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Sedona [Ball Thread]

POSTED: Sun Dec 30, 2018 2:28 pm

Honrin Wolfe-Denahlii
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He pulled out the pale white leather, running the pliant material through his fingers. It settled into place atop his colorless fur and he cinched it tight. It was a hair too small down across the shoulders, he would have to speak to Darius about getting it widened, if possible. The elegant swan mask he set onto his face. It didn't really obscure his identity too much, but it was all in the spirit of things.

He ran into Callum's granddaughter, nervously twisting her hands together in an alcove near the ball's entrance-way. Her pretty blue dress drew out the sparkle in her eyes and he complimented her on it, offering her his arm to escort her into the ball. She accepted it with a grateful smile. Quietly she told him that large gatherings made her nervous, he promised her the first dance.

Lute in hand, and Quinn clutching onto his arm, he entered the Courtier's glittering party. Music, voices, merriment washed over him. It only took him seconds to scan the crowd and realize Guinevere had not yet arrived. A small frown pulled at his black lips. true to his promise though, he set his lute down and took the younger girl on a whirling, dizzying dance across the floor, until she was breathless with laughter and much less nervous.

After that first dance Quinn abandoned him for the Greyfire twins, a mischievous light to her expression.

Honrin took up his lute, joining in with the music already playing, improvising lyrics to a song that didn't exist - a deep baritone. Such a difference it made, being clear headed and not groggy with alcohol. Things just seemed brighter.

By the time the thing was over with, he had grown thirsty and made his way to the punch, his muzzle twisting as he took a sip and realizing it had already been spiked. He set down the cup in favor of simple water.

And he became the sun, to shine upon the worthy

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POSTED: Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:04 pm

OOC: Sedona's Masquerade outfit. Supposed to be like a raven. XD WC: 477

IC: Sedona had jumped at the invitation to Cour de Miracles' Masquerade when she'd heard about it. The cowgirl knew she'd have her work cut out for her to come up with an outfit and mask for the occasion at the Court, but she had plenty of inspiration to work with. She'd had one or two different ideas that came to there when she was out on a morning walk after completing all of her usual morning chores and responsibilities for the pack. The sight of a torn open log, (likely the aftermath of a Wolverine) exposing an old honeycomb from a beehive, a few dead insects scattered around the scene of the attack gave her the thought of perhaps dressing as one of the busy, buzzing bugs.

But as she continued on her walk the more uncertain she became about the idea, not really sure how she'd pull of the look. It wasn't until over head she heard the guttural and clicking sounds of a Raven flying by. She looked up, shielding the blinding overcast, reflection of the sun in the clouds from her eyes to better view the iridescent shimmering feathers of the corvid. Smiling, the coydog knew that she'd found her costume. It would be much easier to imitate a raven than a snake!

Hurrying her way back home, the woman became to put together her outfit, and soon she had a rough plan. The rest she eventually brought to Zuri's expert eyes. A few days later, with the fashionable Mistwalker's assistance, Sedona's Masquerade dress and mask were finished. Just in time too the ball was only two days away!


Now, entering the elaborate Court where the partygoers milled about catching up with old friends, making new acquaintances or danced in the center of the large hall, Sedona felt her heart flutter with an excitement she'd never felt before. She even felt a little anxious. This kind of extravagant gathering she was unfamiliar with. She was a simple cowpoke after all. Although she loved being social, this was a little beyond her normal level. Smiling through her black, feathered mask the woman moved through the crowd, headed for the food table, looking to grab a drink to better soothe her nerves, before she joined in the crowd and began to fully introduce herself. A tall and handsomely dressed male stood near the punch bowl, displeased scowl upon his face as he set his cup down back upon the table after taking a drink. Sedona tipped her head in a almost bird like gesture that matched her raven appearance as she came up next to him. "Too strong, pard'ner?" She questioned with a friendly chuckle curious as to why he was not too thrilled with his beverage. If it was far too spiked, she'd probably pass on trying it herself. Better to know in advance.


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