[CdM] Autumn Fright Fest Raffle

POSTED: Sat Oct 06, 2018 5:50 pm

Fall for the Court

Welcome to Autumn

It’s a spooky time of year, as the harvest comes to a close and the bats come out of their caves in droves. The sun is out for less and less time a day, increasing the darkness that seems to ooze from every corner of the Court during the night. But it’s not all doom and gloom, as the apples ripen, the late grapes are harvested, and the hay is stored for the winter months when grass is unavailable for our equine companions. There’s plenty to do and plenty to earn. Hopefully this will be a season to remember, with all sorts of mischief up for the making.


The style of this particular event will be -drumroll- a raffle! We know you lot liked our last one, so we decided to expand it considering the newest members to the Court. We’re slowly becoming a spookier lot, so it’s a good time to get in the spirit of the season.

How to earn raffle entries

Every post made for this event will be eligable to enter into the raffle. However, we are doing things a little differently than before. For a post to count as an entry, it must be more than 200 words. Every 100 words past 200 WC will earn you an extra raffle entry. So, if you write a 435 word post, that is three raffle entries. One entry for 200 WC minimum, two entries for the extra 200 words. If you have any questions, please ask!

Does this count for the FtF part of the Housing Event?

Yes! If you can fulfill one of the categories for the fill-the-forum portion of the event, you may submit it there as well!

Extra ways to earn raffle entries

We have a couple of ways to earn raffle entries, because it’s more fun with a lot of random names in the generators.

Fall Words Table

Use one of the following words in your post for a bonus raffle entry. Only five words may be claimed per post. Word tense variation and plural forms are allowed.

Word of the Day

For those of you who are extra hungry for prizes, you can use the Word of the Day (dictionary.com only) in your post to earn a bonus raffle entry. This must be clearly marked as WotD to count. This can be used congruent to the Fall Words Table bonus.

Thread Prompt Generator

If you use the thread prompt generator, you will earn an extra raffle entry.

Submitting Threads

If you want to submit these as per thread, that is perfectly fine! Simply reply to this thread once and edit in your posts. We will not be running the raffle selectors until November 20th, so you have plenty of time to get posts and submissions in.

Alternatively, if you want to submit a spreadsheet, that is also perfectly acceptable and highly encouraged for ease of organization.

If you do not want to use a spreadsheet, we have sample forms here you may use and modify as you see fit.

for individual posts
for individual posts
for thread submission
Code: Select all
[b]Post[/b]: Link
[b]Word Count[/b]: #
[b]Bonus Word?[/b]:
[b]Total Raffle Entries[/b]:
Code: Select all
[url=posturl]Post[/url] # WC (#EntriesEarned) + (WotD) + (Bonus Word)= Total Entries
Code: Select all
[b]Thread[/b]: Title
[b]Post Word Counts[/b]: [url=posturl]WC[/url], [url=posturl]WC[/url]
[b]WotD[/b]: [url=posturl]Word[/url], [url=posturl]Word[/url] 
[b]Bonus Word?[/b]: [url=posturl]Word[/url], [url=posturl]Word[/url] 
[b]Thread Generator[/b]: Yes/No
[b]Total Raffle Entries[/b]:


As we did with the previous art raffle, every time the raffle entries exceed 50 entries, another prize is added to the raffle, so there are plenty of chances for people to win!

    Title Raffle - Permanent Title
    Icon Raffle - Permanent Icon
    Jasmae Art Raffle - Commissioned Art Piece (Character of Choice)
Entering a Raffle

In addition to your thread submissions, you can add your raffle entry distribution in the same reply using the following form. Otherwise, PM the pack account your entry forms when you are done submitting threads for entries. You are free to distribute your entries however you wish.

Code: Select all
[b]Icon Raffle[/b]
[b]Title Raffle[/b]
[b]Art Raffle[/b]
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POSTED: Tue Oct 16, 2018 9:54 am

Thread: Ah say ento pi alpha mabi upendi
Post Word Counts: 400+, 200+
Bonus Word?: shriek, russet, chill, ooze; chill, russet, ripe, spook, ghoul
Thread Generator: Yes
Total Raffle Entries: 14

Thread: Call on me and I may come
Post Word Counts: 300+, 200+
Bonus Word?: ooze, russet, shriek; skull
Total Raffle Entries: 7

Thread: straight as the crow flies
Post Word Counts: 200+, 200+
Bonus Word?: russet, bat, costume, spook, shriek; skull, creep
Total Raffle Entries: 9

Thread: Like daffodils in the sun
Post Word Counts: 300+
Bonus Word?: chill, cornucopia, creep, spider, scuttle
Total Raffle Entries: 7

Thread: Wool over my eyes
Post Word Counts: 200+, 200+
WotD: volute
Bonus Word?: pumpkin, scuttle, shriek, cobweb
Total Raffle Entries: 7

Thread: it will not steal your substance
Post Word Counts: 300+
Total Raffle Entries: 2

Total Raffle Entries: 46 entries

Icon Raffle
Entries: 0 entries
Title Raffle
Entries: 23 entries
Art Raffle
Entries: 23 entries


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POSTED: Thu Oct 25, 2018 11:00 am

Updated: 10/25/18

Thyri Dawnbringer
Thread: We will persist until all that's left is a perfect sphere
Post Word Counts: 300+
WotD: --
Bonus Word?: --
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 2

Thread: We will not let time erase us
Post Word Counts: 300+
WotD: --
Bonus Word?: --
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 2

Thread: Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart
Post Word Counts: 400+
WotD: dirigible
Bonus Word?: russet, shriek
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 6

Thread: Responsibly irresponsible
Post Word Counts: 400
WotD: --
Bonus Word?: shriek, ghoul
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 5

New Caledonia
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POSTED: Sat Nov 17, 2018 4:49 pm

Thread: I'll make a man out of you
Post Word Counts: 513, 702
Bonus Word?: russet, skull, chill
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 13

Thread: in the shadows agile minnows flicker gilt
Post Word Counts: 353
WotD?: brio
Bonus Word?: forage
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 4

Thread: Words of wisdom
Post Word Counts: 419, 487567
Bonus Word?: apple, apple, ripe
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 13

Thread: Catch of the day
Post Word Counts: 369, 322, 700
Bonus Word?: cornucopia, forage, shriek, ooze, creep, ooze, chill, spook, scuttle
Thread Generator: Yes
Total Raffle Entries: 20

Thread: A promise made...
Post Word Counts: 574, 689, 1796
Bonus Word?: chill, costume, creep, skull
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 29

Thread: Forever and then some
Post Word Counts: 611, 336, 563
Bonus Word?: chill, chill
Thread Generator: Yes
Total Raffle Entries: 14

Thread: Responsibly irresponsible
Post Word Counts: 824
Bonus Word?: chill
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 8

Thread: Trying times
Post Word Counts: 469
Thread Generator: No
Total Raffle Entries: 3

Total Raffle Entries: 104

Icon Raffle
Entries: 26
Title Raffle
Entries: 0
Art Raffle
Entries: 78
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POSTED: Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:21 pm

My entries are tracked in a google doc!

POSTED: Sun Nov 18, 2018 5:28 pm

Google Doc Tracker! Please split between the title and icon raffles!
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ursa major

POSTED: Mon Nov 26, 2018 8:01 pm

Raffle Results are In
Our lucky winners are..

Icon raffle
Myst and Vida
Please PM me with your icon requests or icons.

Title raffle

Art raffle
Abby, Raze, and Mandi! Please PM me with max 2 refs for a character so I can put the orders in.
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