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Alejandra Sanctus

"...I could... make you something... sometime. If you want." Though Micheal said he didn't wear clothes often, it was the least she could do to repay him for his kindness. "W-Well actually, like I said, uh, I don't have a lot of fabric right now, but... Maybe if there's something in the stores, I could, uh, you know..." She trailed off, laughing a little. She was losing what she was trying to say, the goodwill of her words overshadowed by her uncertainty. But perhaps he could see past her stuttering and know she was genuine in her offer, even if she couldn't really make good on it after all.

She wondered if his kindness was a byproduct of his position. He was broken in to be humble and submissive, but his graciousness seemed more genuine than artificial. "Oh, I..." At first she wanted to politely tell him no, for he didn't have to share anything with her if he didn't want to, but his offer was so enticing at the same time. He seemed so... sweet.

Aly could feel herself redden and she quickly glanced at the ground. "I actually would... love that. Thank you." Perhaps she would take him up on that someday.

"Y-You could, um... Teach me," she suggested without thinking, then blinked. "You know, um... How to cook. I'm not very good at it, myself... I mean, I'm alright, but... Not the best." She was trying desperately to rid herself of the stupid blush at her cheeks and was failing utterly. "I-If you're willing, of course."

Her head tilted slightly, naively; they both were young and awkward, even if they didn't recognize it in the other. But she was beginning to like the Mendicant. Alejandra smiled at him, her beam soft and warm, and she gave him a small nod. "I might... come here more often. You and Silas are... really lovely..."

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Micheal listened, stealing glances at his guest as he pretended to see to their fire, but he smiled graciously at Alejandra when she made her kind offer. The Mendicant felt himself relax a little bit, a small voice warning him that it was foolish to do so, but he couldn’t help himself, that part of Micheal hadn’t quite been crushed yet. There was no need for her to explain though, Servants getting hold of anything was tough.

”Thank you, you’re very kind, but you don’t need to worry, I survived here through last winter, I’m sure I can mange it again.”

For a moment he paused and found it hard to believe that it had almost been a year since he had been brought to this place, or had chosen this place at least. One year, how many more would there be? It seemed the thing about debt to Salsola, you could never really be sure how long it would last. How long had Silas been here? His reverie threatened to suck him into a blackhole of melancholy, so instead he focused on what Alejandra was saying.

”Of course, I’d be happy to teach you. Perhaps good meals will help you get out of here sooner.”

He smiled at her, as she complimented him and Silas, and his mind froze, unsure how to respond to her kind words. Nothing charming or clever came to mind, and realising he didn’t want the pause in the conversation to extend, Micheal blurted out.

”You’re lovely.”

Instantly he felt the prickle of his skin and pelt tightening around in him embarrassment. His throat became very dry and he did his best to swallow, but there wasn’t anything there.

” I mean…” Did he not think she was lovely? ”well..” Now she was going to think he was an idiot! He just had to say something ”What I meant was…you’re very lovely too.” Micheal wondered if he was glowing hotter than the fire right now, but he smiled shyly, and did his best to recover.

”And, it’d be nice to have you round whenever you can spare the time.”
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