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POSTED: Sat May 11, 2019 5:16 pm

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OOC: Backdated to a few days after Delfina's trial
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Aidan stood still and silent upon the rock which, only days before, a wolf he’d agreed to call queen, had meted out justice upon the one who had introduced him to the pack. The boulder was cold from the icy melt against which it stood, and slick as well.

The day was overcast, the clouds, brooding and threatening, gathered together to block the sunlight, turning the shallows to a dully steel grey, and making the depths that sat far below, even darker and more ominous.

When Elphaba had called the pack to her, it had been the first time Aidan had come this place, but now he returned frequently, not to mourn the death of a pack mate who had passed, it was not in him to do so, but he was here to think. This close to the falls, the Massacre male could feel the vibrations sent through the earth by the pounding, relentless waters as they cascaded over the edge. It had begun to pray on his mind that he saw no beauty in this, had never seen beauty. Doubtless there were those who would think this a majestic scene, but all Aidan saw was a potential hazard to a weaker member of a fight, and a definite advantage to the stronger.

Aidan’s time within the pack still felt brief. From what he had come to learn, this pack was brutal and could be cruel, but the Massacre male had found a form of peace here, or if not peace, then a calm. Many of the members let him be, and none had seemed inclined to attack him merely for the fact that he was quiet and looked like an easy mark, as so often had been the case when Aidan had spent his time trying to learn in the taverns. Here he had found a trainer and he had worked hard, appearing in the training circle everyday for as long as Kaeli had demanded it, and not once had he relented. Now though? With the one who had sponsored Aidan sentenced, would her decisions be questioned? How far back in time would such questions go? He was not afraid of fighting off his pack mates, or that he might face death. There was a nagging concern that he might be chased out of the lands. Of course, he would survive, he always had managed before, but there was a stirring of reluctance to leave a place he had begun to think of as home.

The wind began to gust and swirl about him, perhaps trying to push Aidan over the edge. It made his hair, which had begun to grow long, to swirl and flick about his face and shoulders, strands streaming across his eyes. It brought with it a scent as well, and as it did, Aidan turned to greet the gaze of one of the first pack members Aidan had come across when arriving in Salsola.
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Freed from the duty of guarding a madwoman, O'Riley had – perhaps predictably – rewarded himself with several days during which he rested and recovered. His wounded hand was slow to heal. Even now it restricted him to his two-legged form, and even in this he was unable to perform tasks as well as he wanted.

He went out to keep himself busy, and still found his way to the borders. Bustling and busy as Salsola remained, they had eyes upon these so frequently that his own absence could be excused. O'Riley made a point to mark the stretch along the river often, for the running water diluted their presence just-enough. Secrecy had long been a part of Salsola's calling, but the river provided more than that – it was a barrier that protected them.

Water was mercurial, though, and capable of terrible violence.

The falls had bore witness to an act of justice that had ended in a deserved ending. Delfina had killed two people, and by her own admission, was the product of a secret affair and best extinguished. O'Riley returned to the place of her death as he returned to the Waste and the mine in the mountains, as if drawn by some invisible beacon.

Someone else was there already – a reddish figure whose face said coyote in a way that made him (perhaps unfortunately) memorable.

Looking for something, Confidant? O'Riley asked, lingering on the solid ground beyond the shallows.

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As his superior stopped on the firmer ground, Aidan lowered his gaze and rather than bow, turned his head to one side, exposing his throat in a clear sign of submission. The fighter within Aidan knew how dangerous it was to remain where he stood with a potential threat nearby, but he didn’t move away from the position that only recently, the queen had occupied.

”I have found my time here…challenging.” Aidan said, and while his tone was flat, his words were sincere.

”I am told that this…” Aidan gestured to the falls ”is beautiful, but I have always struggled with beauty, or least seeing what others do.”

Aidan shifted his stance on the slippery rock, his weight flowing easily to compensate, Kaeli’s lessons serving him well.

”What I do understand is threat, conflict and survival. The carcass of the one who sponsored my entrance into this pack disappeared into this…beauty? She betrayed the pack. How many of her decisions will be brought into question?”

Aidan knew he should have left as soon as the trial was finished, but something had stopped him. It was that something which played on his mind. Salsola was brutal and it could be cruel, but Aidan had lived through far worse, and within these borders there was at least, if only a little, respect, something he had never been afforded previously. So was that it? Aidan doubted that his superior was concerned with existential struggles of a stranger, low on Salsola’s ladder.

What would happen now? Suspicion? Scrutiny? Exile? Death? It was confusing, but only the idea of being expelled elicited a twinge in his chest. The thought awoke the reactions of a pup railing against the unfairness of the world, but the voice inside was very faint and soon extinguished. What would happen, would happen, and Aidan would continue, as he had done through every event.
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