Fowl is Fair


POSTED: Sat Jan 12, 2019 10:52 pm

Ceridwen found it rather amusing that her outfit had become unraveled bit by bit over the course of the night. Nothing so delicate could withstand her wily escapades, but the patchy array of natural embellishments only serve to make her look more feral; truly a beast of the forest wandering happily among the throngs of Luperci that had gathered to enjoy the party. With her thick winter coat, she found herself wandering from the dance floor back to the doors on more than one occasion, even exiting out into the plaza merely to cool herself.

After returning from one such break, she noticed a small commotion by the food tables. A crowd had gathered, and there was a mixture of shrieking and laughing. Ever curious, she crept closer to the group, sliding between bodies until she finally managed to come within earshot. From what she could hear, several individuals were making bets on something or someone. Her heart sank as she briefly imagined Risa, the presumably intoxicated fool, doing something to warrant all this attention. She had already managed to "rescue" him once, but twice in one night was too much! With a huff, she shouldered her way forward, pushing past strangers and familiars alike with indiscretion and a scowl on her face.

Finally, at the front of the group, she was able to see what was going on. On the table, the source of all the excitement, was not the young Cavalier, but her pet rooster in all his glory. That was to say, he had lost the last of his remaining marbles, and he was running back and forth the length of the long table, dodging, darting around, and jumping over plates as if it was an obstacle course. Occasionally he would make a sharp turn, only to find that there were Luperci on either side of the table blocking his escape. He would flap his wings erratically, but before anyone could catch him, he would slip from their grasps, hauling his tail feathers down the opposite way he had been been headed previously.

"Oh gods."

Ceridwen felt faint. Somehow, she had unleashed all hell unto the ball, despite being warned to keep her things in check. But she had! The drink she had passed out to the guests (both invited and uninvited) had been diluted a great deal, and she had only brought a small amount. She had kept mostly to herself and her new friends, and thought everything had been a success.

Until now.

Suddenly, she launched onto the table, springing into action just as the feral fowl was running past. She scooped him up, and expertly tucked him under her arm, leaping off the table and onto the other side. She looked left. She looked right. Then she sped off, both maneuvering around and bumping into others as she made a mad dash towards the doors. [481]

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The ball was well underway. Sedona had gone back and forth from the main festivities and out into the courtyards to get some air. Everyone was dressed so stunningly on this night, it was nearly an overwhelming scene of color, sounds, and scents. Being the social creature she was the Whitesage woman fit right in and mingled with company from all invited packs and parties. She'd partken in some of the rum spiked punch earlier and was now comfortably a buzz with the heady euphoria of the alcohol.

Having just finished a rather upbeat dance with a masked partner, the cowgirl laughed and made her way back towards a loud bunch of luperci by the food table. Just then she saw a puff of feathers and heard the loud cries from the gathered guests as what turned out to be a loose rooster scrambled across the feast table and dodged the few brave volunteers trying to contain it. One young woman, dressed very much in homage to nature suddenly came barging into the hall right past her, rudely bumping against the cowgirl in her hurry, and as Sedona watched she expertly dove in amidst the crowd and scooped up the distressed fowl, causing an even greater scene and slipped away, dashing out a different doorway much to the bemusement and alarm of other guests.

Curious about the young woman and her rooster whom seemed not invited to the party, wondering if she needed any further assistance, and seeking a small break from all the noise, Sedona removed her mask and made her way after the female carrying the rooster. "Excuse me there, miss?" Sedona called out, trying to get her attention over the milling conversations about them, slowly parting her way through the crowd. "Is everythin' alright?" She asked, coming up behind the woman with a small tilt of her head. "I take it the barnyard isn't normally allowed to attend social functions." The Hawkesond said playfully, gesturing to the fowl tucked under the other's arm with a smile.


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She would have made an excellent quarterback, had she been privy to the game of football. All Ceridwen wanted, however, was to get the hell out of there, rooster in tow. Her feathered companion was so bewildered by the turn of events that all he seemed to be capable of doing was to cluck amicably, blinking one eye at a time, as the world flew past him in a flurry. Only when they were safely past the doors and back out into the cold air of the night, did the rose woman dare stop, panting heavily as she lifted her companion from underneath her arm.

Staring the rooster right in the eye, she drew in a deep breath, prepared to scold him "What in the ever loving name of the spirits, makes you think that you can just waltz right into a room full of hungry wolves and-" Her tirade was abruptly cut short by the sudden interruption of a stranger. With her bird hanging within her grasp, she turned, expression deadpan, and blinked. She had not even realized the other luperci had been trying to get her attention. It took her another moment to process exactly what she was asking, and then another to try and figure out what words were appropriate.

"Well, as I was just telling him, he's lucky he didn't get eaten by a hungry guest." In another moment, Ceridwen realized that her explanation would make absolutely no sense to someone outside of the pack. While most of her pack mates knew of her pets, and knew enough not to try and hunt them down, she could not expect an interloper to understand without context. "Oh." Frowning, she tried to figure out how to backpedal. "No. I'd be worried someone would eat him." Finally realizing that she was still holding the bird up in the air, she lowered him sheepishly, tucking him against her chest. "He doesn't have much sense, you see. Someone might mistake him for a fresh snack." As she spoke, she eyed the stranger up and down warily, wondering if that was perhaps why she had followed her out.

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