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POSTED: Sat Mar 10, 2018 12:51 pm

As so often the scent of lavish meals hit the man like a brick of wall as he traversed from a world of darkness and into another existence where animals became men. Gourmet meals that Itachi hadn't been able to stomach for years. Eyes red like freshly drawn blood narrowed against the multiple dancing light sources while he stepped into the acoustic of the large room as a mere commoner among extravagance and fine fabrics.

They all tried so hard, all the time.

But it wasn’t his place to judge them, even while they in turn judged him. A look across the room revealed individuals in their finest clothing. The gilded man cared not for such, and he arrived in his own skin and the usual noir coat clad with marooned chaos stars of the legacy he’d left behind in all but name. Glitter and gold did not make a man, and so it was. He was exquisitely plain against the beauty of Salsola, and he cared not.

He turned to the Kingdom’s leadership with his silent acknowledgements of their position, though his crimson gaze turned lasting against pale and cardinal and raven hair before he turned to find the place that other thought rightful to him. He’d been in slow fall for years and it was the way of things until it was time for the circle to break and crumble. Did they share Elphaba's opinions, he wondered.

He sat, placing darkly clawed hands in his lap, willing them open and still when fingers only wanted to curl and tear. There was a rumble within his existence, but the man himself was silent like the supposed wraith he was rumoured to be.

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POSTED: Sat Mar 10, 2018 6:51 pm

Janik had found it hard not to feel at the top of the shirt that Ondine had helped him into, the man not used to wearing anything that didn't have a purpose, outside of appearances. There had been half grumbled complaints during the process, wishing all the while that he could just go as he usually was. He had deferred to the woman's judgment in the end, as he'd found himself doing a great deal after joining Salsola. The discomfort of the outfit not enough to make the man risk looking bad, not at the first Last Supper he'd attend.

The preparations of the day before had been much more bearable for the dog, even if the hunt had not gone nearly as well as he would have liked. It had been his hope to offer up a deer to impress, but by the end of the day he'd had to settle for a pair of rabbits that had strayed too far from their burrows. He'd risen even earlier than usual to finish preparing the rabbits, cutting them into mismatched strips, which he cooked over an open fire. If there had been more time, and if he'd not run out of salt during the winter months, he might have tried to showcase his ability to preserve food. Without that luxury, the cooked rabbit had ended up in one of the man's better made earthenware bowls.

He was more than a little anxious by the time he made it to the gathering, though he did a fair job of hiding it behind a mask of confidence. He offered his greetings to the leadership, along with the bowl of food offered up for the supper. If he'd had his way, his path would have been similar to Ondine's after that, sitting close to her, rather than far away as he ended up doing. He'd remembered at least that much, his low rank a hard thing to forget when it so often got in the way of what he wanted.

Once seated, Janik set about trying to pick out anyone he knew, of whom there were not many. Krios being one of the exceptions, even if the younger male didn't seem to notice him, or worse, pretended not to. So many that he would have liked to know more about, that he'd need to try and get to know.
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POSTED: Sat Mar 10, 2018 11:02 pm

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When am I, when am I

Till's road to recovery had been rough since his falling out weeks prior. He had hurt those who had been close to him, and he had been threatened by others. He destroyed a relationship strained by his chosen distance from his family, but still he found that his other children were more than supportive of the male who seemed to be losing more than he gained. Till had been truthful in many ways to Julius, and for the boy to try and start a fight with the man had been wrong in many ways. Till had also been wrong to egg the child on, but things were also rough for the Warden on the Wall. He had lost most of what he lived for, and the children were only a side product to make him feel normal in any case.

He was never to be normal compared to those of Salsola. The Peacocks and Snakes. Among them , he was an opossum. Ugly, and seen as a pest. He was beginning to see this - to know this. He could only wonder why Helena and Calla had dared become mates with him knowing that he was just an outcast, a Bastard along a Wall, a Opossum in the Trash.

Till had Dirge help him put his feathered shoulder piece as well as some of his other clothing, for he still had not felt really up to going out to the Last Supper, but he felt almost obligated at this point. He sighed lightly as he got ready, and instead of being chipper about the Last Supper, he was very down and tired looking. He sighed almost continuously and did not smile. He was too tired to pretend anymore, to pretend that he was okay, and that he wasn't tired of all of this. He looked at Dirge with the same look on his face and the youth could tell that something was very wrong with his father. Dirge touched his father's face and smiled. "Everything is gonna be ok dad. We can leave early if you want, just show up to show respect to the Mafiosi." Till never thought he would hear his son have to give him a pep talk, but it made him feel slightly better in a way, and instead of moping around the rest of the time, Till only wore a neutral look on his maw and he finished getting ready.

The two easily left after this and rode Korosk together over to the Feasting Hall.

Till and Dirge had shown up without the family, for once, and when they set eyes on the Mafiosi, Till gave a bow to both of them and then retired to his seat. He did not speak warm words like he usually did, and he did not wear a smile like he was known to. He looked gaunt and tired, like he had not slept or eaten in weeks. He was, by no means weak looking, just a bit skinnier than normal, and a bit more tired than usual. The lack of a smile showed that he did not feel particularly good, but none would know of what was really going on with Till, and that's the way he was going to keep it.

As his eyes looked upon the crowd that gathered, he found his eyes land on The Heiwa Clan, and his dark pupils become pinpricks against a sea of Kimberly Blue and Lavender.

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<"Say it again.">

Brocade was leading the pair to The Last Supper, and each of them wore their finest garments. The silver man wore his uniform proudly, leather and gold gleaming brightly against the monochrome of his pelt. The gypsy-pair had not asked him for his advice when it came to their dress - though when they had finally emerged from their rickety caravan he had nodded his head in silent approval.

<"Salvia leads us - you will see her at the head of the table with Elphaba."> He could see Jacquard blinking with recognition as Etoile toyed with the long tassels that hung from her sleeve,<"The dark one."> A smile flicked across her lips before disappearing like a roiling fog.

He remembered what it was like to begin at the bottom, stumbling out of a world of Outsiders to emerge as a member of the family. Etoile and Jacquard had spent many evenings asking questions about Salsola and its culture. Jacquard had considered the rules carefully - but Brocade could see the way his eyes had brightened at the mention of The Last Supper.

The soldier brushed away the remnants of anxiety that lingered in the pit of his stomach, and brought the pair into the hall with little ceremony.

Jacquard disappeared quickly in search of food and drink, smiling and dipping his head at the pretty women that he passed.

<"This is special," Etoile canted her head, the smattering of freckles across her cheeks standing out brightly against the darkness of her fur, <"Where do you sit?"> Her silver eyes were narrowed slightly and she made no inclination of exploring further into the large feasting hall. She had committed the ranks to memory and saw the way the wolves of Salsola disbursed themselves down the length of the table before them. Brocade grunted at her and gestured with his maw, <"There.">

Etoile nodded cooly, and with little ceremony linked her arm with his.

<"Take me to my seat.">

Brocade escorted the woman to her place before abandoning her in favor of greeting leadership - and when he kissed Elphabas hand he could feel the taste of her long after he returned to his seat.

Etoile watched, catlike - perched in her seat with her elbows resting on the table. Her plan was a slow one - but already she felt herself settling into the idea.

She pulled her scarf close so that it covered her mouth and smiled.

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pump your veins with gushing gold

The morning was hardly long enough to fit in all he had wanted to do.

Desperate, he attempted to wedge distance between himself and his family, yearning to stretch his wings and newfound individualism. To Calla, it was hardly any different, and by extension, it was easier to embrace the gap with his littermate, considering the wedge the Valentine woman had driven there in the first place. Helena, however, was not so easily distanced, and did not take well to her son's independence. Julius offered his help to her with preparations, and this time around hadn't bothered to smear any of the spices in Chester's fur, keeping docile and perhaps even pleasant, though guilted eyes roved over the red woman when he had parted ways to get ready with his Uncle Cleome.

Outfitted with an outfit with Cleome's impeccible taste, he smoothed palms over the waistcoat and examined himself closely in that mirror, slim fingers touching idly over the slim scores through his whiskers that made him grimace; Such an ugly mark, on such a beautiful face - they were healing up fine, but dark freckles marked his complexion, and were sure to make an unfavorable impression. He thanked the floral uncle of his, placed bristly little kisses on each of those cheeks, and made his way to that Great Hall, alone for once, and he puffed his slim chest as blue eyes drank in the flickering amber glow of torchlight.

People were already gathering, and among them there was a ghostly face, already there, and his heart beat a little harder, lips pulled a little thinner, and his stomach rolled over ill, before he swallowed his malcontent and went to great Salvia and Elphaba, before finding himself a seat. Eyes roved over the glamour at the table, at Brocade who had his own entourage of pretty company, trying to find the sure footing of fledgling status.

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POSTED: Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:02 pm

The settling of things into their places were an eagerly awaited occurrence. Sadness still gathered in the dark corners of her heart, the little bird fluttered further and further away from her, flying on his own. She would not let emotion rule her though and went about her tasks as though nothing were amiss. Working alongside the Heirophant and the french slave woman Helena presided over a lot of the preparations for the Last Supper, having distinguished herself at the last such event.

As such, her diligence to exquisite tastes fostered a lateness upon her, and she hurried to ready herself in a manner befitting such an ostentatious event. The tiny children were left with their watcher, Phobos looking absurd next to the much smaller babies. They were still too young to attend such an event, maybe next time.

There were many already gathered when she and Calla arrived, Till and Julius and Chester had made their own ways here she saw. The young boy dressed in new fine clothes and her lips quirked as she saw his nervousness beneath the bravado.

Together the dual mate-pair greeted the two leaders with a graceful curtsy and graciouos words and took their places amongst the table of splendor.

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Despite growing into the new armor he had made, The Bull was relegated to his "show" armor yet again for the Supper, feeling less protected and more flashy than he ever intended to be, much to the delight of the Heirophant who chose this armor for him. Granted, it sated her need to have him be more of a symbol than a bodyguard in the face of the Family (at least, in his mind), and he felt like she bothered him less about it if he just relented for that one day every two months. No amount of grumbling and grunting would change the mind of a superior, much less a client in that sense. Day by day he relented more and more on things and just let her run the show when it came to appearances. In all honesty, she was better at that — plain and simple.

The Bull was much more suited to cutting down those who opposed or sought to hurt her.

The flash of red made him all the more obvious, even if his height and bright bejeweled eyepatch did most of the work. He carefully scanned the room as he patrolled around, his single jade eye passing back and forth between different points of interest as he greeted everyone as he was expected to, if not quietly and discreetly.

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Perhaps it had been Sapient that conditioned her for this many gatherings, or perhaps she had been born for this. The sleek, elegant dress she wore to the last, she got to wear again. She had stored it away, thinking it'd be another year before she could pull it back out again and wear it, not just a few months.

She had not done an extravagant meal this time around, failing to find the motivation in such a short time from their last Last Supper. She simply brought some alcohol for the party, taking the bottles in her arms as she entered the banquet hall. First, of course, she greeted the Mafiosi, dipping her intense gaze in respect, curtsying the best she could with her arms full. Then she placed her offerings down on their proper table, and found a seat among what few friends - or perhaps acquaintances was a better word - she had made in the pack so far.


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They gathered around as they always did. Some came in pairs, or groups, or alone. Many faces looked easier with the display of wealth and performance asked of them now. The illusion of their unity – they being Salsola and the many individuals within – was one which demanded that even within their own circle there was a way in which things were done. It all promoted agreement and cast out dissent.

Family and the Law and everything which bound those two was the price of loyalty to an ideal. By this way alone they could contain the strong people and personalities who might otherwise rip each other to shreds.

The fault had been there so long it was easy to miss.

As the bodies gathered and settled, she reflected on how long the table had grown. Perhaps one day they would need reason for a grander hall, a grander table, but it had been many years now and the old stone held memories and impressions from the many hands and feet and souls which had passed through it before them. Salvia stood in the firelight as the greatest among those who remained.

It is good to see you all again so soon. As we near the end of winter a renewal approaches – in our land, our livelihoods, and our bonds. For all these reasons we come together to feast and to celebrate.

She took a moment, baiting them with her silence, and traced the many eyes staring back at her.

First, it is with great delight that we congratulate our Seer. She brings the father of her children to join us as Family and as her mate, her eyes moved to the far end of the table. Rank did not allow him to sit across from Ondine, but Janik had seemingly settled comfortably into the place. Salvia did not look at Isabella except for a brief glance, from where she then cleared her throat and continued.

This joyous partnership is not the only one to announce this night. We are pleased to announce our newest Wardens, Khael –, Salvia gestured to the pair as she named them. Katinka, and congratulate you both.

As the attention waned from these announcements, the Boss waited for focus to return to her. She looked to the tall, dark figure now seated ahead of his grandfather.

Our newest Shield Apprentice, O'Riley. Honor your Family and this position as those before you.

Her head turned further down the table.

And coming of age, Kamil, her head turned. And Julius. May you both grow to serve Salsola well.

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Beneath the sound of their many voices and footsteps, the clinking chiming clattering of clay and glass and the rustling of fine felt, wool, leather and silk, the fire spoke to Elphaba Revlis.

Crackle, sizzle, hiss, pop! The everbright spark of the flames cast garish shadows across the ground - In that world, the fine diners and splendid civilians of Salsola were long-fingered monsters, stretched grotesquely and hunched like beasts of old. It was a secret underside that lived in the dark pockets at the edges of one's vision, allowed to exist only by the brilliance of the pyres, cook-hearth spits and torches that lined the Feasting Hall.

As with her grandmother, the Hierophant greeted each guest personally as they rose to make their supplications to the Mafiosi. One by one, she kissed the offered cheeks and held the offered hands - Even those who were brusque or unwilling were giving the merciful blessing of her attention, if fleetingly, in a bowed head or a slow covetous stare.

Some her eyes lingered on - Ondine's bastard son with the bright blue eyes; Darling Neith, his handsome face a rose among thorns; The wraith of Salsola, Itachi in the flesh; The soldier Brocade and his wards, one jovial and one conservative.

Every now and again her black lips would part to show a glimmer of even pearly teeth.

Soon they were seated. The long table was set with rows of expectant eyes, a veritable rainbow of colors as bold and inquisitive as their apparel. The folk who called this kingdom home were a wildly assorted lot, of all manner of bloodlines and creeds. But the way they looked to Salvia as she spoke - with awe, reverence, sometimes adoration and sometimes fear - was what undeniably united them.

Observing this, Elphaba was reminded once more of the power of her grandmother's Law, the spine of their civilization and the brightest jewel in Salsola's crown.

Hidden behind the folds of her fine ermine half-coat, the young woman's clawed fingers traced strange shapes and sigils, over and over into the silky pale lining.

Then it was her time. Elphaba took a deep breath and felt the cold air balloon in her lungs - But not it, nor any undying winter, would ever cool the fire that burned within.

She smiled, radiant. "As Winter slowly dies, we feel the earth's vital power pulse beneath our feet - Green life comes again to our lands and holds. The birds are returning; Love returns. There is no night so long and dark that it can outlast our hope for sunrise, for Spring." The witch paused and let a suspenseful silence grow. The feeling of their watchful eyes was so powerful that her blood raced.

"To our newly weds - we commend you. Family is perhaps the most precious commodity of all that we can hope to attain; And that is why I have a surprising announcement to make, one that I never suspected I would give in this lifetime. Krios, please stand," There was a ripple of confusion that ran away from her down the length of the hall, a tidalwave of questioning and curious looks that fell ravenously upon the young man who rose from his seat.

The firelight caught brightly in his blue eyes. I have you now, Elphaba thought, her teeth bared in a lovely grin. With all the emotion she could muster, the young woman continued: "I have learned of late that the Pentiti's sins ran deeper than even I knew; Courageous Krios came to me with a tragic secret, a violent burden his family have weathered for some time. A man's greatest crimes are always against the innocent - Krios, though you were made from an unjust act, your bravery in revealing the truth to me must be commended. Citizens of Salsola," She took up a silver chalice in one hand, and held it aloft, the gilded edge gleaming and wet with red wine, "I invite you to look upon the truth - here stands before you my half-brother, Krios Revlis!"

She waited for the shock and the surprise to gather, a clamor of voices, and held out her palm till silence fell again.

"I have long prayed to our gods and ancestors to guide me; Our father was a vile traitor, in the end, and this is our challenge to overcome. Krios, I have taken on the work that he waylaid, the duty he ignored. You will take on the infidelity that he sowed, and this is how: I give to you the same gift that our venerable Boss gave to him." Her eyes swept again the crowded hall, and fell upon a new figure.

She was so small and meek there at the table, in her plain lowborn clothes, so easy to almost overlook; But not this time. "I give you a betrothed; A future wife. Kamari Kaiser, long have you battled against the stigma of your heritage. Well, little sister, that battle is finally forever over for you - You are now betrothed to a noble Family, one of Salsola's oldest. May you bring happiness to one another; May your partnership elevate both of your families; May the oncoming Spring bless your betrothal well!"

Elphaba raised her goblet high: "A toast to new beginnings, Familia Fortis Elegit!" She demanded, and only when many other cups had risen to echo the sentiment did she lift the edge to her lips and drink deeply of the wine. "Let the feasting begin!"

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