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I'm greater than this home

Fri Sep 06, 2019 10:23 pm

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So much time had been spent in Salsola, doing what he could with not only the information he held, but what experience he held when it came to the horses. He had been doing his best to make sure to stop by where the communal ones were being kept, tending to their care as well as their own personal upkeep. He had not quite gotten to the point where he was out riding them, partly because there was little purpose in doing so.

Once he figured out what horses needed which kind of riding training, then he would be able to start working in that department as well.

Given that there seemed to be little work that needed to be done, and he was not looking toward having another encounter with the dark woman that was rising to take on the same skills that he had, he had taken to his own steed. The mare had gotten quite the break with him spending much of his time focused on other things, leaving her to roam around the home he had claimed in Millstone.

Now that he was part of the Family, he did have the option of moving into a home somewhere in the Ruins. Perhaps he might see to doing so, if he could find one that was more isolated than the others. Though it would do well to be where the gossip was, to hear what was going on, he could barely tolerate the hound and his roommate living next door. He didn't need anyone around him to get what he wanted.

Moving up onto the horse's back, he pushed her away from the small village towards the northern borders, not quite going to the same speed he had when he came across the Emissary, but still with enough speed. This was something much more relaxed than normal.

Re: I'm greater than this home

Sun Sep 08, 2019 9:56 pm

Coaxoch Ulrich
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Coaxoch still was having some trouble with keeping Nightmare from harassing Coaxoch's cat, now that the young colt had become an elegant stallion. The beast was named aptly, for he was a Nightmare for Coaxoch to deal with at times, and this day, like many others, had been spent with Coaxoch chasing the stallion and snapping at it because of the beasts' stubborn nature. It was awful that he had been raised with his mother, for Nightmare often acted exactly like Jun had, and even though she had been gentle with Nephele, it had seemed that Jun had not liked many of the luperci that came across her. It was not favorable for the stallion to act the same way, and even though sometimes he was cordial with Coaxoch, it also came with a price. Often, it was food, but other times, there was no satisfying the young stallion.

It had been rare for Coaxoch to take his lupine form, even if it was his halfling form because of his stump being completely vulnerable to the elements. Coaxoch had only been in his halfling form to punish the horse for chasing Ixion away when he had very important work to do, making the feline frightened for his life because of the volatile nature of the stallion and how he did not like to back down. He snapped at the heels of the creature and once the stallion actually ran off, Coaxoch stopped in his tracks and shifted back up to his Optime form. To his surprise, by the time he finished shifting back up, the stallion had not come back, and Coaxoch found himself needing to go on a chase to find out where the young stallion ran off to.

That stupid horse. he muttered as he prepared himself quickly with his loincloth and wolf skin, and chased off after the horse on foot off to he South, where the young stallion bolted off to.

The young stallion galloped freely to the south, and he had well cleared the vastness of the Blackwoods, and he found himself heading off towards Grimrun, where his mother often was stabled. Maybe he could get a snack there from the Salsolans who would wonder where he had come from. That sounded like a good idea to the stallion. The stallion had come across the Apple orchard, and found himself distracted by the promise of a crispy apple, and so he lingered there. He didn't care how long it took for Coaxoch to get there, Unworried, the stallion grabbed at an apple that hung low on one of the trees.

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Re: I'm greater than this home

Fri Sep 27, 2019 9:27 am

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Ossidael didn't pay much attention to the area around him, save for the foilage where he would need to manuver his own mare to make sure the two of them didn't go crashing into anything. There wasn't much else going on that seemed to catch his mind, nor anything he really seemed like he should concern himself with. No one seemed to care of his help or attention, and why should they?

He held his biases close, and if they could not accept the kind of man that he was, then there was no point in trying to change their mind. He knew in his own head that they were wrong.

Riding from Millstone had brought the pair closer to the Apple Orchard and the two stables that held the communal horses. Given how much time had passed, even with his rank remaining as pitifully low as it was, he had the option of working with these animals, yet he had chosen not to. It was a foolish decision on his part, but he needed to find a purpose of working with them. What could he gain by doing so that wasn't already being worked on?

And something he could do without having to entertain someone else?

Golden gaze narrowed as Kasmut drew even closer, though they picked out the sign of a stallion, hanging around the orchard. What was curious was the fact that it seemed to be alone. Any other animal was kept in a stall or close to one's home if it did belong to someone. Either this was a wild horse that had managed to somehow get very far in Salsola without being noticed, or it belonged to someone that didn't seem to have the understanding of how to keep it behaved.

Slowing Kasmut down, the copper jackal began to make his approach towards the horse, eyes narrowed as he sat tall on the mare's back. Whomever its owner might not be good with these animals, but he was.

Re: I'm greater than this home

Sun Oct 06, 2019 4:38 pm

Coaxoch Ulrich
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The stallion lifted his head up as the sound of a mare had come into his ears, and when he lifted his head to look, his brown eyes found that she was with a rider. He snorted in the air as he looked at the two and nickered softly. Nightmare had not seen the rider before now, a small, russet colored man with bright eyes like gold coins. His short, multi-colored tail flicked lightly as he stood there and continued to scent the air, and be on guard as the mare and her rider had pushed closer to him. When they started to get too close, his ears flipped back and he whinnied loudly at the approaching beasts, a loud threat towards them as he reared back on his hind legs for a few seconds, and once his front legs came back down to the earth, he stepped back, unsure if he should run off again or investigate the being further.

Coaxoch had finally come upon the Apple Orchard when he heard the stallion give out a loud whinny towards whatever was bothering him. The man had rushed towards the sound, and when he had come across the horse, he had started to walk backwards and he almost ran into Coaxoch if the man had not moved in time. Coaxoch huffed as he looked at the stallion and when the horse finally looked back at him, he looked sternly at the horse and grabbed at his semi-long mane. Nightmare, stop acting like a jerk. he scolded the horse as he looked at him, and then the male with the mare. This glance over to them gave Nightmare enough time to turn his head and nip at Coaxoch's hand, which did make him let the horse's mane go, but he quickly grabbed back onto it before the horse got away again. He sighed angrily and gave a warning growl to the beast before he tried to look and address the other male.

Sorry if he scared you - he spoke and looked at the expression on the other male's face. The Warden noticed that the male did not seem to be distressed so he looked at his features, and noticed that he was a jackal. He didn't let his normal friendly smile pass his face, and he thought to just walk away, but he found that to be a bit too rude, so he simply looked at the unknown male. Coaxoch scented the air to identify the male, but still came to no conclusions.

I am Coaxoch Ulrich, a Warden. I do not think I have seen you around before.. he told the other, introducing himself and naming his rank. He wondered who this male was, and where he had come from.

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Re: I'm greater than this home

Wed Oct 09, 2019 1:04 pm

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Ossidael gave very little for the stallion to work with, remaining on the back of Kasmut even as it was giving its own reaction to his presence. He had not moved, as was normal for the man even when he wasn't out riding, eyes focused on nothing but the stallion. They grew closer and closer with each step, each one making his gaze seem more and more fixated not just on the horse, but piercing through it.

And it seemed enough to put the animal on edge.

The copper male couldn't help but feel some joy creeping in the back of his mind. When he watched the stallion raise itself up as a means of defense, a threat to have the jackal back off, it seemed more to him like an invitation to keep on his advancement.

That was only ruined by the appearance of the one armed man, having nearly gotten run into by the stallion. His head turned up, seeming to scold the horse rather than the man that had been antagonizing it. What a fool this one was, assuming that his horse was the problem when it was only behaving as anyone else would if they knew of the danger that laid before them.

Keeping to his posture, he only allowed the piercing gaze to move to the tan man. He had begun to apologize for the horse scaring him.. though he had also cut himself off. Something about him had turned this male off. Had it too been the stiff nature and the way that his eyes would do nothing but stare at him. Well.. if that was the case, then all the better that he allowed his own mannerisms to continue. He said nothing. It would take more than some empty threat from a spooked horse to make him back down.

He spoke again, naming himself and the rank of Warden. So this was a male that was above him, as were many others, but his lack of an arm made him believe he was not so fit of his position, "You must not get out much. I've been here a while."

He considered leaving it there, but soon continued, "Ossidael."

Re: I'm greater than this home

Thu Oct 10, 2019 11:01 pm

Coaxoch Ulrich
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The intelligent brown eyes of the stallion remained on the red and black jackal man as he advanced, and even when the man who owned him had finally come up and grabbed at him, the stallion did not break his gaze at the man. He snorted lightly as the one arm had come up and touched his multicolored mane, and his eyes turned from the jackal to his owner before moving back. The stallion did not trust the other male luperci, and he stomped his left hoof on the ground a few times in agitation. His ears fell back on his head as his brown eyed stare lingered on the red and black jackal.

Coaxoch turned his attention to his stallion for a moment as he expressed his discomfort, and he wondered what was going on in the head of the beast, and once he had felt the tapping of the hoof against the ground, he knew that Nightmare was close to running off again or worse, charging the individual in front of them. Coaxoch tugged at the mane of the horse to get his attention as his ears turned back on his head. Hey, Nightmare, chill out. he told the horse with a growl coming from his maw and a stern look at the horse. The young stallion was never on his best behavior, but he had never seen his stallion act this way towards another member of Salsola. He wondered what happened while he was catching up to the horse.

The other had told him that he must not have gotten out much, and at this, Coaxoch sighed and shrugged. I live deep within the Blackwoods, with Nightmare, my brother, and my partner. We come out of the Blackwoods on business mostly, but there's little other reason for us to come out, unless we are bored and want to socialize. he told the other with another shrug of his broad shoulders. Coaxoch looked at the horse, and then back at the other male, and then at the stallion again.

Did something...happen when I wasn't here? He doesn't seem to like you much. he asked the man that had introduced himself as Ossidael.

Come to think of it, the male looked at lot like Khael. Is that whom the male was related to? Coaxoch thought to ask, but did not want to come off as insensitive by him "thinking that all Jackals looked the same" or something of that sort, so he ignored the thought. His half-tail flicked behind him as he looked at the lower ranked Family member.

You said you been here a while, yeah? Do you have a job yet? asked the Warden, wondering if the male was like him and did not have an official job, or if he was just a deadbeat.

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Re: I'm greater than this home

Sat Oct 19, 2019 10:30 pm

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Ossidael watched the way that the horse reacted, getting uncomfortable by the mere sight of the jackal whom had fixed his gaze on the animal. It was both interesting and annoying to see that the way that he held himself had been working on a beast such as this. He found joy in watching the way those around him squirmed under his gaze. Just a shame that it was a horse rather than another luperci. Seemed many here in Salsola were not so quick to fall under his spell.

Even with the appearance of the one-armed man, the stallion had not ceased its behavior. If anything, it seemed to get a little worse, and the owner of the horse could very well see that he needed to control the animal before something were to become of it. Had it been a luperci like the two men, it would have been afraid, backed into a corner with only flight or fight to guide its actions.

The copper man did not understand the appeal or the cause of the fear of the Blackwoods. It was just another place, one of his own creation. There was nothing to fear of such a place, even in his earthly form. All it seemed to be was an excuse for one to hide behind.

Returning more to the subject at hand, the tan man had questioned if something happened before he had arrived. Suspicious of the one on the back of his own horse no doubt. Still not moving a muscle, the jackal's dry tone came back again, "No. I was only watching and approaching."

There was a small pace of silence that hung over the two men before Coaxoch spoke again. Considering this man had admitted to keeping mostly to the Blackwoods, it was a wonder why Ossidael was the one being questioned if he had a job yet, or rather was even doing anything at all for Salsola. Eyes barely narrowed before he gave a simple response, "I have been working with the horses."

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