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I loved you with the fire red
Now it's turning blue

Dissonance ravaged a household previously cemented in united strength. The Bastard wilted like an overripe fruit and the Witch retreated internally to her own devices, consumed by the arcane substances. Leaving just the Red Woman to care for the children, to give discipline, to provide. Ergophobia consumed the two and Helena seethed inside, she would not allow her reputation to suffer for their failures, for anyone's incompetence.

Within the midst of the Last Supper preparations there were other things she also prepared - sending the slave man to capture what she needed. She took a trip herself, to the abode of the Crone, and pleasantly engaged him in questions and queries. At the end of it all she walked away with what she had sought and the Crone gained exactly what he wanted too, leaving Helena's pockets lighter.

From behind the few clouds to obscure the sky, a bright, icy moon peered and illuminated the Arbiter's path back to her Tower. Her cloak whisked through the dew soaked grass and blossomed about herself as she opened up the door with a clatter, face closed off and severe.

"Chester, you will watch zhe children." The ginger haired youth nodded, face scrunched curiously but she elaborate no further, turning the burning gaze onto the thin form of Julius and she jerked her head sharply,

"Come with me."

Without words, the silence a heavy weighing drag, she led the boy from their Tower and into the bleak grasp of the Blackwoods.

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pump your veins with gushing gold

Julius had desperately wanted to go with Helena on her trip to go see the Crone, still ever so fascinated with the man and his (grieving, broken) family. He had idly wondered over Embla, her cloudy eyes, and found himself missing those sunshine irises and wondering if he were allowed to play with her again, though the idea was quickly discarded when he was reminded of those ugly little marks on his face, that he fretted over nigh constantly since coming home.

Any sense of self confidence had been temporarily shattered, and even Chester was given reprieve from the constant bullying. He busied himself by trying to help out where his mother had needed him most with food preparation, easier to work with now that he had hands. Idly he hummed staccato notes as he sniffed and tested spices to distract a fretting mind. The door had opened, and Julius abruptly abandoned senseless tasks to investigate, staring wide-eyed at the stern look of Helena who barked her direction and beckoned that he come with her.

Julius's heart found its way into his throat, drumming away as his ears and head hung low, his steps quick and light as he moved to answer her demand - was she angry? She had looked angry. Was Till right after all, and he was to be culled? From the corner of his eye, he thought he saw a smile on her lips, but he refused to be so certain in himself, and his tongue dragged against the lines that carved through his whiskers.

"What are we doing?" the young Valentine cautioned.

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