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Character Name: Addler
Character Birthdate: (Including year) 9 September, 2015
Gender: Male
Species: (If your character is a canine, add subspecies.) Wolf (25% Russian grey) (25% Eastern Timber wolf) (50% Mackenzie Valley Wolf)
Is your character a Luperci?: (Not applicable to non-canines.) Yes
Other 'Souls Characters: (List other active characters here. Not required for new members.) Luck
Are you joining a pack?: CdC
If joining a pack, are you joining IC or OOC?: OOC
Character profile or three writing examples: (Link to your character's profile OR embed three roleplaying examples. REMEMBER: the Appearance, Biography, and Personality sections should be 200+ words. If you opt to provide roleplay samples, they should be 200+ words.)
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ooc- Let the alcohol intolerance begin. Wc-211
The way that she had changed her demeanor surprised Addler, she had a level of social ability that he could never hope to reach. The mostly white female had made a joke about his comment with a joking pout.

She also obviously didn’t much care who he was as she tossed him her small flask and made room for him to sit by her, which he graciously accepted. She introduced herself as Indi with a smile as he approached, and asked him another question as he sat down next to her.

“No, didn’t even know this place existed actually.” Addler responded, “I just don’t sleep. I’m Addler by the way.”

After his introduction he took a swig of the alcohol in the flask, its strange bitter-sweet taste enveloping his mouth. His lips puckered and he shook his head as if it would somehow shake the taste from his mouth. He stuck out his tongue repeatedly and pasted the flask back to Indi.

It was surely a strange sight, but all Addler could think of was getting the taste out of his mouth. He was half tempted to run over to the steam and lap up its water. “Where did you find that?” he asked her.

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ooc- Hey, just so you know Mladic is pronounced (Mual-dic) wc- 250+

Addler couldn’t help but feel afraid of this luperci, he had tortured him for years, killed his parents and then sold him off to the highest bidder. He had been traumatized his mind and body had been conditioned to fear him, and her knew it.

The dark luperci’s smile dropped from his face as she turned to address Szenne, “And who just might you be? A friend?” he returned his sharp and steely gaze to Addler, “Or did you find a mate?”

They both sat in silence for a moment as Addler could not respond. “At any rate, please sit. I implore you. his last words were harsh implying that it was less a question and more a command.

Addler’s bobbed tail swished back and forth as he turned his gaze towards Szenne. His stormy eyes pleading with her and warned that it was not a good idea to disobey him. Despite the luperci’s age he was still a deadly force.

So, feel like introducing us white? It would be awfully rude not let me know the name of the bitch your humping would it not? The male said. As he approached Addler raised his blade up and pointed it straight at him.

“Put that down before you hurt yourself,” he said with an eye roll “I guess he won’t so allow me to introduce myself, I am James Mladic, though you can just call me father, most bitches eventually do.”

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ooc- *wink* *wink* she is just his type :P wc- 300+
The patchy female’s actions had surprised Addler. While he had heard her coming he had not expected that she would be so brash as to just out right walk up to him and sit.

“Well at least I don’t need to hide this anymore.” Addler said as he stabbed his rudimentary blade onto one of the squirrels, “If you wait a few more moments they will be done.”

During his journey he had found that a little hospitality goes a long way with strangers. Even though there wasn’t much there he would offer a little and send her along, or so he thought.

Addler prodded the fire lightly. “Only one is a mark off slavery.” He said after a while, “The other is a mark of my tribe and our beliefs,”

Addler pulled his blade out, cutting off a piece of it and turned to offer it to her. Only now did he have the chance to examine her, and he was struck by her. She was beautiful, the light of the fire glimmered brightly in her light green eyes. Her coat was well kept, and managed, and her face was a something that most could only dream about. Also the way she held herself told him she was a free and determined spirit like himself.

After she accepted the piece he wiped the blade off on his green cargo shorts and placed it back in his satchel. He didn’t think he would be having need of it. “I’m no longer a slave now though,” He continued doing his best to distract himself, “I escaped from a caravan that pasted by Casa di Cavalieri, and then they accepted me as one of their own.”

He prodded the fire too keep it from dying out before continuing, “It wasn’t even for a selfish reason, they just wanted to help me.”
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