Double Hit

POSTED: Thu Mar 14, 2019 2:07 pm

Anger boiled inside of her, a feeling she was not keen on giving into, so she was in the abandoned horse track again. Her sling moved in the air and stones were flung forward, only hitting a wood post harmlessly. It was the only way she could calm down, the only way she would not track the loners down that were taking away the safety of her new home. Just when she had found that she liked being part of a pack, the waters were poisoned and they had collapsed a building on purpose. On purpose!! Growling she flung a stone to wildly, and it missed it's mark. Barton watched from a old fence post and clicked his beak in worry. Yvonne was furious and neither of them really knew how to deal with that.

Huffing she went and gathered the stones and placed them in the pouch she had made, it was hard to find nice smooth stones sometimes, so she tried to keep what she could. Walking back to where she had been a idea struck her, washing away some of her fury. Could she toss two stones in a row with her sling? No one had ever said she couldn't, so she may as well try. Something new and different to focus on would be a good distraction as well. Holding two stones in her hands she tried to contemplate how to even start. Since she only knew how to throw one stone at a time, doing two was a step she wasn't sure how to take. Shrugging and stretching she looked to the post and then moved her sling as she normally would for one stone, paying attention to the movements that came so easily to her now.

When she had first been learning she had made many mistakes and had been barked at harshly by her father. Of course, he had been the one to not see the sense in using the sling at all. It, in his eyes, had been a useless weapon. The blonde and brown wolf dog now realized that a lot of things had been useless in his gaze, and she wondered why he was that way. Shaking her head of past thoughts, the usual thwack noise of her stone hitting wood brought her back to the present. The sling came back, and she saw her answer. Catching it the best she could as it came back, she fumbled and dropped the second rock. This would not be easy, but the challenge eased back her anger all together.

Finally she only felt the tension of learning a new tactic, of practicing and forming a new skill. This was the kind of tension she preferred and as she practiced she was starting to think of what her next step in life would be. Deep down she knew she could not stay, this whole area no longer felt safe to her. However, she did not want to be alone, especially after what had happened with the large black brute and herself. Holding back a shiver she thought of her options. There were two packs fairly close, the Vale and a pack who seemed to focus on fighting. Then of course there was the one rumored to hold slaves under their power.

Out of those three choices, the Vale seemed the safest and the best for her. Nodding, she knew it was a good decision, but she would not leave right away. No...she would stay and help track those who had made her want to leave the only safe place she had known since she was a pup. Hearing two stones hitting wood she blinked and grinned "I did it!" she shouted to no one but Barton. Could she do it again though? Regularly?? Focusing on that, she kept practicing and trying this new double stone throw and felt her mind go at ease now that she had confronted the feelings that had been stirring inside her for the last few days. A few stones missed, but she didn't get frustrated, only practicing more until her arms were sore and her stomach begged for food.

Sighing she gathered the stones again and then walked to where Barton was waiting. "Sorry about that friend" she said and motioned to her shoulder. He flapped his wings with a happy cry and then moved to his normal position on her shoulder. She chuckled as she knew many people thought her shoulder strap was a oddity, but it protected her shoulder from his sharp claws. Moving her hand she scratched his cheek lightly and realized he was now fully grown. No longer just a small baby, like when she had first got him. Yvonne smiled sadly and then walked away from the field they were in and towards a good hunting spot. Both of them had grown really, in different ways.

Barton in size and perhaps knowledge, and she...well she was no longer as care free as she had used to be. More cautious and less likely to travel on her own as much. Sure she still wanted her freedom, a chance to be by herself. However she was also nervous about being by herself, afraid that someone like that big black brute would show up. That was always a chance though, and she couldn't be afraid forever...could she? Shaking her head again she did her best not to think about it any more and went to hunt some food for herself and Barton. For now she would just enjoy what time she would stay here, maybe talk to Tora about her choice to leave, and then help track the loners who had attacked them so deceitfully down. They would be brought to justice, or at least she hoped they would, and she would at least help with that before leaving this pack behind and moving on.

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