Maternal madness


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The sun had disappeared from the skies above, its absence keenly felt in the bite of the wind. It was to the turning of the season that the sound of Honrin’s terrified howl had rent the air, and the pack had stirred into motion. Instinct alone drove Everett to respect the mother’s space and privacy as he had half-heartedly commenced his duties, an ear always perked to catch the ebb and flow of news. The confirmation that Jace’s pregnancy had been successful greeted him as he tidied the kitchens. A slow smile crept across his muzzle as he mused on the thought of new life, of a daughter for his mentor.

The prospect of rearing his own children had been a dream he had chased for as long as he could remember. The environment he took root in discouraged the continuation of Untouchables such as him. This girl, Nayavota, would be the next link in the Wolfe-Denahili chain. Everett was in Jace’s debt, for saving his life and believing in him when the male had lost all hope. The woman’s kindness would be repaid tenfold, and not simply to pay off the dues he had accrued. He wished to deepen the bond that had flourished between the two in the flurry of sparring and teaching that they often occupied their time with together.

And so Everett bathed in the warmth of the kitchens, and inhaled the scents of meat and herbs. With a wooden ladle he stirred the broth in circular motions, his gaze serious as he watched for any disturbances in the liquid. After several circuits he brought the spoon to his mouth and tasted it, and smacked his lips in satisfaction. It had an aromatic flavour, with traces of the meat juices throughout; the scholar was mindful to make the meal palatable for the recovering mother as he knew she had struggled to contain her food lately.

The male potted up the food in a dish, and placed it in a basket so that he could carry it to Jace’s dwelling. He flung a cloth over the top for good measure, as whilst the journey was not far, he did not want to risk the food becoming cold. The days were getting colder, and a hot meal would be a welcome treat. Everett doused the fire with a bucket of water, and paused to watch the last of the embers die down. The male padded up the stairs to his room as he fetched a coat and scarf to brave the chill, and lifted the basket in both hands as he left the Fort.

A merciless wind whispered through the dry limbs of bare branches overhead. His paws thudded dully over hard-packed ground as he inhaled the air, testing it for the familiar scents of Jace and her kin.

Everett neared the campsite, and sniffed the hide-bound wetus for Jace’s whereabouts. He drew toward the entrance of one, he called out the woman’s name softly. Silence greeted him, as he hovered on the spot wondering what to do. A heartbeat passed and the fabric of the wetu fluttered momentarily. The male swallowed, and squared his shoulders as he peeled the hide back as quietly as he could. The silver and gold female was absent from the warmth of the dark interior, but her musk still lingered.

He was about to duck his head outward, when a sleeping form bundled in furs caught his eye. Everett gasped as he recognised the lump as Nayavota; the silver and ink markings were as Veri had described them. Why was she alone? With that question at the forefront of his mind, Everett crept inside Jace’s home and left the basket at the opening where it would retain its heat. His features softened as he gazed adoringly at the pup as she dozed on, and knelt by her side.

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Jace Wolfe
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Weary eyes flipped open as a tired brain turned on. Sickness still plagued the female but it was already receding for now she found herself able to consume food properly again and not be living off of brother scraps and tiny shreds of meat. Drained despite her rest the woman simply laid there for a long time, eyes half open listening to the soft mewling snuffles of the child she had labored so hard to bring into the world. Even the deformities that were both evident and hidden could not force Jace to love her child any less than she did.

The tiny baby did what tiny babies did and mewled and slept and suckled and was otherwise utterly adorable and helpless, dependant entirely upon her mother for survival. She was still hardly even alive herself, despite the tender care of Temo, Honrin and Veri along with other concerned pack-mates and it took most of the woman's strength to drag herself up to her feet. There was nobody else about right now, and as loathe as she was to leave her child alone, she really needed to relieve herself. With a quick lick she left the child swaddled within the fur and skins and blankets that surrounded her and disappeared out into the forest.

She didn't go far, just enough that the scent wouldn't hang around or float back to infect their living space. Tiredly she set about digging a small hole in the ground.

A few minutes later she was making her way back towards her camp when a scent washing towards her made her freeze in her tracks. Then despite her tiredness, despite the way her head swam, the female was running, fur bristling down her spine.

She stumbled, falling over almost useless limbs that were so fatigued, but she picked up and carried on... and the entrance flap had been pushed asides and there was a man there, looking in on the defenseless child contained within it. Kneeling close to the daughter that might not yet live. Alarms blared as sirens inside of her terribly affected brain, and she leaped past him, shoving him with her body to reach the inner sanctum surround by boxes and covered in skins.

The child, the child, her panicking heart was screaming; And Nayavota was undisturbed, still sleeping with her tiny body curled up, her child was safe and sound and barely even aware of the world around her other than the warmth of her mother's breast and the soothing lull of her voice.

The woman's eyes raised to find the intruder, gleaming out of the darkness of her den in psychopathic rage, the madness of a broken figure spelling out death.

Lips peeled back from yellowed fangs, a terrible, murderous snarl coming from the thin woman. Out!

And then she leapt, bunching up muscles to snap at his throat, missing by only inches and crumpling to the ground as her limbs refused to work,


Her bellowed roar followed him all the way out of the Wetu.

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