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For Veri, backdated a few days.

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From the moment that began when the kind-hearted girl found him, to the short few days resting here seemed like a foggy blur to the foreign man. He could remember leaving that run-down cottage used as a temporary hideout, he could remember meeting the girl once more, and he could remember meeting the first people of Casa, Honrin and a King.

How strange in hindsight, that they accepted a bedraggled vagabond simply for the theoretical, though Luca had seemed quite unreadable from receiving the message which was carried through so far and so much. Maybe it was gratefulness? Pity? They seemed remarkably curious about his ability to heal.

A knight.

Naya insisted he could be a knight, and though Jhiral had no initial inspiration to join Casa, it was a seed planted in his mind weeks ago, long with the thought of somebody who held so much hope for a creature like himself upon some chance encounter was both confusing and a little... heartening.

Rather than contentedly walk to his death somewhere in the West, the fallowed being was inspecting himself within the second patient's room inside Casa's very heart, the 'Court House', they called it. As of now he wore only his bandages and near-tattered skirt, his shawl and hat hung up nearby, the worn walking-axe propped up against some furniture, while his now-trusted burden-basket neatly sat upon the surprisingly soft bedding.

Rather familiar with general medical procedures to say the least, he didn't wish to be too much of a bother; insisting upon caring for himself as best as he could... however Jhiral would admit he could barely remember the journey from the eastern borders to here; at some point he must have fallen unconscious, or was too 'out of it' to really pay much attention to both the passage of time and distance. The man did notice how he felt cleaner, smelled less wild, and the bandages were new, little of which he could clearly recall, thus perhaps somebody had done all that for him?

The facilities were... remarkably pleasant compared to the wilderness or the random ramshackle ruins, superior to what even he managed to form back in St Paul's. It felt wrong merely to use a chair, their little table and mirror to correct and adjust himself accordingly; still much a unpleasant sight in the reflection, abielt one he had grown used to.

He was Casa's newest member and patient; perhaps their most... apparent one, too, for he had 'roused their curiosity from what he imagined from the noises made outside his new little sanctuary. Suffice to say, Jhiral's activity was quite limited; resting fitfully or not at all, sneaking outside when he suspected nobody would see him, and chatting to the occasional member of Casa brave enough to poke their nose in, while learning a little of this and that from his rather more graceful friend, Maja.

The large bird was absent for now, though she had taken to being relatively nearby, constantly checking in on the man, something he appreciated. Jhiral was his own patient and his own doctor, one aware of how little of the medication he formed before was avaliable, soon he'd have to go out and make some more... though as he doubted they would appreciate him setting up a oven inside the Court-House, the thinned male tolerated the additional weakness on top of being worn down from the travel.
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Veri Secanti
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A new guest had come into their midst. Or, rather, a new member, as unlikely as his outwardly appearance made that seem. But perhaps he had a hidden talent, or a niche of combat they hadn't seen before. Whatever the case, he'd come to them covered in bandages and half unconscious.

Of course, she'd cared for him to the best of her abilities, leaving her questions to be answered later. His skin beneath the bandages had brought her great distress, but, again, she'd swallowed her queries for later, after he'd gotten the chance to rest in a safe environment.

He'd been staying for the last few days in one of the Medic's patient rooms, where she'd left him to most of his own devices while Morty, Minerva, or herself went about their business in the Office.

Right now she approached the doorway with a basket offering full of fish jerky, venison jerky, and cubed rabbit meat wrapped in a cloth ready for a stew. It might seem a bit much, but seeing the emaciated form of their newest member tugged at her heartstrings and urged her into mothering them, just a little bit.

Veri knocked to let him know of her presence, smiling kindly into the room. Jhiral, I brought something for you. A couple different jerkies, and cubed rabbit ready for preparation in a stew. I wasn't sure if you needed anything else.

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