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POSTED: Mon Jul 02, 2018 9:58 pm

With the plans in motion, she watched as the brown-and-cream wolfdog was kept busy by the tasks of the pack; he knew the trade of Making Things, using wood, and that was valuable to them as they sought to improve their home. It became part of her routine, after saying good morning to the crashing waves she had grown up with, had grown to love, she would find the carpenter and watch him from a distance. It was safer to watch from a distance, it meant there would be no need to speak to him; in the wake of her father's death, she was only just recovering her desire to be social with her packmates again.

This day started the same, with young Serena – only a few months from her second fall – donning a dress and brushing her hair before walking the coast near the hotel and then going to find the carpenter. Today started the same, but today was different in subtle ways, and when she found Harrison, she chose to approach. Her steps were quiet, naked paws on the earth, but he looked up at her with blue eyes all the same.

He didn't ask her if she needed anything, or why she was there, and for a time, she didn't offer anything back to him. She just fumbled her clawed hands together in a nervous display. When she spoke, her words rushed out like vomit: Would you teach me how to build things? It was a simple request that she hadn't expected to make, but she didn't find it unreasonable.

Harrison squinted at her, and in his silence, she wondered if she had made a mistake. Was he going to yell at her? Should she have gone to read to Chaska instead?

“If you can watch, I can teach you, but I have stuff I have to do.” He was to the point, and when his words were said, he turned back to his project and continued. Relief washed through the dark-furred Marino, who tried to find a place where she would be able to see without being in his way, where she could ask questions without truly interrupting.

She was determined to learn.

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And so tragedy had befallen the kingdom for a third time, and Odalis wasn't sure what to think of it all. Silvano had passed on into the next life peacefully it would seem - and he pack had rallied around him as they paid their respects, one woeful tear at a time.

This time Odalis had not cried. She had not even looked away.

There had to be something good in the Courts history - she sought it out like it was an unforgiving Quest. Solomon had settled in well enough - but the boy lived for tragedy like this for it matched his already morose outlook on life.

He followed her dutifully through out the gardens, raising his lips with a frown each time she lit a cigarette and billowed smoke through her pretty lips.

Something about her had changed - she was harder than he remembered, her eyes just a little less forgiving.

The court had begun he construction of their new home with Harrison at the helm - The Queen Kalypso not far behind.

"When do you think we will move?" Solomon was pining after his horse, dolefully gazing in the direction of the stables as he followed behind Odalis.

"There is still so much to be done! I don't know how to do anything of use -" He snorted a laugh which had her narrowing her eyes, "Anything of use with building."

She frowned before perking up at the sign of Serena - the girls golden jewelry gleaming beneath the cloud covered sky.

They came upon the workers quietly, Solomon greeting the carpenter with a rough handshake - a movement made for men who had bonded over drinks. Odalis ignored them and greeted Serena with a squeeze of her arm, "What are you doing?" and a warmer smile that meant more than she meant it to, "It is good to see you."
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