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The sun had mostly set. All that remained was a sliver of red in the sky, slowly being swallowed by the vast, dark galaxies of the night. Somewhere in the distance crows cawed at each other, chatting amongst themselves about the goings on of the day. However, all seemed quiet in the Aniwayan town tonight – soft glows came from the windows of the huts, smoke wafted from their chimneys. There was a faint smell of cooked deer on the breeze, though its dancing made the meal difficult to pinpoint.

One particularly large hut, shaped more like a deformed rectangle than anything else, stood near to the clearings edge; almost sinking into the line of trees which signified the patrol routes of Aniwaya. Unlike the rest, there was no smoke coming from its chimney, or the flicking roar of a fire; instead there was simply the gentle glimmer of candlelight, accompanied by the soft whispers of a woman's voice. She spoke the native tongue, as though it were to a child.

“Osda svhiyeyi*. Sol, Apien, Aralakh, Ismar.”

The voice belonged to a crimson wolf. Her pelt painted in the many shades of Autumn: reds, browns, blacks and whites. In her hair rattled beads of cherry bark, giving off the slightest scent of almonds on the breeze. Red and blue feathers were tied neatly to her hair; an armlet of beads and feathers also present on her right. Around her thigh, a tightly strapped sheath; two black handled knives glimmered in the candlelight.

Despite the knives, and the redwood bow that leaned against a bale of straw, the woman did not seem threatening at all. Her quiver rested by her feet, and her emerald eyes glistened in the firelight. She stood in front of a series of cages; wooden, made from hand. Each one had a nest of straw, moss and other such treats of the earth, and inside each one slept a pair of pigeons, softly cooing with their breaths.

Outstretched, in the canines hands, however, sat four smaller pigeons. Their big, orange eyes stared up at the female as she acknowledged each of them by name. They were the latest additions to the pigeon coop; new recruits to deliver messages all around the land. They were yet to be trained, having only just met the right age to be handled without fear of injury, panic or escape, but already, Galilani felt her heart burst at the sight of them. She felt as motherly as the pigeon who watched carefully from the cage by her head. She meant no harm, of course; they just needed to be fed.

Placing them gently in front of her, the four birds scuffled to their feet, flapping their wings to regain their balance. They did not fly, however; something which Galilani was thankful for. The last thing she needed was to have to report a loss of pigeons so early on in her rank as a Scout. She wanted to be promoted; not demoted.

Smiling to herself, she reached for a bucket on the floor. Inside it were various berries, grains and seeds mashed together to form a grainy, thick paste. Galilani grimaced; it smelled awful.

“Mmmm. Alisdayvdi*.” She pulled out a very tiny, freshly carved wooden spoon from inside the bucket; one by one she fed the young pigeons. There was no fuss, no mess; and they were surprisingly quiet for a change. She had been so used to their screeching demands; this was a pleasant surprise.

Finally, after fairly large portions had been given to each of the birds, Galilani pushed the bucket and spoon to the side, and lifted herself up to sit on one of the bales. One of the adult pigeons awoke startled for a moment, causing the woman to flinch and instinctively reach for her bow. However, before she could grab the weapon, she noticed the source of the noise, and returned her attention back to the sleepy, very full pigeons by her side.

“Gohwelvi Iga Sunalei*. ”

She stroked their feathery backs with a gentle touch. She could feel their fast beating hearts as their eyes slowly closed with the setting of the sun. There was a warm breeze wafting through the hut tonight; Galilani was thankful for such small blessings. The pigeons never slept well with a chill.

“Gatlvska aya Alihelisdi*.”

She moved the bucket and spoon back to their proper place. She liked everything to stay neat and tidy. She quietly fluffed up the open cage's nest, adding a few extra sprigs of straw and moss.

Galilani looked back at the pigeons. She smiled warmly, kissing her hand and then placing it on the birds, one at a time.

“Hilunu Wanigei, uganasdv Gu*.”

She watched as they slept.

“Well, aren't you a flash in the pan tonight.”

The deep, masculine voice came from the doorway. Galilani looked up, surprised, having not detected anyone nearby. Again, she reached for her bow, but again, she refrained, leaving it resting against the bale. Green eyes fell upon the thin, scaly body of her Spirit Guide; his own beady, almost black eyes blinking back at her slowly. He held himself up off the ground, hovering much like a Cobra about to strike, though there was no sense of danger coming from his aura. His face was blank and strict, empty as a moonless sky; though the smallest glimmer of humor danced upon his voice as he spoke once more.

“You know they can't understand you, right? I don't know why you keep trying every time you come here.”

“Shhh! Don't wake my birds.” Galilani shot a glare at her new companion, as she shimmied herself down from her perch and carefully lifted the dozing birds back into their cages one at a time. Closing them in, and checking them twice, she gave a glance over all of the birds once last time. Some were due to birth another pair of eggs soon; she'd have to step up her game over the next few weeks, especially if she wanted them to all survive. She hadn't had a death yet, and hopefully, she would keep it that way.

Turning back to the snake, she lifted her quiver off the floor and slipped it around her back. The arrows rustled slightly as she rearranged the strap.

“Your birds?” He snorted. “I don't think the Anasgayv would approve of such words, do you?”

Galilani ignored the snake's words. She was used to the Guide's teases and torments. He meant no harm by it really, but he just liked to rub her the wrong way from time to time. She assumed it relieved his tension; whatever tension a Spirit Guide had, that is. A simple change of topic usually did the trick.

“How's everything out there?” She signalled toward the town centre. The woman hoped that all would still be quiet and empty; she wanted to slip out to the patrol routes unseen. She didn't want word spreading about her possible addiction to the typical all work, and no play way of life. Rumours spread fast, no matter what the nature of the Tribe at heart. All towns had gossip mills, and she didn't want to be the root of one.

“All clear as far as I could tell.” He smiled as he spoke. “But then again, I'm a snake. I can't see as far as you, so why take my word for it...?”

Galilani shot him a second glare. She opened her maw to retaliate to his wit, but something else caught her attention. One of the birds at the end of the hut had stirred; there was slight distress in its posture, though more disturbance from a scent in the air.

Galilani quickly gathered her bow from the floor and scooped up Digalvnvhi on to her shoulder protectively. He let out a stifled grunt of disapproval, though quickly silenced as footsteps were heard outside.

Even now, weeks into her residence at Aniwaya, Galilani still felt unease as the night rolled in. Her torture at the hands of Tomas left deep, avoided scars in her mind, and though her Spirit Guide had not brought it up, this display of behaviour could be seen as very odd to anyone who might be passing by.

“You worry too much.” The snake whispered in her ear, only to be greeted by a finger to his lips. Galilani's spare hand tightened on the bow, and she blew out the candle with a quiet wisp of air.

“You're going to look like an idiot to whoever is out there.”

His voice rang out in a singsong manner. There was concern in his tone deep down, however, as the Guide, despite all his wits and taunts, was very fond of the crimson female. He didn't want her strange antics getting her kicked out of the tribe after all.

He rolled his eyes as Galilani stepped back into the shadows, leaning into the cages and trying to blend in with the darkness. She waited, silently, patiently, hoping for the footsteps to pass. She didn't realise her behaviour was so outrageous; she just thought herself back in Tomas's grasp. The night brought the nightmares, and sometimes, unfortunately, those nightmares appeared whilst awake as well.

“Good Evening. Sol, Apien, Aralakh, Ismar.”
“Mmmm. Food.”
“Lesson day tomorrow.”
“Make me happy.”
“Sleep softly, sweet Pigeons.”
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it's a part of me, apart from me

It was a nice evening, Dion thought to himself. The air had lost the heat of the day, but kept some of its warmth, thankfully, which stirred the priest out of his tent and into a walk by the small town. It was too nice a night to spend cooped up anywhere, so off he went to enjoy the last rays of the sun. Yellow, to stark orange and into the deep dark hues of the night, the man watched as the colors rained down on the land, the villagers coming and going, the air rich with scents.

Soon the stars, speckles of light defying the bright fires around the villages, were the only things to light his way in the dark. Aiyana stirred around his shoulder, her tongue peeking out of my mouth to enjoy the night as well. In the weeks they've known each other, Dion learned that the hognose wasn't much of a talker. Rather, she preferred to listen to the healer go on and on about his day, his dreams, his past, and whatever else he decided to share with the spirit. Unlike her charge, she was wiser and knew to save her words when her imput was truly needed, knew that Dion was a good listener but also needed someone to listen to him. When both ran out of things to say, the silence was never uncomfortable, but peaceful and friendly. Like the one they were sharing.

The sound of the priest's footsteps and the gentle breeze were a sweet addition to the symphony of the wilderness at the edge of the village. They walked until he saw a hut he remembered was the pigeon coop, or so he guessed. Not long ago he heard the cooing of birds within, so it wasn't that hard to imagine what was within. There was a light inside, and he didn't think much of it until he got closer and it suddenly went out. And no one left. Odd. Why put out a light unless you were leaving?

Curiosity caught him, and he walked casually to the door, knocking softly on the door. No one answered, and a tiny bit of worry pinched in his chest. "Uh, excuse me...? Is everything okay?" He asked outloud as he slowly opened the door, his free hand spinning the wooden staff into position just in case. It was dark within, but he could smell nothing out of the ordinary. Bird feathers and poop, food rations, straw, and AniWayans. "Hello?" Dion asked again, this time stepping into the hut, just two cautious small steps. Aiyana coiled up her neck in a tight 's' shape against his neck. "Peace, Delphinium. They mean us no harm." She whispered softly to him, her mouth opening a sliver as spoke, and he just knew others could hear her. "...By 'they', you mean the birds?" He asked, slightly confused. Anything could be dangerous, but he could hear the birds fluttering above, more fearful of him than he was of them.

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The door creaked open. The scent of fresh air and pine washed in through the cramped pigeon coop, mingling with the smell of seed, feathers, faeces and straw. It was the voice that caused her heart to stop and jump in her throat; calm, warming, unexpected. Galilani froze, feeling the hackles on her neck rise and fall, unsure of what instinctive reaction the situation really required. Part of her could sense the overreaction, the other part stood in fear of something terrible. She waited for a moment, still and observant, as the voice came out again, straining to make out features to a face she could identify.

Galilani studied similarly green eyes in the darkness; though she couldn't see any particular features that she recognised right away. The scent was muddled with everything else, but it was definitely Aniwayan. She bit her lip nervously, twitching an ear as another voice rang as a whisper.

He hadn't spotted her. She slunk further into the coops behind her, hoping the shadows were enough to camouflage her reddish fur. What she hadn't counted on, however, was the mood of her spirit guide, and how he would react to such a situation. Slipping from off her shoulders, the serpent gave her a wink as he hit the ground with a thump. He flicked his tongue out teasingly, watching as Galilani's eyes shone desperately as she mouthed the words 'please, no'. He chuckled with a hiss.

“Well, we should start calling this place the snake den.” The spirit guide spoke loudly, arrogantly. He had already taken note of how not dangerous this situation was, and how extremely stupid Galilani had acted; he made a note to remind of this later. He also sensed another guide in the room, even before the second, feminine voice had met his ears. Another serpent, perhaps? An unusual coincidence indeed. His words would test his theory.

“Forgive my friend. She's a little... jumpy.” He slivered forward out of the shadows, lifting himself with his muscles to give himself a bit of height. “My, my.” He eyed the stranger. The robes were particularly interesting.

He turned back toward the shadowed corner of the pigeon's coop. “Hey, Lani.” He laughed as he spoke. “You got spooked by a priest. How stupid do you feel?” The snake flicked his tail as he turned back toward the male and his guide, waiting for a reaction from either Galilani or the Priest. He wasn't quite sure how to react to the second snake in the room.

Galilani frowned. She had hoped the stranger would take a peek, get bored and disappear, but alas, Digalvnvhi always had other plans. Usually the complete opposite to hers. She gripped her bow cautiously, and stepped from the shadows.

“I, err,” she stuttered, keeping her gaze low and her ears back. Embarrassment burned her cheeks, and her heart sunk into her stomach. The realisation of her actions hit hard; she couldn't understand why she would act such a way. The woman was too stubborn to connect the dots.

“Sorry.” She muttered, glancing up quickly to confirm the apology was genuine. She didn't know what else to say. She didn't know what else to do. Digalvnvhi had pretty much covered the basics. She had been scared by the shadow of a priest taking a stroll. There wasn't anything else to it, unless she looked deeper in her mind's corridors. Not that she ever would; fear kept her away from such dark places.

Staring blankly at the floorboards, straw, and the tapping tail of her spirit guide, Galilani felt herself wanting to be swallowed by the ground. She began to wish such things in her head. Tap, tap, tap. Digalvnvhi continued in the awkward silence. Thump, thump, thump. Her heart joined in as well. Her throat was dry, her mind was blurry. The young female felt like crying. She couldn't understand how one minute she was just doing her duties, the next freaking out in the corner. She bit her lip again.

“I'm Galilani.” She mumbled, giving her shoulders a slight shrug as she spoke. Though she rose her eyes to his level; she was never one to neglect respect and order of things. “Galilani Adahy.”

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it's a part of me, apart from me

Green eyes kept scanning at the darkness, seeking for something or someone, and looking pretty lost while he was at it. Surely Aiyana didn't mean the birds, but before he could say or do anything else, he caught the glint and rustle of scales on the hay-covered floor, and was greeted by what he assumed was another spirit guide. His face went from confusion to surprise in half a second, and he bent at the waist in a respectful bow. "Oh, uh, greetings, spirit. Forgive me for intruding." Dion spoke in a rush, an awkward chuckle at the snake's humor, as if not sure how to respond.

Aiyana, on the other hand, calmly slithered further over his shoulder, beady eyes carrying a kind smile as she stared further into the room. The priest assumed towards the 'friend' the other snake spirit had mentioned. 'Lani', he'd said? Only then did his fellow AniWayan make herself known, looking embarrassed as she could get. Dion couldn't help but feel a bit sorry for causing her distress, the sudden awkward silence that stretched between them making the fur on his neck itch. He quickly squashed the urge to scratch it and cleared his throat before replying. "No, please, I'm the one who's sorry, I didn't mean to startle you, Galilani. Forgive me for intruding, but I saw the lights go off and I thought maybe something had happened? I'm glad nothing did happen, but still. Sorry." His smile was sympathetic to her embarrassment, but he stepped a bit further inside the cabin while keeping a respectable distance to the woman and her guide.

"Well, bad start aside, it's a pleasure to meet you both. I'm Dion, and this Aiyana." He said, trying to shake off the bad aura from the cabin and try to find some familiar ground. Even the pigeons were getting distressed by the tension, fluttering wings and cooing away. Or maybe it was the two snakes in their midst, who knows. Still, the brown hognose by his shoulder gave the pair a small nod with her head in greeting. "Good evening, my dears. And no need to look so flustered, girl. Misunderstandings happen to everyone." Her warm, motherly voice said, and the priest felt maybe this encounter didn't have to be a bad ending to a fine night like this one.

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Digalvnvhi was the first to respond. The priest had taken blame for the Scout's strange behavior, and that didn't sit well with the serpent spirit. A snort left his slitted nostrils, and his tongue flicked out toward the robed canine with agitated force.

“Don't apologise.” His voice was hard, determined. Whether it was plain arrogance, or whether there was a deeper reasoning for his discontent, it remained to be seen. Digalvnvhi was a confusing individual at the best of times, hardly ever revealing his end goals or plans, and even less likely to show anything aside from sarcasm and wit. The serpent was the best guide the scout could get; he was hard, to the point, and he didn't let her past control her. He wouldn't let any of her demons control her, even if the road ahead was a rocky one. The snake was a stubborn old fool.

“You shouldn't apologise.” His beady eyes fixed upon the male's green ones. His gaze was determined; fiery. “She was the one who reacted like an ayolige. The girl needs to learn that she can't be afraid of everything. Not everything goes bump in the night, you know...”

His tail thumped the dusty floorboards and he slowly slumped back into a coil. His eyes remained on the priest, though for a minute, they flitted toward the Hognose as she addressed the Scout, gracefully and kind.

Galilani reacted as expected to the harsh words. Her already shrunken demeanor shrunk even further in to the straw and the shadows. It wasn't until the feminine voice of the second spirit guide floated in to rescue the situation that the woman looked up. Her tear-lined eyes were grateful, glittering with thanks and respect. They were the true windows to her soul, and even with the quivering bottom lip, her face was nothing compared to the story written within her eyes.

“Th-- thank you both.” Galilani whispered gently. The corner of her mouth lifted into a tiny smile. “It is ni-- nice to me-- meet yo-- you.”

Turning slowly, the woman reached over toward the window beside her. On the wooden shelf, the smoking candle wafted in to the night. With a quick shuffle of objects within her pale hands, the woman lit a match and put the flame back upon the pile of wax.

The light lifted the atmosphere as quickly as it removed the shadows. Finally, the woman could get a proper look at her companions, and also reassure her birds that everything was, in fact, all okay.

Shaking out the flaming match, she placed it to the side of the candle. The gentle trail of smoke wafted toward her nostrils, and for a moment, she inhaled deeply. Smoke reminded her of home; of the heath in her father's hut. It reminded her of the days when she and her brother had warmed beside the fireplace during the snowstorms. It reminded her of everything she missed. A twang of sadness shot across her heart, but her face remained void of her inward pain.

“Aiyana is a lo-- lovely na-- name.”

She broke the silence and turned toward the pair. She admired the shading on the Hognose, and the way her femininity shone through, despite her reptilian nature. She spent a moment comparing the patterns to her own guide. Digalvnvhi was mottled with shades of olive and brown. His belly stripped with cream and yellow, and freckles of grey threaded throughout. His masculinity seemed to be written all over him, but whether that was appearance or personality, remained to be seen.

“Fo-- forgive me a mo-- moment.”

Galilani interrupted her own thoughts with a worry. The rustling of the birds had triggered a warning in her head, and the scout could ignore it no longer.

“I-- I need to te-- tend to the you-- young ones.”

She nodded toward the cage nearest to Dion, and began to shuffle forward slowly. The creaks of the floorboards seemed loud and intruding. The dust in the hut began to tickle her throat, as she took sharp, anxious breaths.

Beside the priest, Galilani did her best to work without interfering or moving either him or the hognose. She quickly opened one of the smaller coops, with two agitated pigeons within. A pale hand slipped in and pulled one out. She whispered under her breath, stroking the bird, before looking back toward the male. She smiled warmly, relaxed by the warm, gentle touch of the pigeon in her hand.

“Ha-- have you-- you seen the new on-- ones?”

She nodded toward the other two coops. There were four new pigeons in total, and Galilani planned to train each of them. She had grown very attached to the birds, and even had a sense of pride when she spoke of them. Her eyes glittered furiously, almost like a mother protecting her cubs.

“The-- there are four. Thi-- this one is Sol.”

She lifted her hand closer to the priest.

“Wou-- Would you like to hold him? He's ver-- very gentle.”

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it's a part of me, apart from me

The harsh tone of the spirit made Dion feel like a pup caught with the paws in the treats jar. While Dion knew when to be stern himself, things were different now. To have put the woman, a native member of the tribe and higher-ranked than him, in distress over his actions, the priest obviously felt the need to apologize. Even if things didn't always go bump at night, he was sure she had her reasons to be wary, and of course he wouldn't pry in what clearly wasn't of his concern. And to see the woman so affected by the reprimand, only made him feel worse.

He was about to say as much, but Aiyana beat him to it. "Do not worry, my dear. Just give him a chance, and you will see Dion here is as gentle as a lamb." She said, a soft chuckle laced in her words. It made the priest feel warm under the fur in his cheeks, and he had to resist the urge to squirm a bit at her teasing. "Aiyana, please, I... Look, I just didn't want things to- I just meant that, despite how I might--" He sighed and pinched the bridge of his muzzle with his fingers, sighing at the frustrating lack of words. It had been a while since he had been at such a loss like this. He was clearly out of shape, having grown unused of a more diplomatic role during his travels. It only made the hognose chuckle softly at his awkwardness. "You see? Perfectly harmless." She said to Galilani, the tip of her tail pointing to the priest subtly. "And thank you, my dear. And I'm sure you are just as lovely." She thanked, and she would have winked if she had the eyelids for it.

"W-what I meant to say is, it's nice to meet you too." He said, doing his best to ignore his spirit guide. At least the tension seemed to be melting away a bit, and he found he didn't mind the bit of teasing if it would brush away the bad start of this meeting. He found himself trying to find what else to say to keep the mood light while Galilani was relighting the candle by the window. Out of practice indeed.

Then, she was talking again, asking to tend to the birds in the cage he was standing close by. "Oh! Oh, yes, sure, let me just..." He startled and backed up a few steps, giving her enough room to work. Surely enough not to be in her personal space. Meanwhile, the priest just watched as the birds seemed to calm under her gentle touch and soothing words, holding the young creature with the tenderness he hadn't seen in a long time. Something about this scene made the uneasiness leave him, and he felt silly about being this strung up. Then she was talking again. "Oh, no, I haven't had the time to meet them al yet. Too busy settling down and all that." He explained, getting caught for a moment in the misty memories of those first melancholic weeks in AniWaya. She offered him to hold the bird, and he looked at her in surprise for a second, before smiling warmly at her. "Yes. Yes, please." He said softly, raising his hands in a small shell to receive the little bundle.

The young one didn't seem to enjoy the exchange of hands, but Dion quickly whistled a small greeting and soft note to the bird. It calmed some then, and allowed the priest to scratch his head with his thumb. Dion's smile only grew then. "Sol. Such a wonderful namesake you have, little one. I pray you become as radiant as the sun in the heavens." He said in a whisper, as if speaking too loudly would disrupt the gentle peacefulness of the moment.

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Not a problem. I wrestled with my muse with this one anyway, so forgive the terrible lack of flow. xD

Aiyana’s kind words wrestled Galilani’s shame to the floor. With a sheepish smile, the scout peered at the couple through her dark fringe. It was Dion’s stumble of words that truly made the woman smile however, as such a mix-up reminded her of herself. Throwing up an understanding hand, gesturing for there to be calm in the coop, Galilani soon found herself settling to the idea of company, and no longer tied by the harsh words of her impatient spirit guide.

The woman nodded as Dion finally spoke his mind. He offers pleasantries, and Galilani parted her maw to respond. She quickly closed it though, mirroring that of a Goldfish. She remembered she had in fact already returned such words, and felt moronic for almost doing it a second time.

Shuffling into her work and the care of the pigeons, Galilani offered little in response to his other words. She nodded, and hummed, and twitched an ear. It wasn’t until the metaphorical dust settled, and the bird had been passed over, that Galilani spoke again.

“Sol,” she smiled as she met the Priest’s gaze. “I—I’m sur—surprised y—you kn—know the mea—meaning. I re—read it in—in a book on—on my wa--- way to Ani—Aniwaya from—from Minn-- Minnesota.”

She turned to point out the remaining pigeons, not wanting to leave the remaining youths out of the conversation.

“Th—that’s Apien, Ar-- Aralakh, an—and Is—Ismar. I in—intend to tra—train them to—to courier so—soon. We—we needed so—some new ones. So—some of th—the adults are—are too old for the lo—longer trips now, y—you see...”

Her eyes lit up fondly as she spoke their names, and with each one, a soft coo of acknowledgement followed from the birds. If Galilani knew low speech, she might have assumed they understood her, but alas, she did not. Instead, she put it down to simple recognition of the words used so often in their presence. She smiled nonetheless as her words trailed off. She didn’t wish to bore her guest with useless tidbits about her work.

Eventually, she looked back to the fairly settled pigeon in Dions’ hands, quickly toward Aiyana, and then back up to Dion.

“Ho—how lo—long have yo—you been in—in Aniwaya?”

The woman stared, curiously. A quick glance to the floor noted that her own spirit guide had departed rudely. He had been doing that a lot lately. Her brow wrinkled with concern, but her worries remained bottled. She felt no need to bring it up in present company; she assumed they would find her problems bizarre, or at the very least, insignificant.

“Ha—have y—you ever bee—been to the—the Great Tribe?”

She continued to spill the questions, eager to get to know her fellow Tribesman. The original tension melted away, and the woman felt her shoulders lift into a slight wave of confidence. Her voice still shook, but in the safety of her domain, she felt a little less terrified.

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it's a part of me, apart from me

Galilani was surprised to learn he knew what Sol meant, and it made him chuckle a bit, memories of old dusty walls and the soothing quiet of flipping pages and hushed steps on woodboards invading his mind for a brief moment. There was a flash of regret for never having been taught how to read, and small stab of jealousy that Galilani could, but it vanished as quick as it came. "I see. I may not have been a Liber, but I spent enough time around the library to pick up a few things. Not reading, mind you, but my tutor liked my enthusiasm and often had the librarians read me some bits and pieces from books." He explained, remembering the smaller dogs from back home. Libers didn't have to do any physical labor heavier than lifting some heavy books here and there, and thus didn't tend to grow too much. They were kind and patience teachers and guides, however, and enjoyed when he visited. "Can't say I know where Minnesota is though." He said, slightly sheepish. The more he learned, the more he knew how little he actually knew. About everything.

"Those are impressive names, though I'm afraid I don't know what they mean." He said, glancing at each of the pigeons and cooing softly at them, a whisper of calming words so that they would calm further under Galilani's care. Then he turned back to the small bundle on his hands and kept petting his neck and head with his thumb, ever so carefully. The bird was so warm and soft in his hands, he could feel himself growing attached to his weight in his palm. From the corner of his eye he watched as the other AniWayan worked with the other birds, and found for the first time since he entered the hut, an easy, companionable silence. Oh, thank the gods for that, he wasn't sure for how much longer he would have managed the awkward beginning of their meeting.

Her next questions, however, brought him out of his respite for a bit. "Oh, I joined in the beginning of spring this year, actually, after a few months on the road. It was an... interesting experience." And he could feel the judging look coming from the spirit guide by his shoulder. Calling his travel "interesting" was the understatement of the century, but he couldn't find it in himself to blather on about it to his fellow AniWayan, at least not yet. "I could tell you all about I encountered in my journeys, if you wish, but I fear my eagerness for storytelling would catch up to me, and I'll end up smothering you with all my words." He said with a small laughter in his voice, but regretted the joke instantly. What if it made her uncomfortable again? "But, um, I fear I have not been blessed with the honor to visit the Great Tribe. I came here from my birthpack, some ways to the southwest. My great-grandmother had been part of the tribe here, once, before she left, and used to tell me stories about it often. She was the one who sent me here, told me how to get here." His voice grew softer as he explained, before turning to Aiyana and meeting her beady eyes. "I'm most grateful that she did." And the snake uncoiled slightly to brush against his neck in her version of a hug. Then the moment was gone, and he looked up and smiled at her, as kind and warm as ever. "How about you? Have you ever been?"

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Galilani listened to his story. He spoke of a library, filling Galilani's mind with the thought of towering shelves and piles of books to read. She smiled, though felt sad that Dion could not share in the luxury of reading the words. Her brow wrinkled thoughtfully, and for a moment, she hesitated. She parted her maw, closed it, and then reopened it again. She smiled as she spoke.

“Ma-- Maybe I could t-- teach you to-- to read?”

She looked at his spirit guide, then back to him.

“Pe-- perhaps in tr-- trade,” she added slowly, thinking aloud. “I t-- teach yo-- you to-- to read. Yo-- you teach m-- me ab-- about herbs, an-- and medicines.”

Galilani had some brief knowledge. She knew enough to get by in the wilderness, but the achiever in her wanted to learn more. She wanted to be able to help, save those in need if necessary, and a trade seemed like the perfect opportunity. They'd both get what they wanted, and they could perhaps form a friendship in the long run.

Galilani turned toward the coops for a minute, checking upon a restless bird. He settled quickly, without a fuss, and her attention soon fell back upon the priest and his snake. She glanced down, happy to see the smaller bird fast asleep in his hands. She smiled.

“Yo-- you're a nat-- natural,” she whispered, nodding toward the bird. “Th-- the oth-- other na-- names,” she paused, finding the priest's gaze once again. “--Were fr-- from a bo-- book I fo-- found on-- once. Mo-- most of the-- the pages we-- were burnt, so I-- I don't kn-- know the st-- story or an-- anything, bu-- but I liked th-- those words.”

She shrugged, thinking back to her treasure hunt in an old, abandoned house, just outside of Maine. That had been before Tomas, before the torture; it was one of her last remaining good memories before she walked into the gates of hell.

Shivering, Galilani smiled awkwardly at Dion. She hoped he hadn't noticed her shiver, nor her momentarily slip into the past. Listening to his discussion regarding his arrival to Aniwaya, it sounded not too dissimilar to hers.

“I see,” she acknowledged briefly, glancing across the room to the flickering candle. It was so still outside; Galilani wondered if they were the only two awake.

“I-- I would lo-- love to hear yo-- your stories.” Galilani was honest. Her eyes sparkled at the excitement of learning new things, of hearing new details about the outside world. “Pl-- please, fee-- feel free.”

She paused, quickly looking back to the small pigeon in his hands.

“Bu-- but I ne-- need to p-- put him b-- back now, fo-- for th-- the night,” she left little gap between her request for stories and her request for the bird. She wished to put the bird away first, allowing the Scout to focus solely on the Priest and his stories of the world.

Smiling, hoping that she had not upset her new friend, Galilani twitched an ear. She pursed her lips together thoughtfully, glancing back out the window to gather her thoughts. She had not spoken to anyone about her home, not properly at least. The scout was still shrouded in mystery, and she wasn't sure if she wanted that to change.

Looking back, she sighed. She ran her hand through her hair, briefly tangling her fingers in the fabric and beads. She pulled them out slowly, not disturbing the decorations, nor knotting her hair.

“I'm fr-- from the Tr-- tribe,” she confessed. “My fa-- father ca-- came from here, m-- moved there, me-- met my mo-- mother, had m-- me an-- and my brot-- brother. I wa-- was raised b-- by th-- the Great Tr-- Tribe, I gu-- guess you cou-- could say…”

She paused, wondering how to end the story. Her tail flicked against the wooden slats on the wall.

“Le-- left af-- after my m-- mother dis-- disappeared.” She couldn't bring herself to lie. “Tr-- tried to find h-- her. En-- ended up here, a-- as a sanctuary.”

She watched Dion, waiting for a reaction. She hoped he would not pry further.

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Her offer made Dion face split in a wide smile, not unlike a child being surprised with a gift. "Truly? W-would you teach me?" He said, the eagerness in his voice clear as could be, his tail wagging wildly enough to make the tails in his robes swing a bit. The soft pressure of the spirit guide's pointed snout against his neck was barely noticed by the priest. "Easy now, Delphinium, you will hurt yourself." She warned with no small amount of humor in her voice. "I just... I never had the time, between my duties and studies back home, to learn. But maybe, maybe now I-- Yes, I'd love to! Learn, I mean, and to teach you as well, of course." He mumbled, rubbing at his nose to try to hide the smile plastered in his face.

Oh, the possibilities! If- when- he finally learned how to read, how much knowledge could he have access to? Back home, reading was reserved to only a few, those entrusted not to abuse of such knowledge. But he wasn't home anymore. Everything was different here, and yet not. More freedom, but also more dangerous. But now wasn't the time to dwell on this.

Galilani continued to talk, and he listened, but noticed the tiniest moment where her eyes grew vague and far away, followed by a shiver. He smiled back at her attempt to hide it, but he decided not to mention it. It wasn't his place to pry, and he had no reason to demand answers when they barely knew each other. If she ever wished to talk about it, he would make sure it would be in her own terms. For now, he could only grieve he couldn't do much to help her other than not pressure her about it.

He did hand back the slumbering bird back to her, briefly flexing his hands to shake off the coldness, now that his warmth was gone. "I should warn you that the stories I carry with me would need more than what is left of the night to tell. But I have set myself up on that hill just outside of the village, so if you ever wish to hear them over some tea, you are more than welcome to pay a visit. My door is always open. Literally." He laughed to himself, thinking back on the fact that he didn't even have a door. A tent flap that he could tie down, sure, but no doors.

Again, her hesitation when she continued to tell her own story told him there was more to it than she was saying. But, again, it wasn't his place to pry. "Hmm, I see. Well, then I hope you have found some peace in this sanctuary. I can say I understand what you must have gone through, but I know the world can be harsh and unkind, especially when you far from home and you can't return. But I suppose it's up to us to take comfort in the few happy moments in life. Don't matter how small." He said softly, an advice both to himself and the woman before him. He really did hope she'd be okay, some day.

He then motioned to the door. "Shall we let them rest? Can't believe they enjoy us talking while they are trying to sleep." He said with a chuckle before opening the door, feeling the fresh breeze tickle his fur and nose. "And if you wish to head home, that's okay too, I'm sure you must tired. But I think I still have some venison I can share with you for dinner, if you're hungry." He offered her, more out of habit than anything else.

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