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When he found the border after hours of searching he felt himself go still. There was something about the air that surrounded him on all sides that was cool despite the heat, and while Mateo took great care to stay on the correct side of the twisting thing he felt as if somewhere beyond there was a sweet siren song which urged him onward.

He had left Ombra behind with Ruckus, for the boy had slept too long and refused to rise from his tent.

It was one of those days Mateo supposed.

The heat prevented Mateo from wearing his full regalia - and so it was that he wore a loose fitted vest with the buttons undone, a pair of trousers tucked up around his shins. There was a fresh bruise purpling on his arm from where Ruckus had hit him - but Mateo was proud that for the first time the tattooed mongrel had a mark to match.

He was getting better, slowly.

He wasn't sure what it was that he searched for, but when he finally came to a bend in the Pictou he dropped to his knees to drink deeply of the cool water. Eagerly he pooled it between his writers hands and splashed his face and neck, groaning softly as he did so.
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Optime | Salsola Borders (Pictou River) (+418)

Kamari’s scent is disguised to smell neutral and forest-y.

The heat of summer was on the rise as the season crawled ever closer to its peak days. A thick-furred wolf or shaggy-haired dog might have found the weather to be unbearable with clothing. It would leave many exposed and naked in their attempt to not overheat, or, for the less careful, it might have left them dehydrated or suffering from heat exhaustion. Finding shade and water were key to this time of year.

Cicadas hummed under the warmth of the sun, and birds sang their merry little tunes, some out in the open riding on breezes or zipping after insects. Rodents and other small fauna skittered here and there as they searched for grains, seeds, or other edible treasures to be found on the ground. A small herd of deer grazed out in the distance. Nothing out of the ordinary, well, except for the scent of an Other that lingered on the breeze.

With her shorter fur, Kamari still felt the effects of summer, though, to a lesser degree than most. Her preference for loose-fitting clothing also helped keep her cool while also hiding her figure. She wore her dark, tattered-edged cloak over a dark green tunic and charcoal pants. Leather bracers adorned her forearms, and she had her knife tucked away in the small of her back. At her hip, she had her quiver that was still full of arrows, the bow that would fire them strapped over her shoulder.

She had been returning from yet another reconnaissance sortie beyond the Kingdom’s border when she had happened upon the scent of an Outsider that had wandered too boldly where they didn’t belong. The Vedetta had altered her route, winding along the scent trail until she had found its source; a male of soft, pale, golden hues, accented by creams and saturated browns. His hair was messy and short, a notable contrast when compared to the men she often found herself accompanied by in the Kingdom.

He drank from the babbling waters of the Pictou, splashing his face and neck in an attempt to likely cool off. He drank from the Salsolan side of the river while Kamari stood where he should have been, on the opposite side of the bank, in neutral territory. “Do you realize where you are?” She asked the stranger, her voice pitched to indicate curiosity, however, there was also a chiding undertone.

To the male, she would have looked and smelt the part of another Loner.

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I will scream them loud tonight
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Between all the projects and the events going on within Salsola, the Paladin had found herself working so much more once again. It had been nothing new from the time she had found herself in this position, but now she had so many more things to balance into her schedule. With all this going on, it seemed it would still be some time before she and Grievous were to be wed.

But this worked out in her favor. It meant there would be more time and dedication to plan everything out once some of the projects had died down and the Inquisition was no longer required for the whole of Salsola. It would be special for the two of them, and she would make sure of it. It wouldn't be a hasty marriage like the one Andrew and Narcissa had seemed to put together for their own union.

They sure wasted no time in that regard.

Idrieus found her self closer towards the western borders, more closer to the Pictou River to be exact. This was not a more commonly patrolled location, most seeming to find their way closer inward to the kingdom above anything else.

Movement ahead of her had caught the dog woman's attention. There was a grayish man there, far past the borders than he should have been. The tip of her tail lashed carefully. Just as she was close to making her own approach, the Emissary had arrived on the scene. She had been the one to address the male first, questioning if he knew exactly where he was. Perhaps this would work better in their favor.

The Paladin moved to conceal herself among the nearby foliage, keeping herself ready just in case she were needed for some assistance to Kamari. The two of them could be a formidable pair when used correctly. If anyone would need muscle, and was willing to give an Outsider once chance before they regretted their decision, then it would be the two of them.

One hand moved over the grip of her rapier, watching and waiting.

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