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Her icy blue eyes flicked at him as they walked together, curious, if a bit mistrustful. She did not smile. She did not wag her tail. In fact, she offered no evidence whatsoever that she liked him at all. "You're the one who my daughter spoke of," she observed flatly, glancing straight ahead again before continuing. "She spoke of another too, a young woman with red hair. Is she your friend?" She lifted her grey brows and waited for him to reply, glancing into his pale eyes once more.

Piper Atla was a serious woman. A victim of slavery, her early years were spent with neither freedom nor control. She was passed off from master to master like a possession, and knew nothing more than such a life. But as a freewoman, commander of her own destiny, Piper wanted nothing more than to acquire what she felt she was due to her: comfort, respect, and, perhaps above all else, safety for her dear daughter, Callista.

The residents of Cour des Miracles, she believed, would get used to the Queen's fair rule. Though tough at times, and deeply passionate at others, Mistral de l'Or was the true ruler of these people and, in due time, they would learn to see that. This, Piper had to believe for the alternative would mean danger for her family. Indeed, many of the Courtiers had already proved themselves barbaric and unreasonable, which was precisely why it was important to her to know more about this young man and his auburn-haired friend.

"Odalis?" Reblin asked brightly. Piper simply stared back. "Yeah, I'd consider her a friend. I mean, all of us really only just met, but yeah." After a measured look, Piper looked ahead again and the piebald young man carried on. "But Callista was awesome! She showed us how to shoot arrows. I think we could all be friends, easy." Archery was not a natural weapon of choice among his birth pack and he had only seen it a few times since joining the Court. He wasn't sure it was the right weapon for him, but it was fun to learn.

Reblin and Piper had found themselves together on a couple other occasions since Mistral had claimed the throne of Cour des Miracles. Where Piper likely merely tolerated the young man's presence, Reblin found himself attracted to the woman's dour, stoic demeanor in non-romantic sort of way. The fact of the matter was, Piper reminded him of his own mother except, rather than ignore entirely, Piper actually talked to him and let him join in her company. It was oddly therapeutic to the young Seigneur, whose own mother had denied his very existence.

A small smile touched Piper's lips, barely perceptible though it was, and she nodded. "Callista is a special girl." When she looked at Reblin again, there was a dangerous glint in her gaze. "If anyone harms her, they will wish they'd never come into the world." And then, with a blink, her blue eyes cleared again and she nodded once more. "I have things to do. Run off now, and stay out of trouble." Promising that he would, Reblin watched the maternal figure depart before turning to go about his own business.

Some time later, when the day was old and the sun on its way to rest, sounds of aggression filled the winter air and nabbed his attention. His ears tall atop his head, Reblin listened carefully to the fury that threatened the peace and tranquility of the surrounding territory. "You don't understand a damn thing!" said a voice that the young man recognized immediately. Without hesitation, Reblin took off at a run toward the sound of Piper's shout, intent on keeping the peace and resolving whatever conflict he was running into.

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Treska of Bridges was a legend. She was a woman who had lived under many guises and many names. She was a chameleon of a wolf, and had managed to climb her way vigorously through life - always there to catch a secret when it fell from someones lips, or to locate specific goods for those that requested them. Treska used her hands to tell stories, her long silver fingers slipping into loose pockets as she passed. The thin woman was wolfish and pretty if you squinted long enough at her - with slanted eyes that were curious and always watching.

Odalis had seen her a few days before and thought that something had been familiar about her, but had been unable to place the womans face.

Odalis spent her time sweeping the gardens and creating a network around her. Ciprian was always lingering - a strange shadow of a man who spoke to her in learing whispers and poked and prodded her with bejeweled hands. She wasn't sure what it was that he wanted from her, but sometimes she felt his graze creeping along the back of her neck and she felt a tinge of longing - but for what she could not tell. Treska spent enough time with him - for she seemed to be one of the only mercenaries that tolerated his gaudy presence, and Odalis couldn't help but wonder if perhaps the pair of them knew each other from some time before.

The Court seemed to have regulated itself after a few select outbreaks of violence - though every so often Odalis heard rumor of a back alley scuffle, or Ciprians gaze lingering for too long on any particular Courtier. One night Odalis returned to her rooms to find that some of her belongings had been moved about, and she swore that her journals had been flipped through - left haphazardly tossed across her bed open and torn in places that had not been before. She had no proof and so said nothing, instead holding her tongue like the rest of the court.

Callista had turned out to be a welcome break from the quiet mercenaries - and Odalis kept the girl close for reasons of her own. They were of a similar age, and though they had come from different backgrounds and upbringings Odalis could appreciate being dragged around the world in her parents footsteps.

It was familiar and it felt good to laugh.

But today was a different day.

Odalis padded her way through the grounds of the Hotel, her leather satchel slung lightly over one shoulder. She was burrowing through the items stored within it, sorting through items that had been stuffed inside without thought - a long coiling scarf and a piece of tangled rope. There was a crushed quill - made from some exotic bird that she could not remember and she held the thing aloft for a moment before stuffing it back into the bag with a frustrated sound.

She had intended to find someone to escort her to the temple but had instead come across Treska, her long fingers lazily spinning a golden pendant against her palm.

Odalis thrust the items back into her bag with such force that the thing fell to the ground with a dull thump - and for a moment she forgot that she was speaking to Treska, the legend. She abandoned the bag and stomped her way towards the mercenary, her lips pulled back to bare her teeth.

"Where did you get that?" Her large moon-blue eyes were blinking frantically, and she felt her hands tightening into little fists at her sides, "I-" Her brows came together in a frown that had her whole face aflame, "I've seen you before." Treska smiled so slowly that it seemed her face was breaking, but atlast all of her teeth gleamed brightly at the shorter woman, and she huffed a deep laugh as the necklace continued its slow and careful spinning.

"I can't say that I've seen you before little dog." She waved her hand dismissively, "Go back to your master."

Odalis balked, her long ears flattening against her auburn hair, "In Portland. You were there." She growled softly, though it was nothing close to the ferocious sound that began to build in Treskas throat, "I remember you."

The woman sniffed, "I doubt it." Her eyes rolled, "Lots of people think they've seen me. But you can never be quite sure."

Odalis eyed the daggers that lay against the womans hips - the strong look of her arms and the way she settled on the balls of her feet, as if ready to run at a moments notice. Her eyes never left the pendant - the rich gold gleaming against the dark womans palm and i was all so familiar because it was hers.

Odalis cleared her throat, "That's mine."

And like a thief (a very bad thief) Odalis snatched the necklace out of the womans hands and took.


Odalis got further than she expected, but felt herself get tangled in her skirts, and she stumbled - falling with a wince against the frozen ground. Darkness had come to find them, and the shadow of the hotel blocked out what was left of the remaining sun. Treska was prowling towards her, her jaws snapping as she cursed with surprise. "I wasn't expecting that."

"Get away from me -" She was closer now, her large wolfish feet leaving long marks in the snow, "You're a thief - You stole this." She thrust the pendant before her as if it would act as some sort of protection, and she made a face as the woman threw back her head and laughed, her hand resting on the hilt of her dagger.

And suddenly Piper was there - shouting angrily, her brows bunched so closely together that Odalis could see not space between them. She clutched the pendant close as the leader thrust herself between her mercenary and the fallen girl, her blue-eyes so sharp that it hurt to look into them. Odalis could not discern how Callista had been born from such a hardened creature - and one that would gladly defend Treska and her ways... or accept Ciprian into her own ranks.

Piper stared silently as Treska paced - respecting the space that Piper had placed between them... for now.

"What is the meaning of this?" Pipers voice was short, and Odalis struggled to find a response, "She took this from me!" Odalis felt her lip quiver from her place on the ground, "I don't understand why-"

Piper lifted her chin angrily, her eyes blazing as she looked between the two women, "You don't understand a damn thing!"

Treska of Bridges may have been a legend but Piper was a mother.


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He ran, his feet carrying him across frozen ground so fast that his surroundings had started to blur around him. His breath made long trails of mist from his mouth and his paws pounding earth evoked squeaking, crunching noises from the snow. As Reblin broke free of the surrounding forest, his eyes found first Odalis and then the two mercenaries. His heart dropped into his stomach. For a moment, it looked as though the two older women were attacking Odalis, but as he neared, Reblin got the impression that Piper was defending the Chevalier with the sun-kissed hair.

"What's going on?" he asked breathlessly, slowing his run to a jog and then, with a few bouncing lopes, to a stop. He knelt down next to Odalis. "Are you okay?" he asked her, holding out a hand to help her up while tilting his head up to look between Piper and Treska. The blue-eyed mother looked beyond irritated, though it was still difficult for him to determine and just who she was irritated with. Especially when Piper rounded on Odalis.

"Your accusations are serious," the woman said, her voice more even this time. Piper knew enough about Treska to feel afraid for the young Courtier. Treska could be a vengeful woman if she felt wronged and there was little she could do to protect Odalis if the girl carried on with these accusations. Piper looked at Odalis for a long time, maternal feelings filling her stoic heart. Odalis and Callista were not so far apart in age, both with pretty blue eyes. Though the auburn-haired girl was a Courtier, Piper felt a sense of protectiveness overcome her and, to the dour woman, the best thing she could do to help her was to side with her fellow mercenary. "What proof do you have, child, that Treska stole from you?"

Reblin watched and listened, glancing from Piper to Treska. "Woah, wait," he barked. "I mean, maybe it was a misunderstanding. Maybe Treska just found it and didn't actually mean to steal anything. Right?" He glanced hopefully up at the small, skinny coywolf hopefully. Piper eyed him sternly but remained silent, looking from Odalis to Treska as well and waiting for some sort of explanation.


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Anger bubbled in her so furiously that she found herself at a loss for words. Had Akantha been there she would have urged her daughter to remain silent, to gather her thoughts and ensure she wasn’t damaging her reputation. Even thinking it had Odalis flushing deeply with rage, the necklace clutched so tightly in her hand that it trembled against her chest and cut into her palm.

I have seen her before, I know it.

Treska of Bridges paced behind Piper like a caged tiger, all of her muscles rolling beneath her dark skin. Odalis realized quite suddenly despite her anger that she was not in a position to defend herself. She lay curled against the cold hard earth – and Piper was there with her lips drawn back in a snarl. Odalis couldn’t tell if the woman was protecting Treska or protecting her.

They were staring at one another when Reblin ran onto the scene, his tongue lolling from one side of his mouth as he dropped to Odalis’ side to help her to her feet. ”Reblin!” She took his hand eagerly, still keeping the necklace close, ”Yes, thank you.” She was blinking at him curiously, ”Where did you come from?!”

Pipers movement had Odalis turning sharply, and almost immediately she felt heat raise angrily against the base of her throat – flaming and red. ”My Mother gave this to me!” Odalis coughed as she realized she was shouting, ”This is mine.

Treska was hissing between her teeth, her long tail lashing behind her as she made to step past Piper.

”I know you took it. Where did you get it from?” She was glancing around, seeking out Ciprians oil-slick shadow, ”Did Ciprian give it to you?” He was no where to be found, and quite suddenly she wished he had been there… for he was never one to allow his name to be thrown about without him adding something to the story.

But he was no where to be seen.

”Reblin you have to believe me.” She felt like a child, and her eyes were burning with angry tears, ”This is mine.” She sighed, finally dropping her hand against her skirts, ”...But I have no proof.”

She stepped towards Reblin as Treska gnashed her teeth – goading the Courtier for a reaction. Piper shoved the mercenary to snap her out of it, and so Treska stood - placated for the moment by the heavy weight of the leaders expression.

”I know I’ve seen you before,” Odalis wet her lips, ”I know it.”

She curled her lips as she growled, "I'm not giving it back."

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Her fingers wrapped delicately around his broad hands and Reblin hoisted her up to her feet then stood protectively next to her. He liked Piper — she was the kind of maternal figure that he was drawn toward — but he liked Odalis too and the anger exuding from the bodies of the two older women made him want to take some of the burden from the young Courtier. He held her elbow with his other hand and gave her a kindly wag of his tail. "I as just over there and I heard yelling," he explained, gesturing vaguely.

Piper narrowed her icy eyes at Odalis when the young woman flared passionately. Reblin's tail uncurled and hung at his hocks. He held her shoulders while she coughed, gently patting her back. The mercenary mother studied the young Courtier for a long time, her posture softening only enough for her to fold her arms across her chest.

When Odalis turned to him, her eyes shining brightly with tears, he wagged his tail. "I do! I do believe you!" he said quickly. After all, why would someone be so upset over a necklace if it wasn't theirs? "I just meant... maybe Treska didn't know it was yours?" He glanced doubtfully at Treska, who gnashed her teeth at Odalis and prompted Reblin to pull the young woman closer to him. "Hey!" he barked at the woman and frowned.

After giving Treska a shove and glowering boldly into her fellow mercenary's face, Piper smoothed her whiskers with her tongue and turned to Odalis. "Enough," she admonished sharply. "Both of you." Then, with a long-suffering sigh, the woman unfolded her arms. "I believe the girl, as well. You will leave her be." Piper turned to Treska and offered her an intense glare before she turned to Odalis again. "I will not help you again, child. Keep your things safe. Do you understand me?"

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Odalis allowed herself to be pulled into Reblin as Treska gnashed her teeth in her direction. The woman reminded Odalis of a caged animal, and Piper was there to keep her at bay. The Amaranthe resisted exposing her teeth but pulled away from Reblin when Piper had spoken - the older womans brows cinched firmly together. "She knew." Odalis lifted her lips, "I know she did." The pendant stung in her hand where she clenched it, and she could feel herself growing hot along her chest as she glared at both women.

Piper spoke, and with her voice came decision.

Odalis felt her shoulder sag with relief, "Thank you. Thank you!" She crossed her arms firmly across her chest, "I understand." There were no locks on the doors of the hotel, but already she could sense that perhaps Treska would be more careful - she would know that Piper was watching her now - ensuring that she did not commit the same crime twice.

Though who knew the real bonds that lay between hired mercenaries.

Odalis felt herself tremble only slightly, and she wiped her tear stained cheeks with the soft edges fo her sleeves.

She snarled at Treska despite everything, "Stay away from me ladrón."

She spun on her heel and linked arms with Reblin, "Thank you senor," She smiled softly up at him suddenly shy, "Would you escort me back to my room?"

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Looking down at Odalis, who had her pendant clenched protectively in her hands and was glaring straight into Treska's snarling face, Reblin felt admiration toward the fierce little Amaranthe who was prepared to fight this battled to the bitter end if she had to. He nodded. He believed her. He believed Odalis when she said that Treska knew what she was doing when she took her prized pendant. A heavy, thick feeling of something – anxiety or unhappiness or discomfort – settled like a pit in his stomach when the revelation of this settled in.

A people-pleaser and promoter of giving others the benefit of the doubt, it never sat well with Reblin when he lost trust and respect in someone he one tried to advocate for.

But in the end, it seemed that Piper, too, believed Odalis' claims and the young wolfdog felt marginally better for it. Piper gave Odalis a steady look, warning her against saying anything more, and then gestured for Treska to go. With a derisive, snarly scoff in the Courtiers' direction. Treska of Bridges shook her pelt, gave Piper one more look, and then started away. "Thanks, Piper." Reblin wagged his tail but the mother did not respond in like. Instead, she suggested that the youths go home before it got dark, then turned and walked in the opposite direction that Treska had gone.

And then Odalis' slight arm was linked with his and she was smiling softly up at him and something inside of him fluttered. He grinned through the strange feeling, his eyes bright. "Of course!" he said, a little too loudly, a little too eagerly, but he found that he couldn't help it. He felt weird. And, arms looped, Reblin started to guide Odalis back toward the hotel and to her room.

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