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Any feelings of infirmity terrified Bayani to his very core.

The past several days he had slept far beyond the rising of the sun; Primrose thought that he was just particularly exhausted due to the weather and his attempts to appear socially adept and highly presentable around Salsola. But the wolfdog had his doubts. His breaths did not pass his throat without a feeling of heaviness, and his sense of smell was inconsistent. While in reality, his minor symptoms were most likely due to the quick-moving and fleeting viruses that the cold months often bring, Bayani's thoughts went to his mother. A painful tear at his heartstrings, he tried to forget Edith. But she would not leave him, no matter how hard Bayani may try. Instead of depressive memories of her soft hands on his face or warm arms enveloping his childish form, he could only see her coughing. Coughing until she could not breathe, and absent of an exhale until her heart ceased to beat. Hissing with the unwelcome thoughts, the young male stood and abruptly left the home he shared with his sister, not even ceasing his strides to tell Rose where he was going. To look at her lovely doggish face that so resembled their mother's would send him more permanently into a dark place he did not want to visit. He was unusually susceptible to the wretchedly weak emotions that he had become to skillful at eliminating. The frozen burn of cold air on his throat would snap him from the nostalgic images.

He hadn't even stopped to grab his thick coat, and now he mildly regretted it. Exhaling in a thick white cloud of breath, Bayani pulled his black sleeves further down his blue-patterned arms and stalked through the white wasteland of snow in the direction of the Ruins. His feet crunched with each press against the solidified, frosty surface of the ground, and the noise grated on the thief's ears. It took him a long time of walking before he realized the direction that his body was unwittingly taking him. With Syringa's house now within sight, he sharply curved to the right and pulled himself deeper into the crumbles of the ruins, away from the siren. He would not bother her with his weak cries for intimacy to distract his mind. Bayani unsuccessfully wandered the heart of the kingdom in pursuit of some unforeseeable purpose before growling angrily in the depths of his chest and sitting without his usual grace on a set of stone steps that lead to nowhere. The man rolled his mother's pendant up and down its chain repetitively as he attempted- unsuccessfully- to dissolve his thoughts into basic sensations of the cold that now gripped his extremities.

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