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Backdated | Ascher's a-visitin'!

POSTED: Mon Apr 16, 2018 11:28 am

OOC: HI! Backdated to the start of April. Uncle Asch is here to visit along with his cNPC, Tarina Skadi!

Following Tarina’s announcement that she’d be accompanying Ascher on his visit to the South and the Court, the man had barely had time to feel any of his usual anxiety.

One thing Ascher could say for the sometimes pushy wolfdog was that Tarina helped to speed things along; she didn’t allow him to drag his feet over departing Krokar – and Ascher knew he would’ve done some foot-dragging if it had been permitted. Tarina wasn’t harsh in her vetoing of Ascher’s hesitation but she powered through with her bright temperament in a way which made the Stormbringer go along with her. It seemed pointless to resist and soon they were on horseback, loaded up with provisions and goods for trade, and heading South.

Ascher said nothing until Tarina wanted to talk; he was a man who could feel comfortable in his own head, taking in the surroundings and looking to their destination without feeling the need to fill the journey with words. Talk they did, though, when Tarina asked how Ascher was coping with the loss of his sister.

He fixed his gaze on Signe’s ebony mane and pressed his lips together before explaining that the siblings hadn’t seen each other in months prior to Shiloh’s demise. He didn’t say that he felt guilty for not visiting sooner, for not knowing his youngest nieces.

“Once upon a time there were four of us. Over the years my brothers left these lands and it was just me and Shiloh who remained. We had a bond that distance couldn’t break. I’d like to think death can’t break those ties either.”

His sigh was masked by Signe letting out a puff of air.

“Still, I never thought I’d outlast either Saul or Shiloh here.”

Tarina, riding alongside Ascher and Signe, turned her head towards him.

“How come?”

Though they had shared a pack – two, in fact – and Tarina seemed to have latched onto him in a way which was sometimes irritating, it was only now that Ascher decided to divulge some of his past to the Skadi woman. There were parts of Ascher’s life that were written on his skin in scarring – and there were parts he no longer acknowledged very often. Tarina was no fool so he didn’t have to impress upon her the meaning – the importance - of everything he shared. That in itself was a relief.

By the time Ascher had shared the trials and triumphs of his eight years with Tarina, the air around them seemed to have grown warm and damp. Trees thrust into the sky, loam under the horse’s hooves, and the sun was still high in the sky as they passed through the shade of the Dampwoods.

It was evening when they reached the borders of the Court. For a place whose troubles were still recent history, it was serene here – or perhaps that was just Ascher’s perception given the change of scenery from the North.

Tarina sat tall in the saddle while Ascher allowed his shoulders to drop, easing tense muscles.

“You should call,” Tarina suggested with a smile. “They know you.”

Ascher had his doubts – he had never met the new Queen of the Court, after all – but he tipped his head back and called out for family.


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