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Leadership: Elphaba Revlis, O'Riley Eternity
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Salsola's small claim is neatly tucked into an isolated peninsula jutting from Drifter Bay. Surrounded by the Bay of Fundy, the pack enjoys coastal terrain and inland grass plains. The pack utilizes the Pictou River as its eastern edge, preferring to keep its borders well-patrolled and free of all outsiders. A thick swath of pine and deciduous forest surrounds both the Millstone Village and the western coast.
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Salsola Information Portal

Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:26 am

Salsola Information Portal

  • Interested in joining us? For a basic overview of Salsola, see the Active Pack Summary.
  • Take a look at our Pack Wiki for extra information and recent character updates.
  • See Game Stats for our statistics.
  • Be sure to check out our website — our Rank information might be especially helpful!
  • If you have any questions, don't be afraid to PM the leadership <3
Display Information

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The Boss Elphaba Revlis Witch
The Erilaz O'Riley Eternity Informatore
Sotto Capo
The Crone The Director The Gamekeeper The Ambassador
Loki Helsi Collettore & Vedetto
Faction Tiers




Cleric Emissary Jagermeister Bursar
Scorpius D’Angelo Cazador & Veleno Mate to Serene Eternity
Alchemist Paladin Admiral Partisan
Idrieus Eternity
Seer Enforcer Shepherd Quartermaster
Ondine Heiwa Curandera Mate to Janik
Bard Striker Equinest Proctor
Acolyte Guardian Beleaguer Treasurer
The Apprentices
Brocade Valentine Vedetto & Milite Kamari Kaiser Sapienza & Vedetta Neith Heiwa
Krios Revlis Vedetto & Milite
Inner Ring
The Arbiters The Henchmen
Helena Troy Lykoi Conserje Mate to Calla and Till Grievous Eternity
Calla Valentine Witch Mate to Helena and Till
The Wardens
Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi Witch Mate to Calla and Helena Khael Mwinyi Lykoi Mate to Katinka Katinka Holt Mate to Khael
Isabella Heiwa
Central Ring
The Tradesmen
Itachi Lykoi Milite Vesta Nickodemus Sparhawk
Cleome Valentine Indra Winters Milite Plague D'Angelo
The Confidants
Kaeli Blacksun Ankh D'Aabt Igor Kotovo
Bogdan Kotovo Serene Eternity Mate to Scorpius Mirte Haumann
The Family
Coaxoch Janik Mate to Ondine Lithia Napier
Absolution D'Angelo Duncan de le Poer Vedetto Trident Collins Interrogante
Emmett de le Poer Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich Priya Ulrich-Lykoi
The Bull PepsiCola Sari Belgrave
June Belgrave Julius Valentine Jacquard Lefevre
Thora Connolly Chester Valentine
Solace D'Angelo Kjell Rask Embla Soul
Mekhl Valentine Garsea Heiwa Victoire Heiwa
Sidious Eternity Senua D'Angelo Stelmaria Troy Valentine
Outer Ring
The Associates
Maelyx Nocturne Jaketta Einar-Nocturne Julia
The Serfs
Phobos Erebos
Corrine Pauva
Indentured Servants
Helena Troy Lykoi Sebastien Stone
Cleome Valentine Amalthea
Coaxoch Nephele
Lithia Napier Totem
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Re: Salsola Information Portal

Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:48 am

Co-Ranks (Jobs)
  • Jobs Information · Claim a Job
  • Hover over names for job description
  • Italicized title indicates that the job is a Fluid Job - one made by a player specifically for their character.
Domestic Defense Depository
Witch (unlimited) Cavalleria (x5) Artesano (unlimited)
Till, Elphaba, Calla, --, -- --, --, --, --, -- --, --, --
Ancella (x3) Informatore (x2) Cazador (x5)
--, --, -- O'Riley, -- Scorpius, --, --, --, --
Creatore (x1) Interrogante (x1) Conserje (x1)
-- Trident Helena
Curandero (x3) Mercante (x3) Mietitore (x1)
Ondine, --, -- --, --, -- --
Reclutador (x2) Milite (x5) Pescador (x3)
--, -- Itachi, Krios, Indra, Brocade, -- --, --, --
Segno (x1) Sapienza (x1) Signorino (x1)
-- Kamari --
Chiromante (x1) Vedetto (x5) Vaquero (x3)
-- Loki, Duncan, Brocade, Kamari, Krios --, --, --
Profumiere (x1) Collettore (x2) Boticario (x1)
-- Loki, -- --
Costurera (x1) Veleno (x1) Libro Guardiano (x1)
-- Scorpius --
Cocinero (x1) FLUID JOB Mandriano (x1)
-- -- --
-- -- --
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Re: Salsola Information Portal

Sun Oct 12, 2014 9:49 am

See our website for complete information.
Game Scores
Scorpius D'Angelo 1640 180 start PMed to Alaine
Lithia Napier 783 830 points transferred from Sapient, -50 residence purchase
Kamari Kaiser 644 816 points transferred from Heine, -700 perm icon, -50 residence purchase
Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi 479 -150 points for personal slave (x2)
Duncan de le Poer 417 +75 for Adoption, -50 for Residence
Idrieus 379 -50 for residence
Brocade Valentine 312 all points transferred from Hyacinth
Elphaba Revlis 266 -50 for residence, points transferred from Lokr
Absolution D'Angelo 174 -50 for residence, points transferred from Plague
Cleome Valentine 162 +75 adoption points, +10 NPC directory points, -50 residence, -150 personal slave
Indra Winters 148 points transferred from Osrath
Misery Eternity 104 -50 for residence Bane, -50 for residence Eventide, all points transferred from Bane
Ondine Heiwa 77 -600 for title
O'Riley Eternity 32 -50 for residence, transferred from Salvia
Neith Heiwa 25 +75 adoption, -50 residence
Calla Valentine 21 +75 adoption, -50 residence, -150 slave purchase
Violeta Rose 191 226 from Anathema; -50 for residence
Thora Connolly 99 notes go here
Elektra Trombetta 57 -50 for Residence
Weaver Valentine 33 -50 for residence, -550 for Salsola ring icon
Isa Rietveld 6 notes go here
Quicksilver Lykoi 348 -50 for residence
Bayani Grimm 18 -50 for residence
Osrath Eternity 148 -50 for residence, -150 for slave, +1041 from transfer JAN04
Syringa D'Angelo 0 -50 for residence, -150 for slave, +253 points transfer from 'Alistair Callow-Knight' -700 points permanent icon purchase
June Belgrave 111 +75 adopt points
Elody Lykoi 75 -50 for residence, -150 personal slave
Primrose Grimm 43 -50 for Residence
Emmett de le Poer 88 + 75 adopt
Abeni 155 +75 adopt
Rafael Salcedo 30 -50 for Residence
Plague D'Angelo 133 +75 points adoption -50 residence
Cinareae Eternity 154 +75 points adoption
Urho Rask 203 hidden stuff here
Pisces D'Angelo 0 -50 for Residence, -269 transfer to Stjarna
Hyacinth Silevue 0 - 50 points residence, - all points moved to Brocade
Saghani Frostfire 34 hidden stuff goes here
Isabella Heiwa 0 -50 for residence, -150 for slave, -200 title change, -600 title, -132 transfer to Ondine
Bellatrix D'Angelo 162 --50 for residence -50 for residence move
Lillith Trombetta 1399 + 1704 from transfer 30JAN, -700 custom icon
Siv Helsi 585 -50 for residence, -50 for slave
Ankh D'Aabt 22 -150 for Slave
Azucena Lykoi 561
Delphinium D'Angelo 303
Sol D'Aabt 25 +75 adoptable, -50 residence
Aedan de Valence 0 -- 477 from ND, -477 to Claire de Valence
Hugleikr Silfr 318
Ataxia D'Angelo 392 -- 50 for residence
Bastion Hallow 0 --50 for residence ,-108 points moved to Hugleikr Silfr
Pandemic D'Angelo 15
Liliya Russo 319
Kiki 135 -50 for residence
Janos Russo (MIK) 15
Magnolia Takekuro 253 -50 for residence
Foxglove Monroe 180 -50 for residence
Denver Mathis 49 -50 for residence
Wander 15
Imhotep Aabt 35
Tyko Amini 38
Lily Storm Revlis 935 120 from IF; 632 from IF; -50 for residence
Locke Salvato 402 -- 392 from CdA
Yi TaeKyung 641
Loki Jade Lykoi 447
Harrow D'Angelo 0 --50 for residence, -95 transfer to Ondine
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