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She had her suspicions for a little while now. There were plenty of signs, but she still felt she needed confirmation, especially with this possibly being her first pregnancy. The chocolate fae also wanted to see her mother so she figured she could go to her and have her confirm her assumptions. Having taken her horse, it didn't take too terribly long to reach her old pack. Sure, it took longer than it used to before Anathema moved, but it still wasn't too bad of a trip.

Once close to the border of Aniwaya, she slid off of her horse's back and took a few steps closer to the border, making sure not to cross over. She lifted her head and called for her mother to meet her. Amorette knew her mother still wasn't fond of her living in Anathema or being mate to its Angelo, but hopefully she would be happy for her if she was in fact pregnant. The signs that any other female talked about were all there. The nausea, restless nights, fatigue, and her appetite had increased but some days she could hardly keep anything down. Sure, she could have simply been sick with something, but she didn't think so. Hopefully her mother would be able to tell.

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The flames roared, a source of heat and light in the dead and white of winter. Ocèane was stoking the Great Fire, slowly adding specially chosen pieces of wood as she was taught. There were only three in AniWaya who were ranked among the fire tier, and so often they all passed off their duties. The Hineyu was more than capable of completing any and all tasks even the Master Fire tier could do, but she was only slowly climbing the ranks, and so was often restricted to her specific duties. Today, she had been asked to help with feeding the sacred fire- a duty she gladly accepted.

After her task was done, she sat near the fire, staring carefully into its depths, fascinated with the flames and their dangerous dance. Fire had always been a fixation of hers; no matter how long she watched it or how well she learned to tame it, it was unpredictable. A small spark could bring down an entire forest, and a single flame could bring light to a dark room. At that moment, it was a howl that brought a flame to her dark, sad heart.

Amorette. Ocèane would know the girl’s clear voice anywhere. Jumping from the ledge, she quickly made her way into the forest, slipping past trees and roots that aimed to trip her up. But nothing stopped her from reaching her daughter, who she’d feared had forgotten her completely. Mon chéri. She murmured, and took her daughter by the shoulders and took her in. The scars she had seen traces of before, and had been expecting, but they still hurt to see. Finally, she turned from holding the Iblis’s shoulders to folding her in a cautious hug. Ocèane was aware Amorette’s time in Anathema had already changed her from the sweet, young girl she knew. Let’s go to the fire. She offered, and released her hold, turning her nose towards the village as she waited for her daughter to gather her horse and follow.

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