why is this a crisis in your eyes again


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Brushing out wool was an incredibly relaxing hobby and Mads gladly suffered the cold just to be able to such a gentle task without having his work ruined by his rambunctious daughters. His head still throbbed as it did almost daily now, the constant shrieks of children (and Moon Moon) seemed to bounce like deadly lasers from wall to wall and directly into his poor ears. The muffled screams still sounded out from inside the mound house, but Mads decided he was far enough away to stomach it. Besides, he didn't want to risk leaving the girls in Moon Moon's sole custody for fear he'd come back and find one of them missing an eye or a leg, at best...

Dark fingers picked the splinters, hay and other miscellanea from the dirty cream ringlets of the wool, once he'd done so to the best of his abilities, he continued to raked the brush through it in an attempt to clean it further. More little specks of dirt dropped out onto the floor and a short while later he put the brush and fleece aside and returned inside. The Dane spent only a few moments inside, long enough to fetch some water and soap to scrub the fleece with. He set straight to work as he returned to diligently preparing his craft, grateful for the feeling of warm water as opposed to the biting cold of winter. Somewhere nearby, Prinsesse bleated, the awkward sound crystal clear against the heavy snow.
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