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Feelings swirled since the night of the Last Supper for Urho. He wasn't a particularly emotional man, but he wasn't a heartless soldier either — something such as feelings for someone else certainly would throw his internal balance off its center. Not only that, but he was relatively new to it, at least in this sense. He couldn't have been the only one between them to have this problem, though. He hoped. He wished.

But he was part of the Family now. Surely there was someone who could help him with his predicament? Someone who could guide him as family? That was what family was for, was it not?

Of course, his thoughts turned to the first guide he had within the Thistle Kingdom.

Ondine? He had visited her home sometimes while still an Associate, but Urho had not been around in quite some time since he grew out of that rank. Knocking on the wall softly, he hoped that she was around to help. Immediately, the memory of the interesting food she had cooked before swelled in his nose and made him salivate, feeling the rumble of hunger in his gut at the same time. What great timing, he thought sarcastically to himself. Of course his stomach would interrupt a more important matter, but maybe he could attend to both at once — he was a man who liked to multitask, after all.

Urho knocked once more on the wall, just to make sure he didn't catch her sleeping either. Ondine? Are you around? Hopefully he didn't have to wander all day to find her, for his issue would likely eat at him the longer he was left to his own thoughts. Ondine would surely help him, the thought of hope motivating him and keeping his spirits up and his conflict at bay.

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Maybe all of these things made me who I am

Ondine had just been piling on a few more lengths of wood onto the fire, carefully stacking them in a neat pile. It looked almost like a bonfire in miniature. Her long multi-colored hair was piled up in a messy bun at the back of her head, strands escaping it here and there, but it was out of her face for the most part.

A meow from the bearskin rug caught her attention, the familial cat curled up lazily atop the dead animal's head had been eyeing her. "What, Antonia?" asked the woman of the cat, who merely blinked slowly, flicked her tail lazily, and turned her gaze toward the curtain door. The cat had never learned any highspeech, but having grown up with her, Ondine could understand the gist of what she wanted most of the time. This time, Ondine looked at the door and was not at all surprised when there came a knocking on the stone wall.

Dusting off her hands, she went to the curtain with a broad smile. Whoever was at the entry knocked a second time. She knew that voice and she happily pulled back the curtain with a flourish. "Urho! Did you hear I was going to be cooking?" she teased lightly, securing the curtain back in the length of cord. Smoke was beginning to billow out of the firepit and she hurried to long wooden rods that lifted up a foot or two to open the tarp that was the house's roof. She struggled for a moment, her short height a distinct disadvantage. Usually Lillith helped open the roof but she was not there at that moment.

Sheepishly, the Heiwa looked to her guest. "Do you mind?" she asked, gesturing to the rod in her hand and the notch a little out of her reach.

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