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Leadership: Kalypso Savoy, Paloma Rovira
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Cour des Miracles has laid claim to a large stretch of the Shattered Coast. The rocks and sands of the beaches make up a good chunk of the land, though as one travels further inland there are lush meadows and woodland. The most prized possession of the pack is the Pirata Grotto, one of the most unique places on the coast of Nova Scotia. The land is riddled with caves on the coast and quaint houses further in. The caves provide excellent cover and trespassers would do well to be wary of a sneak attack if their intentions are not pure.
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Cour des Miracles Information Portal

Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:14 pm

Cour des Miracles Ranks
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NPC CharactersPack NPC CharactersOpen Characters
The Royal House
Kalypso Savoy
Archiduc Chasseresse du Vent
Paloma Rovira
The Royal Council
Chancelier Chambellan Majordome Sénéchal
  Thyri Dawnbringer Skoll Haskel
The Nobility
Duc & Duchesse
Cidro Amato de la Peña
Viceroi & Vicereine
Marquis & Marquise
Comte & Comtesse
Viscomte & Viscomtesse
Toraberā Tanaka
Baron & Baronne
Tessa de la Croix
Mads Ibsen
The Commoners
Monsieur & Madame
Ceridwen Armistice Oberyn Haskel Issola Haskel Ezra Vahn
Cicely Sadira
Ajax Raine Ascher Stormbringer Kadir Ahearne Kira Raine
Moon Moon Damaichu
Mayne Hanzi Iris le Conte Vallois Kyre Varis Marino
Callista Atla Chaska the Burned Solomon Rio Marino
Mottle Myrtle Greenwood Aithne Marino Hirsch Renard
Harrison Alexander Ramona Marino Basil Butler Keylo Damaichu
Merlin Knight Halcón Rovira Colette Delyle Alessan Stormbringer
Lazarus Damaichu Braith Damaichu Freyja Savoy Serena Marino
Galilee Haskel Ithica Savoy Tarina Skadi Toby Foster
Rafael Armistice Abigail Sadira Isadore Savoy Eulalie Savoy
Athalie Savoy Reblin
The Scions
Prince Princesse
Taufir Stormbringer Riddle Damaichu Harley Damaichu
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Rank listing

Fri Oct 26, 2012 8:27 pm

Cirque de Miracles
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For more information on this Caravan, how to join it, and what it is, please see its page on the site.

Stage Leader
Diplomat Host
The Performers
Dancers Musicians Acrobats
Mayne Hanzi       Mottle  
The Entourage
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Re: Cour des Miracles Information Portal

Sat Dec 31, 2016 7:39 pm

Pack Game
Website · Game · Rank Advancement · Professions · Noble Ranks
Ranks · Game

To submit points and request prizes, post in our maintenance thread. If you have any questions or concerns, pm a leader.

For detailed game information, please visit our game page.

Kalypso Savoy 338 Issola 97
Skoll + Galilee 55 Cidro 389
Tessa 146
If your points aren't listed here and you were recently on NPC status or removed for inactivty, PM the leadership! We keep a back log of points!
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