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  • Character Name: Frisco Blackrust
  • Character Birthdate: 12 Dec 2015
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Dog
  • Is your character a Luperci?: Yes
  • Other 'Souls Characters: —
  • Are you joining a pack?: Loner
  • If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: —
  • Profile or three writing examples:
    Summer came in like a windstorm—like a sudden rain or rush of feeling. All the boons of springtime—the fragile, rooted growth, building, brightening, strengthening; shooting up in ropy cords, bitter fruits and tiny tendrils—all leading up to that one, climactic moment. The pressure of a geyser—earth's pounding headache—

    —and the sweet, balmy, putrid relief.

    Aureole could hardly stand it. The heat scorched the skin of her paw-pads, rising up in hot, furious gusts. She traveled quickly over the sand, towards the sharp scent of a borderline. Her tail fell 'round her ankles in cruel, impatient lashes.

    As she neared, the shepherd cast her scrutiny across the desert lands beyond. Visually, the place gave no discernible signs of habitation, though the smell left little to the imagination. And that was enough—it had to be. She'd no where else left to turn.

    She came to a halt at the borders, feeling that familiar tug at her heartstrings: the vague pull upon her more primal self. “Hello?" She called out. Her lips twisted down in a glower. There was something here for her—it resonated through her very bones. Aureole thought of the home she'd left, and of the first to have left it. There was nothing fateful or godly or monstrous about what called her there: only blood.

    For all her wandering, Aureole had learned precious little in the way of patience. She was a creature of purpose—her days a marked procession of coming and going, and she never stayed in one place for too long. Even once her search had ended, she'd naught to ground herself, and no home worth going back to.

    She did not expect to find permanence—not here, not anywhere. But then, hers was a wandering heart, and Aureole was just as much to blame as Joseph. A week, she promised herself. A week, and if there was nothing there to keep her, then she had no reason to stay.

    Name's Aureole Pinecliff," she stated, “You own these lands?“ Not waiting for a response, the silvery canine pressed on: “My friend Theon spoke of a pack; I’d like to join up.“ “I’m looking for my brother," she almost said, “And I’ve been looking a long time." Her bright eyes danced across the horizon—always searching.

    One day, she would find him, and she would tell him, in no uncertain terms, how little (how much) she cared. And then—


    And then?

    Joseph?" Aureole stared at the dog—her brother, the stranger—for what felt like a long time. Little hairline fractures cut into the lines of her composure, and she swallowed down something sour.

    Where the hell did you go?"

    The red sands smelled of dust and creosote. Aureole followed along the path of the burbling nile, shielding her eyes against the sun and wind.

    "A year and a half," the desert taunted. She shepherd stopped to nip at the stems of some low-lying shrubbery, mashing the flowers between her teeth and tearing out their roots. A squall was brewing inside her. Energy built and crackled behind the amber of her eyes.

    Auri out spat the pulpy mixture and tongued the bitterness at the back of her teeth. A year and a half, that's what it'd taken—and for what? The love of a brother she could no longer recognize? Joseph had found something that she clearly was never meant to be a part of.

    But as much as Aureole loathed the place—the heat and the sand and the prickle-bushes that grew along the riverbanks—her stomach flipped at the thought of leaving. Looking out to the water, she saw a face she did not recognize reflecting off of swells in the current. It was her face, but it was also her mother's, and her father's, and all her of siblings'. It was a reflection of a million lifetimes and the disjointed memories of her childhood.

    It was a face that was wrought with pain.

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