She was clothed in a grey and and white raglan with a black leather jacket. She also wore a pair of jeans. Two necklaces hung from her neck: a wooden crescent moon pendant and a crescent copper amulet with an arrow and a small gem. She also had a satchel.

”Haven't you ever heard of knocking?” A grey and black figure snarked from the small twin that was in her room. She wore a purple corset under a black jacket. Avinalora’s ears flattened slightly, but nothing could wipe the smile from her face. A lot had happened, and Adrian needed to know.

”My name is Avinalora Phoenix, I have a mate, and she’s expecting!” The ghostly jackal exclaimed after she closed the door, though it didn't close fully. Last night, she'd been unsure and surprised, but now she was happier than a kite. The winter wraith had a lot of things changing for her.

”Slow down,what?” The Dasa said as she got off of her bed to meet her sister. A smile broke across her face as she heard the news. She understood part of it, the ex- Midnighter’s sister had a new name and she understood “mate” and “pups”.

The fox-tailed female repeated everything she had said, but slower. As the details became even more understandable, a massive smile split the warrior’s face.

”I’m so happy for you!” The hybrid girl exclaimed before hugging the monochrome fox

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