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OOC: Hello! Have some nervous yet eager Anathemans here to pay a visit, hopefully clear up any misunderstandings and of course, share their winning smiles. If the pack wishes, the diplomats could stay for a certain amount of time, or on the other hand they'll skedaddle when asked. :3 (also Mike get's a little rambly, the important bits are the last three paragraphs) 000+ Optime | Midday | Sept. 30 | Northern SL Borders

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This wasn't exactly how he was expecting things to go. As the group that was going to tour the mainland packs, the Malpas, Bathin and himself made the decision to cut around the mountains to avoid getting too close to Inferni, in case they grew suspicious of whatever the small party's intentions were. In order to make the trek a bit easier on them, the group decided to travel on the shoreline, where it sloped with plains and fields, with prey that could be found. This path would take them along the Northumberland Strait, up through the coastline and should help avoid any questioning eyes. The Atheed didn't think that Inferni would have a problem with them coming near, but all the same drawing unwanted attention might slow them down some.

Overall, the trip was rather uneventful. Nyx was... Well, Nyx. That wasn't a bad thing at all either, especially after this past Mabon. They walked together, thought they didn't say much. He never said anything, but often times he would catch the mother glancing at him while he was turned the other way. The food they brought with them was eaten in relative silence, besides small talk with their medic Avinalora. Hearing her speak and discussing Besekel's improvements as a medic was a welcome intermission to the long quiet periods of the trip. At night, when the sea's breeze made the land colder they would sit close to each other, trying not to make things awkward as Avi slept a little ways away in a pile of clothes, with her horse Ellwyn resting with a bear pelt to cover her. If they decided to stop and forage for something for a camp fire, which some nights proved more difficult as they ran along the shores, Lukos would take a moment to gaze past the flames and look out into the waters, from where he could see it. They never came terribly close to the beaches themselves, but he could see the moonlight reflecting off of the surface of the straight, and the stars above. It was strange, that this view existed also on just the other side of the mountain range, like the other half of a world he rarely got to see, living at the foot of a mountain.

They continued on like this, neither of the leaders wanting to make direct eye contact, or even utter a word about what was happening. But he swore, swore that once or twice when he tried to catch Nyx's eyes, he saw her smiling a little. Though he could've been wrong, he was used to seeing the warrior like that. But now wasn't the time for these thoughts, not yet. They had a mission to carry out. The trio followed the shoreline, having passed ruins of towns and buildings, before coming to more open areas and finally where their route diverged from the coast. Following a path that skirted around the end of the mountain range, the wolf looked to see peaks that rose higher than the one they claimed to inhabit the caverns of. Continuing their progress south, the delegates finally found what they set out for, smelling familiar scent of the pack that was once close with the Anathemans, back when he first joined. Lukos folded his arms, mulling over what they should do next. He felt like this was the correct place, but a plan of action was best for when they arrived. They needed to know what they would say to avoid any potential, embarrassments.

Well you could always let Nyx do the talking, they probably won't take her as a threat. Just as long as they don't give reason for one. came the input of a familiar voice only the Atheed could hear, as his ears drooped at the prospect. Please don't suggest that we use the Malpas as a false sense of security. Oh, so Nuzzles is just the Malpas now, eh? That's not quite what you were saying a few nights ago when- Clearing his throat, Lukos turned to face his companions, smiling through the nerves. "So, I guess we shouldn't delay then?" Lukos cautiously approached the border, raising a howl to, politely, request the presence of their leadership.

Once that was done, Lukos turned around, looking between the two females, adjusting the contraption underneath his clothes. Really hope this is unnecessary. Really hope the Salsolans don't invalidate it's purpose by aiming for our head. And with that pleasant thought, Lukos took a few steps back away from the territory, smoothing out his coat and grabbing a piece of dried meat jerky they brought with them for food from their supplies. As glad as the wolf was for preparing food ahead of time, if the group ends up spending more time than they planned they might have to resort to hunting prey in neutral territory.

Taking his katana, that was strapped to his waist, the wolf sat down and laid it on his legs, sitting with them crossed. "Well, I'm getting comfortable in case it takes a little while. Care to join me?" he asked the both of them, smiling as he enjoyed a very minimalist picnic as he tried to not loose his remaining sanity from how agitated he was.

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The night of Mabon had been one of conflict, and then something quite the opposite later on, and Nyx, for lack of a better way to put it, was distracted. The Malphas walked between Lukos on foot and Avinalora on horse back for most of the duration of their travels, and she could not for the life of her think of anything to talk about. Amethyst eyes drifted about as the trio walked, occasionally darting up in the direction of a familiar grey furred visage, though on the occasions when their eyes happened to meet, the female would look away, whether out of embarrassment or avoidance, she could not say, but there was an objectively more pressing matter at the hands of each one of them on this expedition, and that was the very future of the pack that each of them called home.

It was apparent that the group was approaching the border of a place unknown to the pallid warrior. She had passed through this way exactly one time in her life of approximately four years, as had everyone else at least once in their coming to the area, unless of course they had arrived by boat, which was something that was entirely unfamiliar to the maid of war, the diplomat, the leader.

There were scattered scent markers here and there, indicating the presence of a border nearby, and Lukos, the designated diplomat of the group, suggested that they get a move on, and he called for leadership, the deep melancholic tune of his voice rising up into the atmosphere, and the female closed her eyes for a moment and simply listened. "W-when they come... W-w-what exactly are we g-going to say? O-oh, it's p-probably best t-to just be polite a-a-and play it by ear?" The nervous sub-leader spoke. Perhaps the first real thing of value that the snow furred fighter had said for the entire trip up to this point.

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+text table :p 700+ Optime | Midday | September | Salsola

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Avinalora remembered the northern shore of 'Souls. She remembered it well, oh too well since she had spent moons sniffing around places like Colchester Quarter, Wentworth Valley, and Alcrest Shore. She had spent much time roaming, collecting herbs, and exploring the area. She had once stood close to the water and wished her eye could make out the sight of Prince Edwards Island, the place that she had called home. It was a trip down memory lane as they went on the journey, and she had tried to hide the pangs of sorrow as she remembered the fall of the mighty Shores, the deaths of her pack mates, and the pain that had caused the vixen to go under.

The ghostly jackal had heard of Salsola, but she didn't have knowledge of it beforehand. She was more experienced with the Peninsula packs and she had connections with many. She hadn't had the best experience with Cour des Miracles after having been attacked by one of the members, Casa di Cavalieri was still a bit of sore spot for her, and she had knowledge of Inferni after having interacted with several members. She had had relations with Sapient and Krokar, but she didn't have that much of knowledge of the packs. But the woman knew little about the mysterious Thistle Kingdom. But, the fox-tailed female asked around and gleaned knowledge of the pack. And, she was quite adaptable.

The journey had been relatively uneventful for the Bathin. It was also very quiet, though the woman had tried to make small talk about her apprentice, which was the sub-leader's son. The nights were getting colder, though she had dressed warmly at night and used her extra clothes as bedding. Ellwyn was kept warm with a bear pelt that the others had thought to bring. She had helped by doing what little foraging she could do this late in the season. But she also spent some time looking out at the sea, remembering the life the ex-Midnighter had lost.

But, the silver healer had a plan that neither of the delegates knew of. She would take the opportunity to find a sire for a litter. Her beloved had cast a fertility spell on the vixen and she wanted to test it out. Her mate also was with pups now, fathered by the same man it had been before, unfortunately. But, the woman still wanted to carry a litter of her own just in case. She had always thought herself to be infertile, but it wouldn't hurt for her to try. She chose to have the pups conceived now, far way from her home because she didn't want to add another parent to the mix. It seemed a bit cruel, but it didn't really strike the moonlit jackal as wrong.

Avinalora sat on her horse, Ellwyn and looked as regal as she could. She wore a a silver dress that went down to her knees, a pair of grey leggings because it was still cold out, and a cloak that was fastened at her throat. She also wore the two necklaces that she always wore: the crescent moon pendant and the copper amulet. Her hair had grown, black tresses reaching her shoulder blades. She had styled it for once, fixing it so that the left bangs went over her left eye, shielding the scars. The winter wraith looked quite beautiful for once.

The grey-scaled doctor looked across the land border, thankful that she didn't have to cross the river. The woman disliked water, even though her first time was in a pond. But, she preferred still water over rivers. She didn't notice Lukos sitting down until he called up to them. She would rather stay on Ellwyn just in case the people of Salsola came to them. She was quite good at long-range detection and she would think that maybe they might look to the ice queen as a spokesperson, perhaps?

I would actually like to be presentable for the Salsolans. First impressions are key, you know. The moon-washed medic stated with a matter-of-fact tone. She had never been a diplomat before, though first time's the charm, right? She also had groomed herself to perfection and she would hate to ruin it. And I don't want to get mud on my dress. The monochrome fox added.

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Please allow Eve to reply next. :>

Though she suspected that the coyotes would press from the east, if they did at all, the mountains had proven time and time again places where ambush and assault were not so uncommon. The Five had picked their fights in these foothills, and hid somewhere beyond Salsola's reach just long enough to prove themselves terrible nuisances. She lacked the overhead eyes her falcon had granted, and this made Salvia wary to travel alone. Inferni knew who she was, and a well-timed arrow or ambush could do more damage than she cared to admit.

Yet there was also reason for the pair of riders to be out as they were, for hunting and patrolling could easily be one and the same. Though they had passed smaller, easier prey, the need to conserve energy was a conscious choice. Something worthwhile would be found before she felt the need to give chase.

A wolf howled from the borders, and after a moment of consideration, Salvia answered. She did not want Lokr to find his way there alone, as he seemed unwilling to adjust his habits and take company, insistent of his own ability. The fleet footed horse carried her towards the source of the summons, amid muted conversation about the ill-timing of such a thing. It was suspicious enough to make her glad for her hunting spear and dark armor she had begun wearing once more.

There was a group of them, two very small and pale, and a tall male. Salvia could make their scent out on the wind, and was doubly glad for her companion's presence. She squeezed her thighs, urging Tiger to move through the forest and make their presence known.

With her head high, Salvia all but glared at the assembly. What brings Anathema here? She asked directly, not bothering with formality.

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Hai :3 [ 396 ]

Admittedly the duties of his rank had lowered in priority to the needs of war, which had him scouting and patrolling more often than tracking and hunting. Still, he could not let the pack go hungry, especially now, so when the Boss summoned her Jagermeister to a hunt he was more than willing to oblige. In truth, a simple hunt was more than welcome in a time where all eyes were on the edge of their territory, keeping watch for empty-headed coyotes too brazen for their own good. It made everyone nervous and angry and prone to acting without much thought, and it would do them no good if he or anyone above him were to do the same.

With Midnight heavy with foal Scorpius elected to borrow his mate's horse. The lean and leggy grade mare was an easy doppelganger to his dark beaut and it made the adjustment to riding her fairly quick and simple. On the wing above them Scorpius's eagle kept sharp watch ahead of the pair, the large black raptor a godsend these days when an attack could come from anywhere and an extra set of eyes was more valuable than any measure of gold.

Their trek northward went for the most part in silence save for brief and hushed conversations on war and family, their most recent exchange interrupted by a summoning howl from the edge of the pack's newest claim. Scorpius frowned, his gaze rising skyward to catch a glimpse of Jet changing direction to investigate before settling on Salvia as she sent up her own wolfsong in response. He didn't like this, it could be an Inferni ambush disguised as a stranger seeking guidance at their border, but he could only trust in his leader's decision to investigate and provide whatever backup she needed.

Gaia fell in stride with Tiger easily enough and before long the two riders came upon the small band of travelers, their scent alone all he needed to judge their intentions, and it made the Beast's two-toned features harden moreso into his already well established frown. Salvia spoke, and Scorpius was content to let the Tigress do the talking. He had noting to say, though his bristled hackles and quivering flews spoke volumes without words. Salsola was in open war. Now was not the time to be playing the generous host to unwanted house-guests.

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OOC: Hello! 000+ Optime | Midday | Sept. 30 | Northern SL Borders

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The Atheed had barely a moment to turn around with his snack in hand when an answer rang out from deeper within the Salsolan lands, as he glanced off into the woods with a sigh. There really was no turning back now. They could, if the trio had sudden second thoughts, beat a hasty march back the way they came, but in all honesty what would be the point of that? This entire trip would've been wasted, and he was willing to bet that Salsola would look upon them kindly if they found out who played wolf-song ditch on them. Proceeding to sit down in his spot, Lukos quickly scarfed down the meal, not wanting to look too comfortable when the other leaders showed.

Propping up one leg as they waited, a melodic voice spoke to him, as Lukos had to look up at Nyx with a smile. That was just what I was thinking. Of course, we should probably state our reasons for being here at the first opportunity, just in case they don't enjoy how long-winded I can be. he said, grinning at the small warrior. He was glad to hear her speaking again, the worry that the Malpas had refused to ever speak to him again seemingly for nothing. For a moment he had the mischievous thought of teasing the mother, but swiftly decided not to push his luck.

As he gazed at the snowy female, the only one to travel horseback responded, and Lukos tilted his head to look at the Bathin. Well, I'm not suggesting we stay seated when they arrive, but I guess either way you're sitting huh? he said with a tinge of humor, observing the jackal medic. He gave a chuckle at the additional comment, patting a paw against the solid ground. Doesn't seem too muddy out today, though I could be wrong. His smile evaporated, as ears swiveled to the forest behind him. The wolf picked himself up off the ground, dusting off his clothes and adjusting his coat with the Anatheman symbol on the back. The sound of approaching hooves could be heard.

Two riders emerged from the treeline, their steeds in a slow walk as they approached. The woman sported some pretty nifty looking armor, braces and all. Kind of made him feel like his idea of a wooden breastplate concealed under clothing a bit more like a toy. And her companion did not have any armor, but instead looked like he was fully ready to pounce off his horse and try to start tearing into them. Lukos wasn't quite sure, but he didn't think they were in the wrong place. The wolf atop the grey horse spoke to them, skipping the introductions. You sure you didn't run into this one when you had those solo adventures of yours way back when? I didn't wander that far from Anathema, I was trying to pose as you remember?

Stepping in between his companions on either side, Lukos gave a curious glance to the fair woman before giving the two a polite bow. Being under new management, Anathema thought it'd be proper to introduce the new leaders, and hopefully try to improve the relation between our packs to what it once was. Though perhaps, is now a bad time? he said, giving a curious glance as yellow orbs flicked between the mounted wolves. I know that we haven't exactly kept in touch, but we mean no disrespect. the Atheed clarified, keeping a very neutral stance. He thought that if anyone, a pack that had some origins in dealing with the dark family would be more open to discussion, but apparently in his years Lukos remembered Salsola very, very wrong.

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