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Dishonored Spirit Guide Conclusion Feast

POSTED: Mon Jul 06, 2015 10:32 pm

Food is settled buffet style, fish and meat roasted over large open fires, it's in the center of town so the great fire is crackling away. No posting order. :) Backdated to June 30th!

Olivia felt exhausted, drawn in a way that she had never felt before. The disconnect from Rorschach the past weeks had been hard on her, while her and her spirit guide had communicated often, such upheaval was a strain on her relationship. Though it had been mended and forged even stronger than before, she was left exhausted. It had taken all of her energy to arrange the feast with the limited bounty of the summer.

Despite hardship, the tribe had grown and she felt confident in all that lived among them. And this was a time to honor the guides that gave them infinite wisdom of times before and times to come. Olivia felt the presence of her opossum guide on her shoulder as she lifted her voice among the tribe.

"Some say we are defined by our hardship," She began, glancing at those that gathered and the spirits guides specifically. It was them that she was honoring. "I say that we are defined by the bonds that we make, the friendships we gather and the allies we keep. I loathe the day we forget to appreciate and adore those that we love and care for and that in turn, they care for us." Olivia smiled and raised a smiled widely, "Lest we forget ourselves, I hope that we always have the infinite guidance of the spirit guides."

She gestured for them relax, allowing a place for Claudiius to speak if he so wished. The older male often had wisdom of his own to speak, but she was feeling more sure of herself as the day went on. She was feeling full and happy, tired as she was with the hunt and the activities that had led up to this conclusion. For a moment, she closed her eyes and felt the comforting press of her guides cheek against her own.

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POSTED: Tue Jul 07, 2015 1:37 am

OOC: Anyone feel free to approach Gemma and speak to her! //

The female was resplendent in her dancer's decorations. The paint and dye that accentuated every curve of her body glimmered in periwinkle blue and deep resonating tones of green and red, darting dancing circles of blue circled around Gemma's stomach, announcing to everyone that she carried new life within her, the blue for good luck. The female carried with her the Fire Staff that she used for ceremonies, the length of carved wood also decorated with paint, covering over the faded remains of their last ceremony.

With Tiva she walked, the two females conversing gladly on the success of the hunt. Besides her too strode Tamai Waki, the great white Buffalo with his magnificent horns making a striking image even next to the two decorated tenders of the Great Fire. When the time came for Olivia to speak, both females fell into respective silence then agreed heartily with the Councilwoman's words. Tamai bowed his head sagely to the young leader. Lest they should ever forget, Gemma knew their Spirit Guide's would be there to remind and guide them, as it was meant to be.

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[ WC: 895] (+7) Hope I didn't go overboard xD

Galilani had awoken this morning, once again, on the patrol routes of Aniwaya. Having been part of the tribe for nearing a fortnight, the autumn-painted female had poured her heart and soul into her position of Tsula Agateno. She had spent hours patrolling the borders, only stopping to eat, drink, practice archery, and check on the pigeons. In all honesty, she didn't really do much else – she still hadn't met many of the tribe, having attempted to avoid the hustle and bustle of the town centre, mostly in fear of embarrassing herself. She much preferred her spot among the trees, in the middle of the patrol route, overlooking the town and far in to the distance. She liked to observe, not participate. Her social skills left much to be desired, and her spirit guide hadn't exactly been helpful in those endeavours.

However, on this particular morning, a call whispered through the trees. Galilani had been awake barely minutes before the gentle song met her ears. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, the young female shook herself down and gathered up her bow and quiver. Slipping it across her shoulders, bow in hand, she quickly adjusted the feathers and beads in her hair; some of them had come loose overnight. She wanted to look her best for the Digalawigi; she wanted to set a good impression after all.

“Wake up sleepyhead.” She nudged a small, earth-coloured snake wrapped around an overhanging branch of a large tree. A few unhappy grunts rumbled from his thin, scaled body, but after much persuasion, two beady yellow eyes peered up at the woman. They were not impressed.

“What?” He hissed, flicking his tongue angrily into the air. “What could you possibly need at this hour? Don't you know us snakes need our beauty sleep.”

Galilani opened her mouth to speak, wanting to say something about how spirit guides weren't supposed to care about beauty or sleep, but she stopped herself. He had been in a strange mood all week; there had been talks in the air of disgruntled Spirit Guides amongst the tribe, so Galilani thought it best to keep her mouth shut. She'd hate to add Digalvnvhi to that list too.

“We have to go. There's a ceremony starting.” The snake grunted. “In your honour,” she quickly added.

“Oh, well...” His eyes lit up and the olive-mottled Spirit Guide slipped gently from the branch and on to her shoulders. He wrapped himself carefully across them both, half his body hidden by her long mane of variegated hair. He smiled, hissing in Galilani's ear as he spoke again, making an attempt to tickle her inner ear with his tongue.

“Why didn’t you say so?”

Galilani shook her head slowly. Sometimes she questioned why he had chosen her, or perhaps, even, why they had chosen each other. She wasn't entirely sure how it worked. But, deep down, the autumn woman was thankful for his help. He had brought her here; he had carried her out of her dark places, and for that, she was forever grateful to the annoying, sneaky little reptile.

With a quick stretch, Galilani pushed forward to the town centre. It didn't take her long to arrive; the sun was not as hot at this time of the day, so it didn't irritate her as much. The heat, however, was the last thing on her mind once the huts gave way to a large roaring fire, and rows of food. As she strolled in to view of the ceremony, the scale of the event became clear, and Galilani's heart jumped right in to her throat.

There were bodies everywhere. They were chatting, laughing, standing in their groups that they had established long before Galilani had probably even been born. The young woman felt suddenly quite alone. Shuffling to the back, she watched, inspired, as the pale-furred Digalawigi spoke of hardship, friends and guidance. Galilani smiled, noticing how even her guide had been captivated by the charisma of the older woman.

“You like her, huh?” She teased, only to be met with an unimpressed glare and a flick of a tongue.

“Careful you,” he hissed back. “I too might get the hump.”

Galilani snorted loudly, trying her best to hold in her laughter, but as some of the faces around her turned to look, the young girl dropped her gaze to the floor. She tried to hide herself under the choppy, dark fringe across her forehead. She mouthed an apology at those around her, moving further back toward the exit. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment; the young woman only wanted to be the best she could be in front of all these strangers. She wanted to achieve. It was clear her Spirit Guide wasn't quite on the same page today.

“Oops. My bad.” He hissed once more, as Galilani began to turn slowly to leave, hoping, maybe nobody would notice. Her heart thumped in her chest, and her head ached from the adrenaline. She begged with the spirits not to be seen, mouthing prayers quietly to herself in hopes it might aid her in this terrifying situation. But with all similar scenarios, she knew someone would recognise her; it was just a matter of time. It was just Sod's Law.

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It was party time and as usual Ibycus was at war with himself as he debated the prospect of his attendance to the gathering. Sometimes he wondered why he even bothered debating the subject with himself because in the end, respect for traditions would always win over his tendency to be reclusive, and this would not be an exception even though in many ways he felt more like an outsider now than when he first joined.

The surge of activity that had arisen for the spirit guides had brought forth a subject that he had not really thought much on. Mainly, it was speculation on the whys that he was devoid of a guide. And as he made his way from the barn towards the town center, he pondered over some possible reasons. Had he not integrated himself well enough into the pack? Had he done some transgression that he was unaware of that made him unworthy? Did he just not need guidance? were just a few questions he asked himself but could not answer.

His arrival to the banquet was as transparent as he could make it. The line of travel was oblique to the gathering rather than head on and he stayed to the outskirts where the shadows kept to themselves. He did not intrude onto any of the chatting groups that had formed. His plan was like any other shindig, make his way to the Great Fire in the center to find a spot to sit on one of the benches where he could watch the festivities.

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Cody is accompanied by Iga, who is fully visible. :>

Cody was accompanied by the sound of hoofbeats when he walked to the center of town -- which wasn't out of the ordinary. However, the creature proudly stepping at his side was a gleaming rose-gold pony, her head no higher than his shoulder, her brown eyes full of more wisdom and intelligence than any equine had a right to -- or any canine. Her head was high on an arched neck, her gait proud, as she had a right to be.

This was for them, after all. The spirit guides.

The cowboy found a quiet place among the crowd, which wasn't hard with the size of the Tribe. He spotted canines he hadn't seen before, and his eye was drawn by the dance of a white coywolf encircled in color near the Great Fire. He listened as Olivia spoke, and was aware of a quiet amusement coming from the pony.

Cody still found himself humbled by her. Iga was nothing short of collected at all times, endlessly patient, endlessly wise. She'd chosen him a few days ago and still remained a mystery to him, spending as much of her time walking among the AniWayan herd as she did watching him. When she heard of the ceremony, though, she'd gently nudged him to go -- but now seemed nearly girlish in her amusement and excitement as she watched the dancer and listened to the speaker. Cody began to wonder if she was perhaps less godlike than he thought -- but such thought seemed sacriligeous.

Cody drifted near the food and ate a little, but his eyes were drawn to a familiar reddish-brown shape quietly slipping from the party. His ears pricked, and he glanced at his packmates before quietly sneaking after her. Iga followed.

Lani, the Elan Soquili yipped softly, as Iga came to stand beside him. He forced a grimacing sort of smile at the Adahy girl, hoping to reassure her. I ain't much one for crowds neither, he confided.

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Galilani hadn't seen the cowboy enter the ceremony. Her eyes had been glued to the floor; head down and hiding behind a mask of dark curls, beads and feathers. It was his scent that came first; that familiar waft of horses and leather, followed quickly by the spine-tingling husky whisper of her name. She looked up; bright-eyed and thankful for the familiar face, quickly forgetting that mere seconds ago she had prayed for a reason to disappear from the hustle and bustle of the ceremony.

“Cody!” She yelped happily in return, giving the pale furred male a genuine smile. Part of her wanted to run up and hug him, but her lack of confidence and general misunderstanding of relationships didn't allow for such things. Instead, the crimson woman slowly turned to face the cowboy and his spirit guide, noting how Digalvnvhi's face had darkened since Cody's arrival.

“How-- how are you?” Her posture changed; she stood taller, prouder. Her gaze remained low, respectful and hidden under a choppy, dark fringe, but it shone with emotion regardless. She was happy to see the country boy.

It had been weeks since he had shown her the way to Aniwaya. Without him, she was pretty sure that Digalvnvhi couldn't have known which way to go, not that she'd ever admit it to the proud serpent. They had been at a crossroads in the Dampwoods when Cody had wandered upon them, believing her spirit guide to be threat and startling her on to a heap on the floor. It had been an embarrassing first encounter, but unforgettable nonetheless.

“I see y—you have a spirit gu-- guide now.” She nodded toward pony respectfully, admiring the beast. She wondered how long they had been together. She wondered if they shared a similar dynamic as her and Digalvnvhi, who, in the midst of Galilani's chattering, seemed to have wandered off in a huff. Galilani's brow wrinkled in concern, but she pushed it off. She hoped this wouldn't cause too big of a rift between the pair. She was quite fond of her scaly companion.

“I think Digalvnvhi is just bitter still.” She bit her lip nervously as her eyes trailed after the snake. He quickly vanished under some shrubbery. “You know, after la-- last time. He'll be o-- okay.”

She hoped. Pushing past her anxiety and doubt, the Aniwayan Scout gave another smile and moved a little closer toward Cody. She inhaled deeply, unintentionally; tasting his scent on her tongue, her brain flooding with a feeling she couldn't quite understand. Her stomach felt like a horde of butterflies invaded her intestines. She shifted, uncertain of what exactly was going on inside. She wondered if it was something she had, or perhaps because she hadn't, eaten.

“The Digalawigi is so full of confidence.” She sighed, trying to draw away from the upset of her guide at a ceremony specifically designed for guides. There was a joke in there somewhere, she was sure of it.

“I wish I could speak like tha-- that.”

Galilani always wanted greatness. She wasn't vain. It was more about bringing honour back to her family; replacing the cowardice of her father's memory in Aniwaya. She wanted to make everybody proud. She wanted to make her family proud; perhaps then her mother might come back. It all went full circle in her mind. There was method to the madness.

“So, err,” she added, finding herself not wanting to leave the cowboy's side. She liked the way he made her feel; even if the last time they had seen each other, he had seen more of her than she'd liked. Falling over in front of him had been mortifying. At least this time, her bow, quiver and arrows were upon her person, not scattered everywhere, left, right and centre. She shuddered at the memory and her cheeks burned instinctively with embarrassment.

Finding herself almost lost in the chestnut of his eyes, Galilani's mind ran away with her tongue; a final sentence slipped out. Another embarrassing moment for the daughter of the farmer. She felt her heart jump to her throat, and the nausea wrapped around her chest like a vice. She could hear her mind cursing the famous Adahy motormouth trait as she stared at Cody with those desperately awkward emerald eyes.

“I think I've missed you.”

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Ceremonies and feasts always brought Claudius so much joy, not just because he could sit, mesmerized by the fire watching Gemma twirl and dance, but because he could get to know his fellow tribes members a bit better. It was true, sometimes he was a much quieter leader, but only because he could have a lot of trouble controlling his stammer. That said, he refused to shirk his duties. When Olivia finished speaking, he held up his hand to let her know that he had nothing to add, not just because he didn't want to, but because he couldn't say it any better. Since taking up the role as the temporary leader of AniWaya following the conflict with Crimson Dreams and Cour des Miracles so many years ago, he had been forced to step outside of his comfort zone. He had struggled initially, but now he relished times like these.

He watched as Cody greeted one of their newer members. He waved to Ibycus, hoping to chat with him quickly and see how the Spaniard was doing. He also offered Gemma a stammering greeting, eyeing the blue paints decorating her midsection.

"C-c-c-c-congrat-yuh-yuh-lations, juh-Gemma," he said. "Wuh-where is tuh-Tal? I shun-should buh-be c-congratulating... both... of yuh-you," he added, with a laugh. This news should be shared! Puppies were to be celebrated. "Huh-have huh-you t-t-told anyone yuh-yet? O-or is this... your... an-nuh-nouncement?" he asked, grinning.
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*gently herds Lani back into the thread* ;3

Galilani spun toward him and called his name, and his grin eased into something a little less awkward than before. He was glad to cause her happiness when her posture had been timid and agitated moments ago. She approached, and though his arms crossed over his chest for lack of anywhere else to settle, he wagged his tail at her.

I'm good, Cody replied. He was rather reticent, especially in contrast to Lani, but didn't mind this or a short answer. He was just as happy to listen to her talk.

He swelled with pride she mentioned his spirit guide. Yeah. This is Iga.

Iga elegantly inclined her head in return to the girl. Galiheli tsidenalv, Galilani, she said, her voice feminine, even-toned. But her eyes followed the serpent after a moment, and as he slithered away, she took a few steps in pursuit of him and steadily faded from sight and scent until she was no longer present. Cody wondered if she was going to talk to the other guide to get acquainted, or if guides even needed to do that, or if they talked together at all; he'd never seen them interact before. He frowned curiously before bringing his gaze quickly back to Lani's olive one.

Yeah, I can't talk pretty like that neither, he agreed, though he understood what she meant. Cody was hardly a confident person, though he probably seemed so in comparison to the Adahy girl. It helped to have someone more shy than himself, though; he was able to better fill the role when it was needed of him. With the rest of the Tribe milling around the party, he felt just as lost; Cassidy or John would likely have taken it in stride, probably would have already been into the food and drink and dancing by now.

Galiani paused in her speech again, and Cody allowed himself to drift as he easily waited for her to find her voice, his gaze wandering to Claudius walking among the people and to the dancers before the flickering flame. But he focused back on her in a heartbeat as she finished, and his chestnut eyes washed over her frightened face.

He chewed the inside of his cheek, then smiled a little lopsided. I missed you too, he said, and before he could dwell on the awkwardness of two young adults entering a familiar pattern of life, he gestured to her. C'mon, let's go, uh, mingle. Smelled some good food. He positioned himself at her side pointedly, showing her she wouldn't have to go into the crowd alone.

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He had watched his mate applying the paints to her body, despite her laughing admonitions not to watch. He enjoyed watching Gemma, and took every opportunity to do so, even when she complained about it. As they had arrived at the party, he had wandered over to the buffet table to make a plate for her. He wanted her healthy, he wanted their pups healthy, as healthy as the pups who were also walking around, fully shifted. Lucid had stayed by his side for a time, her dark fur shining in the light of the fire. Her blue eyes unnerved him sometimes, she reminded him of his father, Lucifer. But she was a good kid, and smart, and quick to learn.

He arrived back at Gemma's side, catching a glimpse of his guide Nakoma as he handed his mate the plate. He had heard the leader's words, and he smiled in answer. "Someone had to make sure she eats, might as well be me." He winked at the expecting mother, kissing her cheek. He had been more affectionate towards her of late, lavishing her with love and all the attention she could need. He had never been distant before, it was just more noticeable now.
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[ WC: 455] (+4) *Vomits* So.. much... cuteness! Also, terrible post. I apologize! >.<

Galilani was satisfied with his answer. Though short, the wag of his tail had been insight enough that Cody, for all appearances, seemed in good health and well within himself. If there were other things going on, Galilani couldn't sense them, and as always, ignorance was bliss.

Attentions turned to Iga, Cody's spirit guide. Galilani thought briefly upon Cody's own reaction to Digalvnvhi the last time they crossed paths. She smiled at the memory. He had been so polite.

Speaking of politeness, Galilani quickly remembered her own manners. Shuffling awkwardly, resembling some kind of half-curtsey, Galilani bowed her head at the pony.

“Galiheli tsidenalv.” She replied quietly, respectfully, before following the beast with her eyes. Both Spirit Guides vanished, one after another, and Galilani couldn't help but wonder if they too were enjoying each others company. She made a note to ask Digalvnvhi later, giving only a simple 'huh' out of her lips at the strangeness of the idea of a pony and a snake conversing, scheming, and, perhaps even watching them.

With the disappearance of the guides, Galilani's fumbled admittance of feelings for Cody had been quickly pushed to the back of her mind. It wasn't until Cody responded in those feelings that it all came flooding back. Galilani's cheeks burned fiercely once more; her eyes gleamed with a mixture of pleasure and pain from the whole ordeal. Her tail wagged instinctively, happily, though she didn't really notice. She was too fixated on Cody and his lopsided smile. She couldn't figure out what it was that she was feeling; it was different to Tomas. She wished her mother could explain it to her. But whatever it was, she liked it.

Cody, without much warning, then shuffled to her side. Galilani's own smile washed away. He spoke of going in to the crowd, of mingling. Galilani's brow wrinkled uncomfortably, and she chewed her lip, fiddling instinctively with the ties of her loincloth.

“I, oh, err,” She stuttered over her words, feeling a wave of anxiety slam in to her face. Her palms felt sweaty. Her head went cloudy. And yet, she didn't react in total fear. The knowledge that Cody stood beside her masked some of the blow. It took away some of the chaos that rattled about in her head.

Sighing, the Adahy daughter glanced up at the slightly taller male. Smiling, she gave her best overenthusiastic 'why not' shrug and extended an arm forward, signalling the way.

“Please.” There was almost a hint of teasing sarcasm in her voice. Almost. She was beginning to show another side; a confident side. Cody was good for her, it seemed. “I insist.”

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