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POSTED: Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:31 pm

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Fill the Forum Contest Cont.

Great work with the fill the forum contest everyone!

And the winners and prizes are...
Risa Rivera (49) - Full-body by Dark
Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii (48) - Full-body by Nat
Cedric Stryder (39) - Full-body by Dark

Nayavota Denahlii (28) - Bust by Shade
Darkness Hushhowl (13) - Bust by Shade

Temo Wolfe (12) - Avatar by Nat
Howland Reeves (12) Avatar by Shade
Bhasu Marino (9) - Avatar by Nat
Rumpa Nightshade (9) - Avatar by Shade

Guinevere Callow-Knight (5) - Sketch by Dark
Quinn Damaishu (14) - Sketch by Song
Mercy Nightshade (9) - Sketch by Dark
Pushok (7) - Sketch by Song

Jace Wolfe (10) - Table by Nat
Dawn Hushhowl (7) - Table by Jace

It is your responsibility to reach out to your respective artist if you have any special requests for your prize, and keep in mind that the sketches are artist's choice. All winners must submit references and descriptions to artist by the end of November 18th, or the artist will take creative freedom. Winners of the artist choice sketches need not pm their artists.

The Wild Things Are Everywhere!

Teagan and Minerva have traveled to Krokar on a diplomacy mission only to find their lands abandoned! During their investigation into the pack disbandment they come to learn that the livestock the pack previously kept have scattered into the wilds, leaving domesticated animals prime for the finding. The Brotherhood and a few volunteers will travel across the Loch to help round up the animals for Casa use. Will you join us on this adventure? Volunteer for a team by posting below!


November 5th - Teagan and Minerva ride the Avalon and make it most of the way to Krokar.

November 6th AM - Minerva and Teagan travel to Krokar for a diplomacy mission and find its smoldering ruins. X

November 6th mid-morning - Teagan sends her falcon, Agrona, back to Casa with word of Krokar’s fall.

November 6th Evening - Casa assembles and it it announced that the Brotherhood and a few volunteers will sail across the Loch to collect livestock remaining from Krokar.

November 7th - Casa’s team splits into groups to search the area. They are to herd the animals back to the Avalon to be shipped across the Loch to Casa di Cavalieri.

November 8th - The pigs and sheep are slowly walked to the ocean.

November 9th - Honrin, Teagan & Mako set off to head around the peninsula with the horses and cows/bull.

November 9th - Pigs, sheep, and Hawks & BH/Casa members arrive at the coast and load them onto Avalon - they arrive within Casa by nightfall.

November 20th - Teagan, Mako and Honrin return to Casa with horses and cows/bull.

Animal List

  • 2 Horses (2 year old filly) and Banshee (7 year old mare)

  • Unnamed bull, Maude (mostly black cow), and Tsinka (black and white spotted cow)

  • 2 rams unnamed

  • Azimuth & Navi (Harris' hawks)

  • 4 sows, 2 boars; unnamed

  • Teams

    Birds (2) and investigation: Teagan + Minerva

    Horses (2) : Honrin + Cedric

    Cows and Bull (3): Aldora, Veri + 2

    Pigs and sheep (8): Jace, Guin, Risa + Naya

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    POSTED: Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:35 pm

    Help Honrin with the horses? Unless someone better suited for it wishes to in which Ced could help with pigs and sheep?
    Cedric Stryder
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    POSTED: Thu Nov 01, 2018 7:37 pm

    Risa for pigs and sheep?
    Risa Rivera
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    POSTED: Thu Nov 01, 2018 8:19 pm

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    POSTED: Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:48 pm

    I volunteer as tribute! Naya would love to help round up the pigs and sheep.
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