A long drawn out task


POSTED: Fri Mar 16, 2018 1:56 am

OOC: Basically Janik playing with bricks, in the pine barrens kind of close to the river, ambiguous day


Janik made his way through the pine barrens, following landmarks that had grown familiar from seeing them numerous times. Time that he was not hunting, or attempting to spend more time with Ondine, had been set aside to start gathering bricks from Amherst down by where he intended to make a new kiln. It had been his skill with clay that Janik guessed had given him the chance to join Salsola, and he intended to be ready for when spring came.

With only some of his time dedicated to the task, the dog doubted that he'd finish for another week or two, even with an quite a few trips already made. A sigh slipped from him when he finally reached where he was going, tired from the trip that had started the previous evening, and ended with the sun starting to creep toward the horizon once again, already obscured quite a bit by tree cover. When night fell, he'd long for the pelt that he'd not brought, wanting more room within his well worn pack for bricks, especially when he had only his fur to keep the chill at bay.

With still a few hours of daylight left, Janik opted to begin testing how best to assemble the base of what would eventually be a kiln. It was always trial and error when he'd needed to make a new one, but experience felt like it made more obvious where to place each reddish brick that found it's way into the crouched man's hand. Even without clay in front of him to mold, the act of preparing for it was enough to brighten what little day remained, his craft only recently pushed off of it's pedestal by family.

Normally, he'd have been alert, listening for someone's approach, but he was no longer a loner, and enough time had passed that he had actually started to believe that he was safe within the borders of his new home.
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