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Wandering was becoming a natural state for the pair; Naji always in front with that carefully set expression of hers and Mateo following behind. The pale boy had asked the Bedouin to escort him North, away from the friendly camp which Tiamat and Rahab had set up for them in Seabreeze brink. There were others now that were joining them; Freyja and Cedrus had found them and begun to settle into the nomadic lifestyle that leaving the ship had offered them.

They each scouted as much as possible, inspecting and documenting the lay of the land. Mateo was no cartographer, but his notebook was filled with ample sketches of the forests and mountains that they passed through. He thought often of his family, and sometimes their solemn faces decorated corners of his pages. Lilia was a bright beacon with surly Rafael - and he wondered where it was in this great land that they had found homes. Salvador had always spoken fondly of his brother - and Lilia... well Lilia had always been his favorite.

She was bright and open - so unlike her darker sisters.

Mateo longed to find her, and so when they had found remnants of her scent he had forced Naji from their original path with a whooping shout - his horse spinning as he reset their course.

The boy knew nothing of the Thistle Kingdom that had claimed his sister and naively followed the Pictou River - ignorant of potential traps and spying eyes.

Naji was cautious, her bow drawn from astride Qima as her horse plodded along behind him - its own ears flicking to and fro nervously.

Mateo came from a place that knew nothing of boundaries or feuding factions - and in this way he was naive and too innocent.

She called to him, "Mateo we must be careful." He glanced at her over his shoulder, "But I smelt her Naji - she is here somewhere!"

"Just because she lives here does not mean we will be welcome."

Something snapped in a nearby tree and the woman tensed, nocking an arrow which she pointed into the trees.

"Be quiet Mateo."

Mateo is looking for Lilia - but can be chased away/questioned/made fun of <3 WHATEVER YOU WANT!

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She was no vedetto, and yet found herself regularly patrolling the borders in spite of this. It might have made sense to become one, but Indra lacked the desire to take on further responsibility.

Atop her unremarkable brown horse the odd-eyed soldier - with one eye winking with grey starlight, the other rainwashed mint - she wore a cloak that masked the outline of her sword; her nature, however, her ability to inflict violence, was betrayed by the bow she held to her lap while she rode.

They moved at a slow clip along the southern border on Salsola's side of the river, appearing and disappearing among the trees. She wore her raven's foot pendant now in remembrance rather than grief, though she persevered toward a resolution. It was strange to think of herself as a pioneer for justice considering all the time and effort she put into avoiding it herself.

In the end it was a pair of voices and the smell of multiple horses drew her closer to the river.

Long before she appeared, she'd fitted an arrow to her bow.

Raising her weapon she emerged from the grey-green shadows of an overcast day with her weapon drawn, pointedly picking out the exposed spots on the woman's body.

Lower your weapon, Indra instructed her with a quiet, deadly assurance.

She thought about calling for another member of the milite - or even one of their scouts - having received no advance warning from neighboring packs of a visit.

I won't tell you twice.

Some part of her suspected that it wouldn't matter, in the end. Having come armed, they must have expected violence. She wasn't sure whether she looked forward to these encounters anymore, for the outlet they offered was one of few outcomes.

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Mateo went silent at Naji's warning, straightening his shoulders from atop Ombras back. He peered into the trees curiously as Naji curled her lips, her eyes fiercely searching the shadows for any threat. The desert was a place where the Bedouin people exposed themselves to the salient sun each day as it made its careful arc across a cloud-free sky. It was difficult to creep on a Bedouin - for they had hawks and eagle-eyed scouts prepared... but deeper than that they were a peaceful people. There was no need for brutality when you could see forever into the rolling dunes.

It was difficult for secrets to cultivate in such an open place, though sometimes they were able to fester in the temporary darkness that came with the frigid night of the desert.

Mateo knew nothing but the court - though it had come with its own dangers. He had heard stories of spies and feuding families - of wars and quiet clandestine affairs... but he had allowed a careful distance to build between himself and all that his father held dear. Mateo was intrigued by the power of words and fanciful song, not the falseness that came with staged interactions. He remembered Maribel and Rita tittering together one night before the court as they had planned to stumble into a particular member of the Robles Household.

They had been so sure that their meeting would change their lives.

He thought of Tiamat and sighed.

Naji forced him to carry a small dagger concealed against his hip lest they were ever separated, but suddenly he was all too aware of the small blades weight against him. The woman appeared every ounce a warrior seated atop Qima, and Mateo attempted to emulate her by resting his hand against his dagger in preparation for whatever it was that was to come. Naji tipped her head into the breeze, nostrils flaring.

The voice caught them both by surprise.

The woman that slid through the trees was beautiful like new snow and just as cold. Her arrow was pointed at Naji, and the Jackal woman bared her teeth as Qima whinnied nervously beneath her. Both women stared at one another for a painfully silent moment before Naji lowered her weapon, allowing it to rest against her leg. "As you wish." Mateo was pressing his horse to stand alongside Naji, and he leaned curiously to inspect the woman who glared at them from the trees.

"We are looking for someone," Mateos brows were rising slowly, his empty hands held carefully in view above the horses saddle.

"Mateo-" Naji was growling softly, assessing, "Maybe you have seen her?"

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