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The evening continued and with it Minerva’s sense of self became more lost. For the first time in her life she had consumed more than one drink. The apple of the cider helped mask some of the alcohol taste she tended to expect, thanks to her first experience at the Tavern being of Darius giving her something quite strong. Now, with the night getting quite late and the moon high in the sky, she happily clung to another drink, the cider and alcohol warming her stomach as she swayed softly to the music in her own world. Around her laughter and loud voices shouting over the music had become the norm, as the mix of canines became less sober overall.

In the distance she could see what appeared to be Honrin and Guinevere dancing quite closely and she smiled remembering how Honrin had coaxed her to dance at the previous ball. So far the evening had be very pleasant, though a little confusing to the girl who had not thought too hard about relationships in…that manner much. She had spotted glimpse of Galilee in the crowded space but had avoided her, unsure what she would say. It had been moons and moons since they had last seen each other and splashed around in the water. She wondered if their time together had meant as much to the Courtier as it had to the Cavalier.

It was similar feelings that caused quite a stir in her gut as she had danced with Nayavota. The silver wolfess was astonishing in how energetic and full of life she was, considering….well considering. Naturally Minerva refused to believe Naya was capable of any less than the others, but she saw how challenging things had been when she was quite young, when she had only just arrived at Casa di Cavalieri four or so seasons ago. Now, Naya had grown up. She was a Cadet who had passed her First Blood and was trying to find her place in the adult world of Casa, and her energy was intoxicating to the shy Officer. This was a new feeling, something about the night and the music, and maybe the drink, had allowed Minerva to see Nayavota as a fully grown woman as they danced.

That same confusion had held tight when a young gentlemen of the Court asked her to dance. Minerva had already known she could have butterflies for other girls, though she had never fully acted upon those less innocent urges she buried down deep. However, despite the males charm and decent enough looks she felt indifferent to him. His touch hadn’t brought butterflies out in her, or tingled against her skin and gave her goosebumps. It was entirely different. It wasn’t that she didn’t like dancing and talking to the man, but she couldn’t picture herself being in a relationship with him past friendship. Maybe she would feel different about another male though. Did it matter who she liked and didn’t like? Was it normal to know by now? The questions burned into her mind and her anxiety rose.

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Don't be afraid
The shadows know me
Let's leave the world behind

Intoxication suited her very well. It was a free-ball earth that shifted around her in kaleidoscopic color. The faceless masks were no longer anxiety-causing. She could see beyond them, into their eyes, and their scents. In the room, the aroma was a mesh-mash of different personal and pack smells. It was a dulcet aroma that clung to her own skin, that filtered from the delicate material of her dress. Quinn didn't even notice that one of her fancy blue feathers was snapped and bent.

She danced, and danced. Until the stars came out to play. Then she danced some more, incensed by what she had been given, how it burst like fireworks behind her eyes. The party whirled about her, time was inconsequential to her. She kissed somebody, a boy, it might have been Uriah, or Besekel.

Whoever it was, they tasted divine. In a quiet moment by herself, she pined after the male from the forest, the Would-Be king without a kingdom. She remembered a boat-ride, across glassy waters, and heavy, laden breaths. She remembered 'I can't hear you' and how he had responded.

Then his memory was gone from her mind, and she was dancing again. Whirling about in circles that sent the skirts of her outfit spinning, a raging tempest, the ocean unbound.

She bumped into someone, and recognized the scent. Her fingers grasped at gentle hands, holding them firmly. Her eyes were wide and great pools of blue,

Mini! She gasped, a grand smile splitting her maw. Mini, dance with me!

Before there could be protestations, Quinn had pulled the shorter girl close and began to sway back and forth to the slow music. Someone was singing in a low, soft baritone. It sounded far away to Quinn but her own raspy breathing was shallow but loud in her ears.

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Her hands grasped at the cup filled with cider, a small smile on her face as she took a sip. Her hips moved back and forth to the music and everything around her seemed to disappear. Her emotions and thoughts were the center point now, with the things around her fading into the background. All she could hear was random noise and the music she was moving to. Her body felt warm, something she assumed was due to all the canines around her letting off body heat, when in actual fact she was heated from the gut thanks to the alcohol. She wasn’t left to her thoughts too long though, as a feminine voice pulled her from her thoughts.

She knew the voice but her took her time to realize what was happening. A dark blur crossed her path, calling to her to dance. Who was it? It took a moment for her to force her eyes into focusing, as the dancer swayed too quickly making a blur. As she was tugged close the scent quickly gave way to who it was. “Quinn!” She chirped, her voice unafraid and quite pleased with the surprise of the shaded woman’s presence.

She wasn’t sure what had just happened, just that she very suddenly was pulled closed against the Damaichu woman, he hands wrapped in the others and her body touching hers. It felt nice, and though Minerva had no real attraction to Quinn on a regular day, her last few drinks allowed her to simply enjoy the touch. Clumsily a hand, which had been released for a moment, reached out for her partners hand again, only to fall on her shoulder, and then fall across her toned arm. "Your arms feels strong.” She said above the noise. A stupid statement, but in the moment it was what came out.

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