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POSTED: Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:26 pm

The party was interesting, though it was nothing like a late-night party on the beach during the summer with pork and fish roasts in sand pits by the sea. It was a different sort of mood, a different air. It was more regal, more put together, and Kalypso realized she really rather missed the lovely nights of fireflies, torches, and the moon on the waves out at sea.

Still, as the Reine and the Lune announced the dance partners, she too was paired with someone random in an act of solidarity. It was only right that they do it as the rest of them. Luca went down to find his partner and Kalypso joined the crowd laughing or scowling to themselves over their partners. Kaly had no such expression, more looking with very mild interest into the crowd. She did not know who it was that she had selected, or rather, that had been paired with her.

It was someone named Dawn and Luca had not been too forthcoming as to who it was. So she stood close to the stand, waiting for her partner to come join her instead. She was not about to hunt down a stranger when she had stood before all and had been introduced to all watching. Her partner could find her.

If I knew you were a sellout. A thief. Use me up - I would have never let you near me.

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