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AniWayan Ranks, Co-Ranks

Sat Oct 27, 2012 3:26 pm

Male:Female Adult:Puppy NPC Total
4:3 7:0 17 7
Hierarchy information
    NPC key:
  • aNPC: Absentee NPC
  • pNPC: Pack NPC (playable)
  • yNPC: Youth NPC (puppies)
  • cNPC: Companion NPC
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These ranks were added on December 15th, 2011. In addition to leadership and general/puppy ranks, they display three main skill categories of professions: Beginner, Skilled and Council of Elders (Master). These again display the profession paths, ranked in two levels internally. The Medicine, Fire Tender and Craftsman professions are ranked above the Hunter, Animal Tender and Scout within each category. This means that a Skilled Priest is ranked higher, ICly, than a Skilled Scout, but a Master of any profession is still higher ranked than a Skilled or Beginner of any profession.

The Council of the Meek (commonly called "the Council") consists of the main advisers of the Chief. It is run by one council leader. The members have no real power outside what may be granted them by the Chief.

The Council of Elders is a lesser council, consisting of the profession Masters, who effectively run the profession paths. They may be called on by the Chief or the Council of the Meek to offer advice on domestic matters and the everyday running of the tribe. The Council of Elders are expected to largely manage themselves and the professions autonomously.

Kalona is a sacred rank currently unoccupied. The Council of the Meek is acting leadership of the tribe.
Council of the Meek
Anasgayv Digalawigi
Laurentin Aston --
Council of Elders
Ookah Etikaiele Gata Kanhogeni Gatlvska Katakanehi Dideloquasgi
-- -- -- -- --
Ututv Gadui Kanati Gadui Gatlvska Nadie Tadita Asgoli Digalogisgi
-- -- Claudius Aston -- --
Skilled Ranks
Nvwoti Gola Watsi Otlvna Gata Dikanohelvsgi Galonv Adagatiya Dideyohvsgi
Joy Uwatie -- Gemma Tlvdatsi -- -- --
Waya Agateno Enagayahe Kanati Equa Gatlvska Adeloquasdi Nata Danua Ihesdi Digalogisgi
(Laurentin Aston) -- -- -- Fenrir Lupercus
Marsali Amarok
Beginner Ranks
Kunikoti Gata Hineyu Gatlvska Ayastigi Udeloquay
Danaë Aston
Dion Akreon
Tal Tlvdatsi
-- Anahid Cermak Payne Silvertooth
Rylan Lupercus
Yuna Gremory
Tsula Agateno Tsisdu Kanati Elan Soquili Tsulvwisdanehi --
Galilani Adahy
Behram Demir
Altair Amarok Ibycus Leo Shepard
Other ranks
Lucid Tlvdatsi Bowen Tlvdatsi Brinan Amarok
Castiel Rhiannon Bo Quayle
Ayule Sedali Other
-- -- --
-- -- --
-- -- --

Co-Ranks are single extra tasks or roles that characters have within the tribe. Read more about Co-Ranks and Co-Rank policies on the website
Co-rankTranslationSlotsCurrently held byThread(s)
Bird keeperTsi'a'qua ugasesdi2----
Border Patrol------
Boundary Marker-1----
Captive CatcherDahudigisgi1----
Ceremonial aidAlisdelisgi2----
Crafter (stone)Nvya1----
Crafter (cloth)Nvya1----
Crafter (bone)-1----
Crafter (wood)-1Claudius Aston[1], [2], [3]
Crafter (metal)-1----
Crafter (symbols)-1----
Food preserverAdastayuhus1----
GardenerAwisvnv ugasesdi1----
Goods traderDanatisgi1----
Grave Keeper-1----
Oil maker-1----

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