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MANDATORY Pack Meeting

POSTED: Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:31 pm

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Traitor, spoke the Tigress, and the world seemed to shudder.

Lokr Revlis, the one with silver blood and a black heart had betrayed them. She knew little of the man, only that her Mother had long ago spoken of his fondness for stories from the Mountain. Bane had assured her, sometimes glancing to where Basilaris was, that their loyalty lay most strongly with the Tigress. Lokr was a Prince, but a Prince meant nothing compared to the goddess ordained rule that Bane had taught her children. Salvia was chosen, she was special, she was Law and Order and that meant she was to be obeyed above all else.

Yet, Bane was gone, and only two of her brood remained.

They had went to the Outpost and never returned. Were they traitors as well? Salvia was her aunt by blood, and often she wondered if the Tigress held a grudge towards the son and daughter that seemed to pale in comparison to what had left. Misery was still Family, and though Grievous had climbed he could not compare yet to a Paladin and Cleric. Her life had been an idle fog since their disappearance but as she spoke and announced the succession Misery made a decision. She would do more, she simply had to. To be named traitor was to defy her blood, God, and Family. A mother and father could walk away but Family was forever. The few that had spoken had voiced their disdain for Lokr, but she would not waste breath on him. Instead her bright eyes sought out the dark form of Elphaba, and she raised one fist in a roman salute and bowed her head deeply in the direction of the older girl. "May Ankh bless you as you aid our glorious Tigress in her reign, Hierophant." Despite the darkness on her, Bane had assured Misery she belonged to the Lady of the Light. Elphaba's eyes spoke of the demon of the dark, Tak, and her fur of Rah'khir, the Huntress, but it was Ankh that Misery would beseech to light her way.

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Helena Troy Lykoi
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Dark words were spoken and the Family's faith in their once prince was shattered. Gasps and noises of distress and anger filled in all around her. Her Bastard laughed aloud in a most concerning way and her arm wound its way around his waist.

Her interactions with the former Lord Commander had been limited to only a few meetings, countable on one hand. The relationship to him was tremulous at best and yet all the same she had doused his image with the respect that a prince had deserved. That was gone now, replaced instead with a seething tarry ire.

"Lokr Revlis was the cause of this war."

Her children had died because of him, who had spoken about it with such seeming sympathy. Black-heart. Their death was on his hands, his and that Inferni boy. Burning eyes flicked to and fro, peering at the gathered masses to asses who was reacting how.

She watched the ascension of the new Hierophant blankly, looking without seeing; and listened to her words without truly hearing them. Words were as wind, actions spoke louder. Today and the next days she and Calla would comfort Till in his grief and maybe, if the gods were good, they would see new life take root and sprout.

"Speech". Thinking.

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Luperci Conserje, Cocinero Mate to Calla and Till

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It was not always so, but he was here today.

They all continued to play kingdom, and a bright eyed girl had stepped up and taken her fool of a father’s place. Certain bloodlines couldn’t do without a crown it seemed, and the Kimaris man pondered at Elphaba’s worth. The line of royalty in Itachi’s line had died abruptly with him – at the end of his sword. Sometimes, he still dreamt of that puzzled look of surprise and betrayal in his father’s eyes when he had run the katana through his chest. Years had passed, and slowly that memory had turned from nonchalance to something fond, nearly nostalgic.

He looked upon the Revlis – a mere girl, and wondered if she’d let her father live. Treacherous things should not be kept around – it was a sign of weakness of its own, unpleasant and bitter.

He cared not about the deeds Lokr had committed – not truly. Nor did he feel sorrow at the memory of their dead. Life was a shorter journey for the weak, and their death had ultimately proven that they were unworthy. Such were treacherous and ridiculous thoughts for a man whose daughter was a creature of laughable weakness. The Lykoi’s gaze of vivid scarlet slowly travelled to the silhouette of his golden daughter and her beloved tramp. He could swear he heard the soft song of his twin blade whenever he looked upon the Salcedo’s features.

Yet, perhaps it was time to hunt a different kind of breed. Itachi cocked his head ever so slightly as he watched the young leader find her words, blood-red gaze calm with the unnatural quiet of a viper.

While the too-young leader finished up, the Warden turned to leave. There was a shift on the wind, and he could hear the whispers of a man long dead. Itachi too had died long ago along with the silver girl that once had been his, but the Hunt brought hollow life back into aging bones. He’d always wondered if Lokr’s blood ran blue, black or ordinary – perhaps now was the time to find out.

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Coaxoch Ulrich

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The howl had been expected, but Coax had always been so bad at being ready to be in the presence of the Eyes of Salsola. He always was in the middle of something dirty when Salvia's voice rose to call to them. This time, he had been gutting yet another raccoon that had been unfortunate to cross his path as he prepared for his afternoon worship. It was unbecoming of him to show up with blood on him, but he needed to go to this meeting. There was an urgency in Salvia's voice that had called for all of Salsola. He could not be found unseen.

He was quick to abandon his post in the Blackwoods to find a quick bath at his home that he had made within the dense forest. Nephele had been near and came with water and lavender towards the bloodied male and dumped the water all on his front, drenching him with cold water that Coax shivered from. He let out a yelp of surprise at her, but he and she both knew that they had to do this quick before he was late again. Nephele scrubbed his chest and stomach and then splashed Coax once more with water before Coax shook his fur and found himself running to Korosk and mounting him for an easier ride.

They hurried along a beaten path to get to the Stone Ship as fast as the muscles of the elder Percheron could carry them both. He was breathless when he finally made it, and he easily dismounted his horse and trotted up to the area where his family stood. He assessed what he had missed, but arrived just at the tail-end of Salvia's words.

"From this day forward, Lokr Revlis is named Pentiti. He is a traitor to his people, and is to be treated as such."

Coax looked to his father, surprised at the words of the Boss, and he looked up to Elphaba, where she stood, proudly. He assumed that she was named successor of the Lord Commander's new empty spot. Coax shivered in his spot, still cold from the water that had been thrown on him. Coax shivered once more as his father let out a hearty laugh in the middle of the silence of the pack.

This was not normal for Till, and he could see the concern for the Bastard come across the faces of his mates and the rest of his family. Would this be what broke the Watcher on the Wall?

Coax only returned his eyes towards Elphaba as she spoke, promising to be a woman of Salsola. Coax tilted her ears at her and gave the woman a slight snort. "We'll see what you can do, Elphaba." thought the Wendigo as he looked at their new Heirophant.

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She had no intention of coming to this meeting or even staying in the territory long enough to know about it. But as time seemed to always happen for a reason, she was delayed, and on her way out, she heard the urgent call. The tone. She must go. There was no hint that this meeting was optional.

Her breath came out in short, quick cloud puffs as she slowed from a run to a stop just behind the crowd that gathered. The Boss, Salvia, and a pale-faced woman who she had not yet met face-to-face stood at the front of the crowd. Their scents told her leaders, but Lithia had yet to be shown any proof (with the exception of Salvia, of course). Weeding her way through the tall legs of her new pack mates, Lithia came forward to stand in a place where she had a clear line of sight to those who would speak.

Normally, she would have been in her Optime form, which her height would have given her no problem. However, she had been planning to leave for a hunt – a good, old, natural Lupus hunt. Except she was called away, attending a meeting where it would have done her more good than not to be on two legs instead of four.

A few more Salsolans – their title, her new title – arrived even after Salvia began talking. Information that wasn’t exactly relevant to her was laid out on the table – wars, treachery, and new leadership. Where one was demoted, another was promoted. Lithia recognized the gleam in the Revlis’ eye. It reminded her of the hunger that burned inside of herself – though, Lithia was not hungry for Leadership, she was hungry for power. Power was the only thing that got you anywhere. She needed it. She would need to make a name for herself somewhere.

The debauchery was all great and fine, but she knew none of these people – not yet anyway. Talk of treachery and betrayal might’ve made others gasp and bring their hands to their lips in awe; it made her blink and wonder.

When the meeting would end, Lithia would take off, intending to still perform the hunt she had originally planned before getting so rudely sidetracked.

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We're going to fix it, had been what they had said – one of them, or both of them, somewhere in that long conversation he couldn't quite fully remember.

A lot had happened since then. The war had consumed his senses. He was not sure what compelled him to defense, for it was to be expected. Salsola was strong, but this was dependent upon its members. Grievous believed this, but he believed in many things he could not always see.

After all, how strong could they really be if the work of his own hands – and O'Riley's, and Elphaba's – had undone a man who had once led them all?

Maybe it was simpler than that, he thought. Standing in the cold air, surrounded by a horde (when had the pack gotten so large, and who were all these faces he did not know by name?) of Luperci, Grievous thought very deeply about the grand conspiracy he had been drawn into. The Boss spoke, and the young woman at her side gained a new title and new power. Someone laughed an awful laugh, and only familiar tongue caught his attention enough to look for the source, but by then the spell was broken. Puppies grew impatient. A woman growled.

And his sister, big like their father now (but meatier, as Basilaris should have been had imprisonment not stolen it from him) and sounding far too much like their mother, she spoke too.

Grievous looked for O'Riley, but his cousin wasn't looking at him.

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The moment he arrived, O'Riley knew.

He might have known sooner, even, but the incident at the borders had been private and so too had the long talks which had come after. It must have been strange, he thought, for their grandmother to stop looking at someone like a child and began treating them as an equal.

Reykja had begun getting restless even as she helped him settle into the home which had belonged to her mother. The witch recognized the end of the war would allow her freedom to travel. Having spent so much time with her, O'Riley began to recognize that there were places in Salsola where his mother would not go.

She was standing next to him, tall and silent like a tree. Her behavior was poised and perfect, and conscious of it, O'Riley held himself properly. He was, after all, now among the elite of the pack. His grandfather would never be caught slouching (O'Riley glanced at the wolfdog's back, surprised by how much silver he saw) and was attentive (on the crowd, if only to glance at Salvia now and again).

His grandmother spoke, and O'Riley listened, but he didn't look at her. He was already looking at Elphaba, standing there like she belonged, and when the moment came it took all his willpower not to smile.

Everything was happening so easy (too easy, he sometimes thought).

They accepted her, by their silence or by their oaths, and O'Riley looked to the Boss.

Salvia was scanning the crowd with her eyes, and when she finished with this, made a gesture with her hand that dismissed them all.

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