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The attacks had caused Bayani to spend more time with Rose.

She'd gotten herself into far too much trouble in his absence. She'd nearly died twice, and each time Bayani found it hard to keep his normally level-headed temperament from reaching new heights. Primrose was not to be within ten miles of the borders, and Bayani was to enforce the guideline. He may not have been a master tracker, but he could follow a scent. And his sister had yet to learn how to disguise her scent, as far as he was aware, and so he was confident in his ability to keep her close. Should he lose her, the mottled dog was not certain what would ensue. Nothing good. Nothing that he was willing to think of, because it could only be fragile emotions teeming with instability. He would not lose Rose, too. The gentle angel that reminded him so fondly of his mother but also so fondly of the little things that remained good and worthwhile in this land in which he traversed. Rose could not hover near the borders, for fear of the strange intruders marring her pretty unmarked form. Not even Bayani had a desire to stray near such events; he was only an apprentice with knife combat, and would have little ability to defend himself. And given the reports that now crowded the normal whisperings of the thistle kingdom, these unwelcome loners would not play games with whoever they encountered.

Unsettled in his house, with Primrose and Strawberry attempting to busy themselves with cleaning or learning, Bayani left. He went to Syringa for a task, and what she suggested peaked his interest. He attempted to keep all of his expressions under lock and key, however, when with the temptress, and so he disclosed only vague acceptance and walked with her towards the east. Little conversation ensued, but it was not exactly an uncomfortable silence. Nor was it pleasant- the relationship between Bayani's sponsor and himself seemed flaccid as well as cordial, when sultry smiles and dangerously flirtatious words were not part of the mix. Such gestures were only superficial and held little weight, and meant nothing for their companionship on a friendly level. Bayani was not even certain he could consider Syringa a friend. He was unfruitful in trying to put a label on what the ice-eyed Arbiter was to him before their arrival at the destination.

The Salsolan stared with vague surprise at the portion of oak-wood door that stood before them, unable to remember ever seeing it before. He had passed by this specific area before, but the lump of land had always been insignificant to him. Bayani was slightly disappointed at his lack of attention to detail. I was expecting something with more flair. The Family member glanced towards Syringa, in reference to the dodgy appearance of the entrance to Salsola's entire pack storage. Of course, it was the kingdom of secrecy, but the male had expected Salsola to be a little more structured or cocky in the presentation of their wealth.


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