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The me that you know
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The Thistle Kingdom was strong. Prosperous. It attracted those that would do her harm like moths to flame. The Shield did their work, of course, with their regular patrols on the fringes of the territory. Salsola's extensive military apparatus was enough to make the family feel safe from threats from the covetous outside world. Andrew had seen so first hand -- how they feared and fret over threats from within. Over rumors and gossip. It was almost easy to forget there was a world out there beyond the Kingdom at all.

Yet, Andrew had been reminded. They slip through the cracks, these covetous beasts. His interest peaked after his path crossed with the Warden. They'd brought an outsider to justice and gave the Kingdom what it demanded. It was a safer place or it, and the feeling, the feeling was indescribable.

The law would be upheld.

Andrew enlisted the help of Silas to help on this errand; a patrol on the less carefully watched Pictou. It served as a natural barrier for the Kingdom, but all things were fallible. Rivers could be crossed.

It was a sweep and nothing more. It was unlikely there would be any incident, for everything seemed so calm. So untouched. After all, the Kingdom was not under attack. Everything was as it should be. Yet, Andrew carried on along the river's edge with bow slung along his back, instructing the servant to follow at his side.

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To rise and shine is so hard to do
When all the light has been taken from you

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Andrew had done well for himself in Salsola. Silas recalled the first time he had come across the coyote man, chained collar around his neck and stuck at home due to his on injury. He had been much more irratable back then, though perhaps that could be accounted for getting used to his surroundings. This seemed plausible with how the male seemed calmer and more receptive when he had come to give the other servant the blanket he had made as a gift in the winter time.

And that was not even factor into account his freedom.

Both had started around the same time, though Andrew had been the one to gain his freedom. What was even more admirable was the way he managed to easily intigrate himself into Salsola's lifestyle. Should the scarred man ever get his own freedom, he would probably feel more lost than anyone else getting such a gift. How was he meant to think or act on his own? All it had done was prove to get him into trouble or lose anything that he might have been able to gain.

The servant paced at the Serf's side, the both of them moving along the borders. He had done this sort of thing before with the Emissary, though that one was more a being in the right place at the right time rather than asking to have come along. It showed something that those above him could trust him to be along the borders. Any servant that had a strong desire to get their freedom would take the chance to run...

But there was really nothing worth running to.

Silas kept his eyes to the ground, silently padding on all fours in his optime form. His head only moved up briefly to take in any scents around the borders. They were patrolling, so it would do them well to see if anything could be brought to their attention.

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